8 Best Spin Bikes Under $300 in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are you looking for an indoor bike that will not cost too much but will help you keep fit and toned?

Hi there. Do you work from home? Have you found yourself spending a lot of time at home in these unprecedented times? Whether it is your choice or not, we have all found ourselves spending a lot of time indoors and we all know how that can go. For me, I knew I had to do something when I couldn’t slip on my favorite pair of jeans.

Luckily, I came across indoor exercise bikes. For less than $300, you can buy yourself a spin bike that will keep you fit and healthy even when you are just cooped up at home. Since finding a quality spin bike that does not break your bank can be quite hectic I have hand-picked and tested 7 spin bikes that are great value for money. What are you waiting for then?

8 Best Spin Bikes under $300- A comparison table

Name of spin bike
Flywheel weight
Weight capacity
Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike (SF-B901)
Vigbody Exercise Bike
Auvem Mute Spin Bike
Shan-S Spinning Bike
Celendi Indoor Cycling Bike
MaxKare Exercise Bike
Best Choice Exercise Bike


Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike- Well trusted brand and affordable

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Sunny Health and Fitness is an affordable spin bike that comes with the high-end features to match.


  • Chromed flywheel weighs 40lbs
  • Comes with adjustable base levers for a stable ride
  • 4 ways adjustable seat and 2 ways adjustable handlebar
  • Maximum weight capacity of 275lbs

This spin bike has a 40lbs chromed flywheel and dual pad resistance. Together, you are assured of hitting your fitness goals depending on how hard you want to go. It is heavy enough to not wobble around even as you hit the fast speeds. To add, you can easily tweak the resistance levels relating to the flywheel.

It is also easily adjustableto make it a good fit for all kinds of people ranging from petite to really tall people. The handlebar and seat can be easily tweaked to be a good fit for everyone in your house. This bike has a maximum weight of 275lbs which also works well for its versatility specs.


  • Seat and handlebar are easily adjustable
  • Sturdy build for consistent workouts
  • Reasonably priced


  • Takes up a lot of space (47 x 18 x 46 inches)


The SF-B901 has a lot going on for it. It is sturdy and stable enough for pumped sessions every day. The only downer with this bike is that it requires regular maintenance because the flywheel tends to dry out if it is not oiled every so often.

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Vigbody Exercise Bike- Easily adjustable for all

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With a heavy weight capacity and bidirectional flywheel, VIGBODY is a quality spin bike that is designed with top-notch features to match.


  • Bidirectional flywheel weighs 24.2lbs
  • Modern, minimalist design
  • Maximum weight capacity of 330lbs
  • Seat height adjustments of 33.5†to 38.5†and 37.8†to 44†for the handlebars

One of this bike’s selling features is its adjustable resistance. With a simple twist on the knob, you can gear up your workout to a challenging one. This spin bike can also be adjusted to soft resistance if you want to go on a smooth and easy spinning session. Vigbody is a good fit for all, no matter your skill level.

To add, Vigbody is easily adjustable to be a good fit for everyone in your house. The handlebars and saddle can be tweaked to your desired settings. The pedal toe clips also give a snug fit for a wide range of shoe sizes.

Yet another quality feature is the LCD monitor that helps you track your workout. It also shows how many calories you are burning as you go.


  • Heavy duty
  • Durable
  • Resistance levels can be easily tweaked depending on your skill


  • Quite expensive


Vigbody wins out for a number of reasons. For instance, its monitoring system is a steal. You can assess how well you are doing with this bike as it shows the speed, time and distance you are doing.

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Auvem Mute Spin Bike- Comes with a comfortable cushion and a tablet holder

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Auvem Mute is a black, heavy-duty bike that offers a smooth ride like many high end spin bikes.


  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Flywheel weighs 22lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity is 270lbs

While Auvem Mute costs less than $300, it has premium quality features. For instance, its 22lbs flywheel offers a smooth and consistent workout that is just as effective. The wide range of resistance can be geared up to offer you an intense and challenging spin if you are up for it.

Also, like its name suggests, Auvem Mute works in near-silence so it will not be a bother if you have other people in your house and you want to get your workout in early in the morning.

As for its structure, it is made of heavy-duty steel. This makes it quite durable. It is also easily customizable given that you can adjust it to perfectly fit you. The handlebar and seat can all be adjusted (height 25â€-35â€).


  • Portable as it has transportation wheels
  • Comes with a water bottle holder
  • Sleek black stylish design


  • A tad uncomfortable for really tall people


For less than $300 you can buy the Auvem Mute spin bike that will deliver on smooth, consistent workouts at the comfort of your home. Its only drawback is that it might not be entirely comfortable for really tall users.

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Shan S Spinning Bike- Stable and ultra-quiet for its price range

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With a 40lbs flywheel, you are assured of breaking sweat with the Shan-S spin bike.


  • Flywheel weighs 40lbs

Shan-S has a heavy flywheel but it works in near-silence and is quite smooth. In fact, you are out for a pleasant surprise with how smoothly and quietly it works. To add, you can flick through the different levels of resistance with a simple twist of the tension knob.

Once you have settled for the kind of workout you want, the LCD panel is there to help you keep track. It displays the calories you have burned as well as the time and speed you are going at.

This spin bike is also easily adjustable to be a good fit for all the people in your house. The seat can be moved forwards or backwards depending on what makes you comfortable. The handlebars are also adjustable further adding to its usability and versatility.


  • Offers free replacement of parts for 1 year
  • Quickly brakes when you want
  • Easily adjustable


  • Not entirely sturdy for really heavy users


While Shan S Spinning Bike is not a highly popular brand, its warranty and highly durable parts make it worth the purchase.

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Celendi Indoor Cycling Bike- Sleek looking bike that still costs less than $300

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Celendi is a stationary bike that delivers on a smooth and near-silent ride every time you get on it for a spin.


  • 55mm heavy-duty steel frame
  • Flywheel weighs 35lbs
  • Counterbalanced pedals with adjustable straps

Celendi indoor cycling bike boasts of a 55mm heavy-duty steel frame. You are therefore guaranteed of a stable ride even when you go for an intense, pumped workout. Its 35lbs flywheel also ensures you get the most out of your spinning session.

To help you monitor how well you are doing, Celendi has an LCD display that acts as both an odometer and tracker. It displays in large numbers the calories you have burned as well as the distance, speed and time you have done.


  • Easily adjustable seat, handlebar and pedal straps
  • Comfortable and well-padded seat
  • Comes with Yocamna store quality assurance
  • Works quietly


  • Not entirely sturdy and stable


Celendi is a comfortable spin bike that is worth the buy. The counterbalanced pedals and amply padded seat are some of its winning features.

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MaxKare Exercise Bike- Falls just a bit shy of $300

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MaxKare is yellow and black bike that has an aesthetically pleasing design with a wide range of features that are not short of impressive.


  • Designed with belt driven mechanism for a silent, smooth ride
  • Flywheel weighs 44lbs
  • LCD display panel for fitness tracking
  • Maximum weight capacity is 264lbs

One of MaxKare’s prominent features is its step-less resistance adjustment system. This spin bike uses both physical and magnetic resistance to deliver on a smooth yet fulfilling workout. It also runs quietly even when you are really hitting the pedal hard. The LCD monitor shows you just how well you are doing by displaying the calories burned as well as the distance and speed you are going at.

Its 30lbs flywheel also assures you of a challenging workout if you are up for it. The flywheel also has a full coverage design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safer for you to use.

To add, the seat height offers adjustments of between 32.7â€and 41.1â€. You can also customize the distance between your seat and the handlebars so that you are not forced in an uncomfortable position. The handlebar’s height can be adjusted between 34.6†and 43.3â€.


  • Comes with an iPad holder
  • Offers a smooth ride
  • Digital/mobile bracket does come in handy


  • Assembly parts like the wrench are quite flimsy


MaxKare is great value for money because it can be adjusted to fit all kinds of users and does not compromise on quality parts.

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Nameyio Indoor Cycling Bike- Sleek, dark black bike that is amazingly less than $300

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For your home cardio workouts, Nameyio is a good option and falls below $300.


  • Maximum weight capacity is 275lbs
  • 4 way seat adjustable
  • LED digital monitor

As it is with spin bikes, a heavy flywheel translates to a smooth and quiet workout. Nameyio is no less. It allows you to work out even at odd hours of the night because it works in near-silence. No matter the resistance you settle for on the tension knob, you are assured of a consistently noiseless experience.

Nameyio also boasts of a fully adjustable design. The seat is adjustable 4-ways as it can be moved forwards, backwards as well as up and down. The handlebar is also easily adjustable so that you do not have to really flex your arms just to reach it.

To track your workouts, the digital monitor displays the time, distance and speed you are going at. It also shows how many calories you have burned. An added plus is that it comes with a phone bracket you can use to keep your phone nearby.


  • Works quietly
  • Comes with a heart rate sensor
  • Easily adjustable


  • Seat could do with more padding


The only drawback of this bike is that it has a rather limiting maximum weight capacity.

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Best Choice Exercise Bike- Delivers on low impact workouts

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This is an indoor cycling bike that comes with workouts and an LCD screen to follow through.


  • Sensors and LCD monitor to show you your progress
  • Resistance wheel
  • Maximum weight limit is 220lbs

Best Choice is a modern looking bike that is tailored to give you a complete workout in your home. First, it comes with a resistance wheel that can be easily twisted. Depending on how hard you want to cycle, you can turn up the intensity for a more challenging workout.

Secondly, Best Choice comes with sensors that are integrated with the handlebars. These sensors help you keep track of your workout as they give you real-time results on your heart rate. The LCD monitor also comes in to keep you updated on the speed, distance and time you are going for. This screen also shows you how many calories you are burning.


  • Stylish and modern-looking bike
  • Comes with a water bottle holder
  • Easy to assemble


  • Might not be the best fit for people with short legs


While Best Choice has all the quality features you would need with a spin bike, it has one drawback. Its weight limit of 220lbs can be a deal breaker.

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What to consider before purchasing Best Spin Bike under $300

While there are many high-end spin bikes, there are a few things you should not compromise on even when you are going for an affordable option.


When choosing a spin bike, go for a heavy flywheel. The Sunny Health and Fitness bike for example, comes with a flywheel that is 40lbs. This heaviness comes in for a smooth ride. Even as you really hit the bike hard, you are assured of not wobbling about the room. Heavier flywheels also are better suited to handle the momentum of long spinning sessions.


A good spin bike is one that can be easily adjusted to fit your needs. An adjustable seat, for example, makes it a good fit for everyone in your home. Also, you should check whether the handlebars can offer a wide height range.

The last thing you would want is going for a bike that simply cannot accommodate your height. Most of the quality spin bikes offer adjustability features to fit users who are between 5’0†and 6’3â€.


It is usually not a deal-breaker for some but another thing you should consider is whether the spin bike comes with accessories. For instance, a water bottle holder comes in handy for those sweaty sessions that need you hydrated at all times.

A spin bike that also comes with heart rate sensors is an added bonus because this means you do not have to make a separate purchase for this crucial equipment.


Finally, it does not hurt going for a spin bike that comes with a warranty. Most spin bikes like Sunny Health and Fitness come with warranty. The SFH for example comes with a 1 year warranty on its frame and 3 months warranty on its parts.


Right off the bat, it can be quite hard finding the perfect spin bike for you. It gets even more tasking if you are on a tight budget. Luckily for you, I have gone ahead and hand-picked all the quality bikes that are bound to be within your price range.

The spin bikes mentioned in this article all have quality features and amazingly cost less than $300. I have also included all the factors you need to consider before settling on any spin bike model.


  1. How do you know if a spin bike that costs less than $300 is durable?

Beyond physically assessing the parts, you should go for a manufacturer that stands by its bike with a good warranty. That way, even if the bike breaks down you are assured of having it fixed.

  1. What is the resistance system in these bikes?

Most quality spin bikes come with magnetic resistance that delivers on quiet and smooth workouts. Those that cost less than $300 are no less.

  1. Do these bikes require a lot of maintenance?

No. All you need to do is regularly wipe them down.