7 Best Spin shoes for men in 2023 ( Reviews & Guide )

Are you looking for shoes to wear while spinning? Spinning is a great exercise and you should be wearing the best shoes to get the most out of it.

I used to love riding my bike every day but when I got a job with longer hours, I had less time to go out and ride. As I was looking for other options I stumbled on spin classes. With spinning, I was able to keep fit indoors after long hours. This has helped me keep fit now that my life has become so busy.

Spinning is becoming a popular exercise for burning calories by incorporating different combinations of moves on a stationary bike. Spinning is an indoor sport that focuses on strength, high intensity, and workouts using a stationary exercise bicycle. Most of the settings are usually classroom like with an instructor at the front of the class-leading the rest.

The class is led through several routines meant to simulate situations similar to biking outdoors. Instructors use music, enthusiasm, and motivation to push the students to achieve their fitness goals There is no specific pattern for the routines, but some of the movements include hill climbs, sprints, runs and interval rides to keep them active.

To be comfortable while spinning and focus on your fitness goals, you need to make sure you have the best pair of shoes. For men, choosing the best pair can be a hustle but with this article, I will show you what to look for and 7 of the best spin shoes for men.

7 Best Spin Shoes for Men- Comparison Table

Louis Garneau Mens Slate 2
355 grams
Shimano ME-100
359 grams
Diamondback Trace shoes
295 grams
Pearl Izumi Men’s All Road V4
399 grams
Giro Savix Spinning shoes
310 grams
Giro Technemens footwear
279 grams
Zol White MTB Mesh spinning shoes
370 grams

Louis Garneau Men’s Slate 2- Power and comfort in your spinning shoes.

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This is one of the most comfortable spinning footwear in Louis Garneau’s collection.  With the award-winning X-Comfort technology, you will not regret getting this pair.


  • Nylon/fiberglass outer sole
  • EVA insole
  • Hook and loop straps

This is a great shoe to use for spinning. When riding, your foot has about 5mm of space to swell up without making you feel uncomfortable. The outer sole made of nylon and fiberglass provides stiffness for this pair and you can also wear them when you are not spinning. The straps are easily adjustable to ensure a good fit when you wear them. The power zone technology also keeps your foot in place while spinning.


  • The X-comfort provides arch support while you are riding.
  • The outsole is made of fiberglass and nylon which makes it super ventilated for increased airflow
  • The insole is made of single density EVA that enhances comfort while riding.
  • There is a double adjustment ratchet with a hook and strap allows for better adjustment while pedaling.


  • This pair of shoes do not come with cleats.


This is a great pair of shoes for spinning. Very comfortable and easy to use, you will be very happy with this choice. The quality of Louis Garneau’s comfort zone and power technology increases comfort while keeping your foot in place as you ride.

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Shimano ME-100- Best Cycling shoes for men

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This pair of spinning shoes come in the color black and although they are for men, these pair were designed to be unisex when they were made in 2019.


  • Made of synthetic leather material
  • Dual hook and loop strap
  • Dual-density rubber outer sole
  • Weighs 359 grams

The Shimano ME 100 comes with a range of technologies. TORBAL technology improves your balance and bike control while optimizing the pedal efficiency. The material is made of synthetic leather which is not only lighter but stronger and more durable than other materials. This pair only comes in color black so don’t expect a wide range of shades to chose from. These are great bicycle shoes with rubber soles.


  • The mesh lining and textile footbed allows for better superior airflow
  • It has a wide cleat adjustment range
  • The comfortable fit allows you better support while pedaling
  • The outer sole is made of durable rubber that offers good traction and grip.
  • The visibility is improved through the reflective print
  • The dual hook and loop strap on these shoes offer a secure and reliable fit while cycling.


  • The top strap can hurt the ankle area when you are walking.


The Shimano ME-100 shoes are ideal for cycling and also off-road biking. It is affordable and offers quality, performance, and comfort while you are in your spinning class. It is a great choice with modern safety features that will keep you safe and comfortable while you cycle.

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Diamondback Trace spinning shoes- The best pedal compatible cycling shoe

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This is a very lightweight pair made of synthetic leather. This is a quality pair of shoes that offer you a great grip while cycling and walking.


  • Suede body with a mesh upper
  • Made of a rubber outer sole
  • Incorporated with mesh
  • Available from size 6-13.5

This pair of spinning shoes is available in color black. It is made of high-quality synthetic leather which is durable and a mesh lining to make the shoe more breathable. The suede on this shoe makes the design stylish. You can wear these shoes while cycling and also walking around.


  • The fiberglass-reinforced with nylon improves your efficiency while cycling.
  • It works well with platform pedals and is also compatible with SPD
  • The mesh lining makes this pair very breathable while cycling.
  • The toe and heel are reinforced to make it more durable.
  • A heel loop is added to this shoe to make it easy to put on and take off.
  • It is a very durable and very comfortable pair of spinning shoes.


  • There are many problems with the shoe sizing with these pair of shoes


The Diamondback Trace spinning shoes are durable and very convenient to wear while cycling. These shoes can not only be used while cycling indoors, but you can use them when you go hiking because of the great fit it provides. If you don’t want very heavy shoes, this is the choice for you.

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Pearl Izumi Men’s All-Road V4- Shoes ready for all-terrain adventure

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The Pearl Izumi Men’s all road V4 shoes are great for a variety of adventures. You can use them while cycling indoors, commuting, and non-technical dirt riding.


  • It has a synthetic sole
  • Made of 90% rubber
  • The outsole is made of rubber
  • SPD compatible

This shoe has a 2 cleat design and is best used for cycling. It is mostly made of rubber plastic but 10% is made of textiles. This is an ideal pair of shoes for spinning with an outsole made of rubber and nylon plastic The thin soles does not affect the comfortability of these shoes.


  • The select insole gives an excellent arch support
  • The rubber outsole is ideal for traction and durability while cycling.
  • The nylon composite makes it very light while also offering durability.
  • The bonded seamless upper offers riding comfort for up to a day.


  • It does not offer as much foot security compared to other spinning shoes.


The Pearl Izumi offers comfort and durability while cycling indoors or outside. It can be used both on the bike and off it. These shoes are great for whatever adventure you have planned for the day. These are decent shoes that will serve you well.

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Giro Savix Spinning shoes- Cleat compatible shoes for men

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This is a quality mid-range shoe with amazing features to ensure your cycling is comfortable. This shoe will keep your feet cool while spinning and they are not too heavy.


  • Weighs 312 grams
  • It comes in color black and white
  • Available in sizes 40-48
  • It has a bio dial closure system

This is one of the best entries into the Giro Savix footwear for cycling. The front of the shoe has a Velcro strap to improve the fit of the shoe. The soles are made of plastic. The soles are cleat compatible, accommodating two and three-bolt cleats making them a very versatile choice for beginners.


  • It is compatible with SPD and SPD-SL
  • The shoe is very breathable allowing proper airflow to keep your feet cool while riding.
  • The bio dial lets you easily make  1mm adjustments  while riding
  • The front and rear plastic pads assist in walking.


  • The heel pads wear out very fast
  • The front Velcro strap is a little redundant sometimes


This is a highly recommended pair of cycling shoes that are comfortable. The Boa dial gives great adjustment to ensure you are comfortable while cycling. You should make sure you try this shoe before making a purchase decision.  This shoe also has a women’s version.

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Giro Techne men’s footwear- Shoes that offer simplicity and style

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The Giro Techne shoes come with a simple design but are suited for a variety of riding like commuting, sport riding, and indoor cycling.


  • Has a three-strap retention system
  • It has a synthetic upper
  • The sole is made of plastic
  • It weighs 279 grams
  • Comes in sizes 40–48

The versatility of these shoes ensures that you can use them anywhere you go. You are assured of comfort while wearing this pair and with three straps to offer a great range of fit. These pairs are very easy to use so that you can put them on as fast as you can take them off. With the nylon outsole, you can get on a mountain bike or road cleats depending on what pedal you prefer.


  • This shoe is very comfortable for riding.
  • The synthetic upper comes with many panels to offer a better fit for wider feet.
  • The fabric is ventilated to allow better airflow and prevent overheating.
  • It has a very solid construction to ensure durability
  • It has adequate sole stiffness for a great fit


  • The Velcro closures become useless over time
  • You cannot micro-adjust the retention while riding.


The Giro Techne men’s shoes are one of the most comfortable on this list. With the three straps, you are assured of a better fit and less heavy pair of shoes to go spinning with. This well-constructed pair offers great performance for the price it goes for.

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Zol MTB Mesh spinning shoes- Ideal shoes for indoor cycling

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The Zol MTB cycling shoe brings comfort and high performance to all your rides. With an unbeatable price, these shoes will give you value for your money.


  • Buckle straps
  • 2 bolt cleat compatibility
  • It has a carbon composite sole
  • The inner sole has hole perspiration for quick dry.

You need comfortable shoes if you intend to get the most out of your spinning classes. The shoe has 2 velcro straps and a plastic buckle. The cleats in these shoes are compatible with Time, SPD, and Crank brothers.


  • The carbon composite sole is made of fiberglass to increase your power transfer to your feet from your legs. This allows you to go faster on the pedal
  • The inner sole has hole perspiration to promote breathability and increased comfort.
  • They are made of leather material which makes them durable and offers great value for your money


  • The cleats are not included with the purchase of these shoes.


Shoes are important while cycling. If you favor indoor cycling, then this will be a good choice for you because they were designed for spinning. The shoes are of high quality designed to last long making them a great investment towards your fitness goals.

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What you should look for when choosing the best spinning shoes for men

There is a lot to consider when you are buying spinning shoes for men. The price is the most important but so is the cleats, comfort, and the sizes.


Finding the right size for your foot is important. Your spinning shoes should be comfortable and allow for easy adjustment. You can use a size chart to help you get the best fit. When you are walking in the shoe, or riding your foot should not slip or have too much wiggle room. This indicates that the shoe doesn’t fit well.


The ventilation found on spinning shoes is important because this exercise burns a lot of calories. With cycling shoes, you will find a variety of ventilation levels to increase the airflow. This also reduces the odor after a long day in spin class.

The shoes that have more mesh uppers increase breathability and comfort during the hot seasons. When it is colder, the ideal cycling shoes are those with less mesh so that water does not get to your socks, and you are protected from the cold. Ensure that you go for a pair that has the ventilation you need depending on the weather and your comfort levels.


A comfortable shoe will determine whether you will enjoy that bicycle ride or commute.  If you get any discomfort while spinning, it will ruin your motivation and affect your fitness goals. A comfortable spinning shoe won’t be too tight or too loose when you wear.

The shoe you use or spinning should also be lightweight. A lighter cycling shoe helps maintain your target and makes it easier to cycle. The ventilation on the shoes also makes it more comfortable to wear because you don’t over sweat during an intense spin class.


In conclusion, there is a lot to consider before deciding to buy a pair of spinning shoes for men. With spinning being a high-intensity workout, you will need very comfortable shoes that won’t distract you from your fitness goals.

You should make sure that your shoes are comfortable without slipping off, they should be the right size for your feet and get them at an affordable price.

With features like cleats and the solid construction of these spinning shoes, there is a variety for you to find what you are looking for. Choose wisely to get an affordable but quality pair of spinning shoes that will last you long.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to get spinning shoes?

Yes, you do. To get the full benefits of spinning, you need to use the right shoes. Wearing regular shoes may not be ideal for comfort or stress on the material. Spinning shoes are designed with more ventilation, stronger soles, and cleat compatibility to give you a worthwhile experience while cycling indoors.

  1. How do spinning shoes help in building muscle?

The spinning shoes are designed to target your core and glutes better during a workout. With cycling shoes, your feet are clipped into place, this removes some of the stress of other parts of your body that don’t need the workout. This improves the quality of that workout session helping you build more muscle as you ride.