7 Best water bottle cage for a mountain bike in 2023 (Reviews and Guide)

Keeping hydrated is vital in any activity where you’re sweating. That’s why you need to make taking water a priority when mountain biking. That is conveniently possible with a water bottle cage.

Hi, I am Jake, and I learned the hard way how essential keeping hydrated is when cycling. When I started cycling religiously three years back, I’d often go without a water bottle. I’d take a ton of water when I got back to rehydrate. It wasn’t working, so I started carrying water with me, but it was an inconvenience; I didn’t want to have to take a backpack to carry water.

After, I went and found the solution online: a water bottle cage. I’ve only had two water bottle cages for the past two years, only changing it a second time to suit my new sleek bike. The most significant advantage of having a water bottle cage is it encourages you to drink more, and the convenience in which you can reach it. It also means you don’t need a backpack, and if you have one, you don’t have to reach behind you on the holder to get your water.

Here, we are going to look at some recommended water bottle cages that I deem to be the best based on research, reviews, and experience. There’s also a buying guide that works as the basis for the choices made. Let’s get started.

Best water bottle cage for a mountain bike- comparison table

Ibera Water Bottle Cages
1.3 ounces/ 41g
UShake Water Bottle Cages
Aluminum alloy
2.1 ounces/61g
Aduro Sport Water Bottle Cages
Pioneeryao Water Bottle Cage
2 ounces/60g
Pro Bike Tool Water Bottle Cage
1.69ounces/ 48g
Topeak Modula Water Bottle Cage
2.53 ounces/72g
50 Strong Water Bottle Cage


Ibera Water Bottle Cages

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First, on the list, we have a water bottle cage idea for small, standard or over-sized water bottles and even cups. The oval design gives the extra construction strength, making the cage durable. You’ll also note that the bottom and tip lips are reinforced to make it sturdy as well.


  • heat-treated aluminum plate
  • ovalized design
  • stainless bolts included
  • four colors available

Getting your bottle out is fast and smooth while riding, thanks to the flared top. When you buy this water bottle cage, it comes with two mounting screws too. You can get the Ibera water bottle cage in white with a glossy finish, carbon pattern, or in black or silver with a matte finish.


  • It is made from a lightweight material, making it lighter than a golf ball
  • You can easily install the cage with the provided screws
  • The cage has well-designed features, making it both simple and sleek


  • You need to cover the metal edges as they’ll scratch the water bottle

Verdict: The Ibera brand proves to be a favorite for many people based on reviews. Mostly, what works is the sleek design that makes it compatible with almost any bicycle.

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UShake Water Bottle Cages

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This next water bottle cage from UShake is made from a heat-treated aluminum alloy as well. Overall, it is a high-quality material, with the manufacturing process tailored to give it more strength. The recommended bottle diameter is between 2.75 to 3inches. Anything more or less won’t be a great fit.


  • Heat-treated aluminum alloy
  • Anodic oxidation for a durable surface
  • Lightweight
  • Screws included

The screws provided are the standard size for most bottle cages and works for bikes that have pre-drilled holes. Washers are equally suggested for a tight-fitting. Even so, the installation is simple. The cage arms are adjustable, wrapping around the bottle for a secure hold.


  • Made from high quality and lightweight material
  • You can adjust the arms based on the water bottle size
  • The anodic oxidation keeps your bottles from getting scratched at any point


  • The constant adjustment makes the arms loose over time

Verdict: UShake has a water bottle cage that ticks quite a few boxes. You’re also assured that your bottle will be found as you remove it and put it back during rides.

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Aduro Sport Water Bottle Cages

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When you purchase from this brand, you get two universal bike bottle holders, four bolts, and an Allen key. The cages fit most of the standard and oversized water bottles that you find in the market. It provides a firm hold, keeping the bottle in place when riding fast and on bumpy trails.


  • Made from aluminum
  • Four bolts
  • Allen key
  • Expandable base

Installing the bottle holders on the bike is fast and seamless, allowing you to access your bottles any time while riding. The adjustable and sleek design of the cage does give you a firm fit on a wide range of bicycles.


  • You get two cages when you make the purchase
  • Ideal for most bottle sizes
  • It comes with the required bolts to mount them on your bike


  • Not meant for heavy usage

Verdict: Having two water bottle cages is ideal if you’re going for longer rides, where you can keep hydrated during the entire trip without holding out.

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Pioneeryao Water Bottle Cage

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If you’re looking for variety in terms of color, here’s one brand you can turn to. Pioneeryao has ten different colors to choose from, so you’re free to get what you feel suits your bike best. The cages are designed for standard water bottles and have a light grip that keeps the secured


  • Made from plastic
  • Ten colors available
  • Light grip
  • Sleek design

What makes these water bottle cages stand out is their simple yet sleek design. It is the contemporary look they have that makes them a match for any bike.


  • The water bottle remains securely in place
  • The variety of colors allows you to get a natural match for your bike
  • The overall construction is lightweight too


  • They don’t come with washers

Verdict: Pioneeryao stands out because of the variety of colors available. People like having options, and this brand, you do have them.

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Pro Bike Tool Water Bottle Cage

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Here we have a water cage that is ideal for quite several bicycles, and you can buy two to encourage hydration. It comes with a secure and sturdy bottle retention system that will ensure that your full bottles remain firm when riding fast or on bumpy roads.


  • CNC machined aluminum alloy
  • Powder-coated finish with a high tumble polish
  • One-piece flexible design
  • Oval mounting holes

What is likable about this water bottle cage too is how quick it is to install it on your bicycle. All you need is to take the two stainless steel bolts provided and mount it. The sleek and polished design works well with the bike’s paintwork for an impressive overall look.


  • It is made from a sturdy construction
  • It accommodates a wide range of water bottles
  • It is super lightweight


  • It doesn’t work with all bottles or bicycle frames

Verdict: Here, we have the lightest water bottle cage on the least. If that’s what you’re looking for, then you might consider checking this one from Pro Bike Tool out.

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Topeak Modula Water Bottle Cage

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The water bottle cage is ideal for pro and amateur riders alike as it is made from high-quality materials and components. As per the company Topeak, the cage has been tested for both quality and durability. It does fit different bottle diameters too.


  • Aluminum construction
  • Engineering grade plastic components
  • Push-button and slide cage
  • Rubber cage pads

Something different about this water bottle cage is that it has rubber pads that keep your bottles from both scratching and rattling. That’s quite welcome if you have a metallic water bottle. Getting your container in place is also easy; you only need to push a button and slide the bottle into place.


  • The water bottle cage is made from high-quality construction
  • Placing and removing your bottle is easy
  • The rubber cage pads keep your bottle from rattling and scratching


  • It does not come with screws

Verdict: If you’re not picky about the weight of a water bottle cage but needs something that is made from good quality construction then this cage from Topeak is an option to look into

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50 Strong Water Bottle Cage

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Last, but certainly not least, are these water bottle cage from 50 Strong that come in various colors including black, red and green. It is made from lightweight yet durable plastic, and it is quite easy to install. You do need existing screws to mount the cage. It is ideal for a variety of bikes and water bottles.


  • Plastic construction
  • Comes with two cages
  • Multiple colors available
  • Easy to install

The cages do fit most water bottle types so you can keep adequately hydrated when you’re cycling. You can also purchase water bottles from them should you be interested. Overall, you have what you need to get you going during long rides


  • You can get the water bottle cage in multiple colors
  • The plastic construction makes this cage light
  • With two cages, you can remain hydrated throughout


  • The edges are not as smooth, so it’s something to be mindful about

Verdict: If you need two water bottle cages, then these are what you can think of going for. They do come in various colors so you can get something that best suits your bike.

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Buying guide for water bottle cage for mountain bikes

If you’re eager to get a water bottle cage for your bike, don’t merely go for the first option that you see. Just as with everything ever made, there is the good and the downright disappointing.

That means that even with the cages, you need to have a criterion. There’s a couple of things to know about what constitutes a perfect water bottle cage for your mountain bike. Here, we are going to explore a few factors to keep in mind.


You want a sturdy material for your mountain bike cage. The primary materials you’ll find in the market include plastic, metal, carbon, aluminum alloy, or fiber-reinforced resin. While none is perfect, that still do meet the standard purpose.

Even so, it’s worth keeping in mind that each will affect the price and the weight of the bottle cage itself. For example, carbon cages will cost you significantly more than if you purchased a plastic or resin cage. Your pocket and needs largely influence the type of material you opt for.

Strength of grip

If you mainly do road cycling, you might not see the primary importance of grip when it comes to your water bottle cage. It becomes more apparent when you are mountain biking, where the terrain is rough. You want a cage that will withstand both bumps and vibration on whatever road you’re on. Thinking whether your bottle will fly off should be the last thing on your mind. Therefore, you need a cage with a lot of holding power, but just enough that it also makes pulling your bottle off easy.

Bottle access

How do you want to get access to your bottle? From the top of the sides? In the market, you’ll find that there are top load and side-load water bottle cages. The one you opt for does depend on the frame, but also what you prefer.

Those who have a lot of room can opt for the top load cage works, but if clearance is a problem on the frame, then aside one works best. Do keep in mind that with the latter, you can only access your bottle from one side.

Type of bottle

Water bottle cages for mountain bikes have somewhat of a universal standard. That means they are compatible with most bottles. That said, you’ll have to consider the type of container you have. Some designer brands might not fit with the cages, so you might need to findother preferences.

Do keep in mind frame clearance if you have a full-suspension bike too. The best way to go about it is to look at the manufacturer’s recommendation with regards to the bottles. You don’t want a loose fit that will send your bottle flying on the first bump. On the other side, something that’s too tight will press on your bottle and give you a hard time accessing it.


The water bottle cages are typically lightweight, but even so, there is a range. If you’re keenon aerodynamics in mountain biking, then you want something as light as possible. Carbon fiber materials tend to do that though they are more expensive. Figure out what works best in your situation, and then refer to the grams provided to know if the cage is right for you.


Pay attention to how you can install your water bottle cage. Some tend to come with pre-drilled holes that make installation to the mounting holes seamless. Others don’t have that, and you might require Velcro straps to keep the cage in place. Check what works best in your situation before making a purchase.


Before you click on “buy,†ensure that the water bottle cage does complement your bike. Look at the color; does it match or complement that your bike? If you’re in doubt, you can opt for black or white, which goes well with everything. Take it a step further and look at your bike’s design. If it is traditional, then a typical water bottle cage works well, but if it has a sleek design, the cage needs to match up to that. If you’re getting more than two, get the same design to avoid a mismatched look.

Wrap up

When you have a water bottle cage, you’ll notice that hydrae more is natural since its visible. Even so, it’s essential that you get something that works well with your bike and meets the basic requirements of a sturdy cage. There are tons of brands in the market, but once you get the right one, it will serve you for a long time to come, no matter how often you cycle.


What are the benefits of a water bottle holder?

The primary reason for getting a water bottle cage is the convenience of it. It is the easiest way of carrying your water with you, and you also don’t have to stop when you need to rehydrate since it’s within reach. You also don’t need a backpack, and if you have one, it frees up space for other essentials.