7 Best Velcro MTB shoes in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

If you love cycling on rough terrain, then you’ve come to the right place. Here, we look at seven mountain bike (MBT) shoes to consider that have a comfortable Velcro fastening.

Hi, I am Mike, and I love anything outdoors. People going mountain biking are looking for an adventure. That was the same thing when I started cycling. I wanted to find a different way to exercise and also take advantage of the trails that are all around my home. Even so, I wanted to have a shoe that could give me that experience. It was either Velcro, straps or BOA, but I wanted to adjust the straps on the fly.

That was important to me because mountain biking can get quite messy especially when it is raining. I needed a shoe that could withstand the elements and still get me comfortable as I cycle. When you think about it, it’s what makes the difference between aching feet and blisters and an enjoyable time. For that reason, it was important to get MTB shoes and for me, Velcro was the go-to closure system.

Here, using my five years of riding, I am going to talk about some good MTB Velcro shoes that you can consider purchasing. There’ll also be a buyer’s guide that you can use to make your own conclusion; it is what I and many others use to get the right shoes for them.

7 best Velcro MTB shoes- comparison table

Pearl Izumi Elite Road v5
Carbon composite sole
Giro Factor Techlace
Carbon fiber
Bont Riot TR+
Carbon sole
Northwave Core Plus
Carbon sole
Mavic Crossmax Elite
Sidi Alba
Politex material


Pearl Izumi Elite Road v5

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These shoes have a firm sole, which makes them ideal for mountain biking. It is also breathable thanks to the synthetic upper it’s made from. Both men and women can purchase their pair from Pearl Izumi Elite Road v5.


  • Velcro and BOA closure
  • Synthetic upper
  • Carbon composite sole
  • Replaceable sole guards

The retention system in place is something that is commendable, both when it comes to the BOA closure and the Velcro. It is easy to adjust and overall comfortable.


  • Available in three colors
  • The shoe is both stiff and rigid, which makes it ideal for the job
  • Gives maximum transfer to the peddle, making it ideal for cyclists


  • Some aspects of the cleat don’t fair in better

Verdict: Here we have a pair of shoes that are quire comfortable, and they make for a good road bike thanks to the technology they’ve adopted.

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Giro Factor Techlace

Here we have some lightweight shoes that have rigid platforms that make these shoes from Giro great road cycling shoes. There’s a three-bold cleat system that offers a more secure connection to the bicycle; this is better than the previous two-cleat system.


  • BOA, lace and Velcro closure
  • Breathable and replaceable sole guards
  • Carbon fiber outsole
  • Renewal heel pads

Giro has gone a step further with the closure system where there are three types in place, the lace, BOA and Velcro. Overall, you have a comfortable fit and also efficient power transfer while you’re peddling since you have a direct connection with the peddle.


  • The shoe is lightweight even with the added closure systems
  • The design of Giro Factor Techlace is aesthetically pleasing
  • The sole is stiff so you can have a steady cycling experience


  • The shoes don’t come with the cleats

Verdict:Giro is a good brand and they have invested in the technology to ensure that you get a good pair of shoes. The closure system is also a bonus, given that you’re assure a snug fit.

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Bont Riot TR+

If you’re looking for shoes that do have Velcro and you participate in triathlons then here’s one shoe that you can consider getting. Bont have made these shoes in such a way that you can switch from running to cycling and the like easily and not lose you any time.


  • Replaceable sole guards
  • Stiff outer sole
  • Extended heel tab
  • Straps and heel loops for easy transition

As mentioned, the shoes were made with long distance in mind. They have ports that prevent hot and wet feet as you make your way through the track.


  • These shoes are ideal for when you’re running a triathlon
  • The shoes keep you comfortable and you can transition through the various exercises
  • The stiff outsole does deliver effective power to pedal


  • Not everyone has an easy time with the heat-treatment

Verdict:If you want to cycle and still run a marathon, then you can do that with the Riot TR+. Given how much you can do with it, it lives up to the name.

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Northwave Core Plus

If you’re new to cycling, there is one brand that you can consider getting. It is made with a beginner cyclist in mind. It has a modern closure system that is also a good fit and also comfortable in all level of road cycling.


  • BOA and Velcro closure system
  • Breathable and replaceable sole
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Lightweight shoes


  • The shoe is made of premium quality construction
  • The closure system is easy no use and effective too
  • The shoe is breathable, and thus ideal for long rides


  • Not stiff compared to what expert riders use

Verdict:New cyclists can consider getting this pair of shoes since the sole is not as stiff, and they can work their way up to something firmer.

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Mavic Crossmax Elite

Mavic have been in the sportswear industry for a while, and it is not surprising that they also have a Velcro shoe that you can use for mountain biking. What stands out about this shoe is the Energy Grip Terra Outsole that makes it durable and can withstand abrasive surfaces.


  • Replaceable dial
  • Lightweight despite bulk appearance
  • BOA and Velcro closing system
  • Synthetic and mesh upper

Something that cyclists talk about is the stiffness of the sole despite it being made from rubber. That’s because it works well for when you also want to hike and cycle too, particularly when mountain biking.


  • Mavic is a brand that has made their name for themselves in sportswear
  • The Energy Grip Terra outsole allows for use in various conditions and also peddling
  • The thin foam material conforms to how your foot looks so it comfortable


  • It’s not always a perfect fit

Verdict: Everything about this food is designed to make peddling easy, as well use in other areas, walking and running included. It’s worth check out for functionality and comfort.

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One thing people find surprising about Sidi Alba is that they are comfortable for cycling. It is largely agreed that the shoes are made from superior materials and therefore can last long. The fastening system is equally as good, keeping shoes snug in place as you mountain bike.


  • BOA and Velcro closing system
  • Replaceable sole guards
  • Sturdy construction
  • Five colors available

A commendable part about the Sidi Alba is that there are two hook-and-loop straps attached to the buckle and also the Velcro that keeps the shoe secure. The buckle is unique to the shoes that we have listed here.


  • Sidi Alba is an entry level shoe that is indeed quote impressive
  • Stiff sole gets you going when you’re cycling
  • Study construction so you have a durable shoe to keep you going for ages


  • Some feel that there ought to be more ventilation

Verdict: The construction of the shoe has adequately stiff soles with the overlapping layers make it durable and can withstand rips and scraps.

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Buying guide for MTB shoes

If you’re here, your clear preference is for MTB shoes that have Velcro. That said, that ought not be the only criteria you use to purchase mountain bike shoes. Here, we are going to explore other vital aspects to look at before making a purchase.


How comfortable a shoe is determines how well you exercise. When you’re in the store and you try it on for a few minutes, that might not give you the full picture of how practical the shoes are.

That’s why there are some aspects to keep in mind. The reason why that’s essential is that it deeply affects your cycling. When your feet are uncomfortable, you’re likely to quit much sooner. However, if you’re comfortable, you can keep going as a testament to increased endurance.


Cycling, running and walking; with all these activities, you need flexible soles. That’s why road shoes cannot work in this context because they are stiff. Companies have however sort to strike a balance between having the maximum power transfer that takes place with road shoes, and still being able to walk or run. There are varying materials that you’ll find on the market, and on the higher end of the spectrum, instead you’ll find soles made from plastic or carbon fiber.

When it comes to the cleats on a mountain bike shoe, you’ll immediately notice they are very different from those of a road bike. Those of the former a much smaller, allowing them to remain tucked away inside the grips and lugs of the sole.

The design itself is also not the same since the cleats of the MTB are made in such a way that they don’t allow debris or mud to get in. With these differences, you can’t use road shoes and mountain bike shoes interchangeably. Do remember that cleats get sold separately.


The material plays a key role. It’s commonplace to find that thicker and firmer synthetic materials fair on better over prolonged use. Mountain biking is all about rough terrain. You’ll immediately notice that they are rugged compared to road or even triathlon shoes.

They also have grips and lugs on the sole that allow a person to walk or run comfortably even in muddy conditions. That feature is there because with mountain biking, you’ll have to keep getting on and off your bike.

With MTB shoes, the materials are tougher too, as well as being water resistant. You’ll typically find that the shoes are made from synthetic leather to keep up with the great outdoors.


A person’s foot swells throughout the day, that’s why you have a harder time taking them off in the evening. With that, it’s important that you find you adjust easily as the day goes on.

It’s even more the case when you’re cyclingwhere your foot is being tasked with keeping you going. With that in mind, there are various kinds of fastenings, but the most common are lace-ups and Velcro. None is better than the other; it is a matter of preference.


A shoe’s material and composition determine a shoe’s breathability. That means that some materials tend to breathe more than others do, and that’s what you ought to gravitate towards. There are some reasons why you should consider being keen on the material that makes the upper part of the shoe. For starters, it is about comfort.

When a material is breathable, it allows air to flow inside and around the shoe. That means it takes the hot air out and brings cool air into the shoe as the air circulates. With that, your feet feel more comfortable as you cycle, especially during long distances.

Additionally, a breathing shoe also affects the shoe itself. If you’re sweating, you end up soaking the inside of the shoe. In the long run, that affects the integrity of the shoe, especially when it’s not let to dry properly in between wearing. The other aspect is that footwear wet from sweat are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, not to mention bad odor.

Even with that in mind, how breathable your MTB shoes are does depend on the weather. There is a full range of shoes when it comes to ventilation. There are full on winter boots and summer racing shoes as well as everything in between.

For the latter, they tend to be made from mesh and synthetic leather, which makes them lighter. The location of where you’re cycling will then likely dictate how breathable or waterproof the shoes ought to be.


How long a shoe lasts has a lot to do with the materials and how a manufacturer has put them together. You want to look at the details on the stiches, the fittings, the parts glued together and the like to ensure they don’t have flaws.

The materials and the shoe’s design can tell you what the purpose of the same was. A pair of standard sneakers can work for cycling, but it won’t last long as a shoe specifically designed for the same activity.

Pro tip: A quick way to know if a shoe you want to purchase is worthwhile is through reviews and ratings. Spend time on consumer rating platforms to see what people are saying about the brand you want to purchase. Use multiple sources to determine what the main awards and pain points are from purchasing the said product.

Wrap up

Velcro is a convenient adjustable system that allows you to get a snug fit. They are easy to adjust, and you can do it with one hand while on the move. With that convenience, it is no wonder there are those who like it.

Even with that, there is more to getting the right MTB shoes. You have to look at how it suits your feet and if it can keep up with the demands of being on the trail. I found them to work for me, and I have not looked back since.


What are MTB shoes?

MTB shoes, which stands for mountain bike shoes, are tailored for cycling in rough terrain. It’s for that reason they have a different design from road shoes. Since there is a lot of movement while cycling, the soles are flexible and have a rugged sole to accommodate the quick adjusting of your feet. Moreover, since you’re getting on and off your bike multiple times, these shoes are also suitable for walking and running.

What is the difference between MTB shoes and road shoes?

Road cycling are for that purpose, cycling on the road. In this type of cycling, you are in the same position for a long time.

That is not the case with mountain biking since you need your whole body to navigate the rough terrain. Therefore, the road shoe’s main purpose is to provide comfort and that’s why a stiff sole with cleats is recommended.