7 Best Women’s Bike Under $200

If you are looking to fulfill your fitness goals or embark on a new adventurous escapade, cycling is one of the best options. There are so many qualities that I can mention when looking for a bike, however, irrespective of all the qualities it is important that you purchase an affordable bike.  

Hey there! I have managed my bike shop for over three years now giving me the chance to enhance my knowledge of different bike features, functions, and most importantly price. One thing that all cyclists must know is that expensive bikes are attractive to look at and they are also delivered with lots of packaging. The more affordable bikes, however, are a little behind when it comes to the attractive look and packaging. Other than that, both the expensive and in-expensive bikes share a lot of the same features.

In this article, I list down all the ideal bikes that are available at less than $200. I also focus on their features and advantages giving you the chance to select what will suit you best. If you are not interested in spending a lot of money, however, you would like to own an excellent bike for all your cycling adventures, then this review will guide you to the best options.

Best Women’s Bike Under $200 – Comparison Table 

Frame Material 
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The Wayfarer Hybrid Retro from Schwinn
The Network Hybrid Bike from Schwinn
The Volare Hybrid Road Bike from Schwinn
The EVRYjourney Women’s Speed Step from sixthreezero
The Retro City Hybrid Bike from Vilano
The High Timber Mountain Bike from Schwinn
The Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike from Takara Tomy

Best Women’s Bike Under $200 Overview

The Wayfarer Hybrid Retro from Schwinn

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The Wayfarer hybrid bike is one of the best options for beginners who are looking to bike around without spending a lot of money. The bike has a stunning retro style perfect for getting around when handling errands, visiting a friend, or going for a fun biking adventure.

The Wayfarer is designed with an elegant style that suits both men and women. This means that a single bike can cater to even the men that you live with. It has a great step-through frame as well as a standover height. Cyclists of medium height can cycle around with this bike.

The bike has 700c wheels that are amazing making the traction and balance excellent. If you cycle in wet areas, then you will enjoy the addition of the front and rear fenders. The Wayfarer Cruiser Bike depends on the 7-speed gear system as well as the spring-loaded leather seat that is wide. The design of the bike also ensures that the cyclist remains in an upright position.


  • It is affordable
  • The aesthetics of this bike are pleasing
  • The bike has many gear options
  • Users get to make use of the warranty
  • Ensures that you remain in an upright position while cycling


  • The shifter is clunky
  • Some cyclists have suggested that the seat should have additional padding.

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The Network Hybrid Bike from Schwinn

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If you like to maintain a fit demeanor while cycling then the network hybrid bike is the best option for you. The bike has an elegant hybrid frame made of steel. It is 16 inches making it easy to assemble and disassemble. The bike is also designed with a front suspension fork from Schwinn giving you the chance to enjoy your ride no matter what road surface you are cycling on.

The Schwinn manufacturing company prioritized safety and comfort when it comes to this bike. That is why the bike’s saddle is designed with a seat post and springs that have a suspension. This works well in absorbing shock and heavy impact from really bumpy rides.

The bike’s handlebar is swept backward, therefore you won’t get exhausted or suffer from any kind of shoulder and back pain. One of the best features of this bike is the front wheel that comes with a quick release. This works well when you need to make a quick change as you cycle.

The bike wheels are 700c alloy. These tires are very light in weight and narrow giving you the chance to cycle faster when you need to without the need of applying too much pressure.


  • The bike has an alloy linear-pull brake on the front and rear sides of the bike ensuring that you enjoy a safe and quick stop
  • The bike is designed with grip shifters that are the SRAM 7 and the Shimano rear derailleur.
  • There are 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 series available.


  • Changing the gears is not so easy
  • It is not the best for cyclists under 5.2 feet as their feet will hardly touch the ground

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The Volare Hybrid Road Bike from Schwinn

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The Volare hybrid bike is the type of bike that would make the face of a professional athlete light up. It is an ideal machine for a serious biker who takes part in different challenges such as weight-loss competitions, marathons, and other thorough events.

This bike is light in weight with an aluminum frame. The bike can accommodate those who are heavyweight for different stunt performances. The body construction of this bike is ultra-stripped. The bike does not come with any chain guard, fender, or rear carrier. With the firm steel forks, you are ensured that you will enjoy a responsive quick ride.

The construction of this bike is also quite advanced. There are the caliper brakes that function perfectly in all weather conditions. The brakes are wide and effective and the tires are fast-rolling at 700x28c. The assembling process is quite easy and the seat post as well as the quick-release front and rear wheel make this possible.


  • The gear parts are very high-quality
  • There are many gear options
  • The paint job is quite refined
  • The brakes are nice and effective
  • The aluminum frame is light in weight
  • The wheels are fantastic


  • The bike seat is not soft. You may have to put in additional padding.

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The EVRYjourney Women’s Speed Step from sixthreezero

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The EVRYjourney Speed Step bike is adored by many cyclists all over the world because of its versatility. The bike is perfect for cycling on different types of terrain such as urban roads, bumpy paths in the forest, and even sandy beaches. It functions perfectly in any way you want from an electric bike to single clean speed to a 7-speed monster.

This bike is designed with a strong aluminum frame that is also light in weight. The top bar can swoop down which is perfect for both tall and short cyclists. The handlebars have an upwards and outwards design allowing your hands to have enough space to perform different stunts and maneuver through sharp corners.

The bike also comes with fenders on both the front and rear sides. There is also a rear rack and a chain guard that gives you the chance to handle much smaller luggage. The single-speed EVRYjourney bike comes with linear brakes on the front side while the rear-tire EVRYjourney bike decelerates with the back-pedaling.


  • This bike is light in weight
  • The bike makes use of a dual-spring saddle that is very comfortable
  • The design is very minimalistic
  • The tires have a semi-slick design perfect for absorbing a heavy impact. They are also quite wide.
  • Ensures that cyclists maintain an upright position while cycling.


  • The bike does not come with any issues that you should worry about

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The Retro City Hybrid Bike from Vilano

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The Retro City Hybrid bike is an excellent option especially if you are looking for a bike that is under 200 dollars. This bike is perfect for cyclists who cycle for short distances to work and it is perfect accommodating a wider range of cyclist’s weight. The bike’s handlebars provide you with an elegant look without an over-whelming dominating look.

The wheels are 700c and this combined with tires that are 700c x 35c, you are guaranteed that you will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. The linear brake controls are on both sides of the handlebars and these provide you with a smooth stop without having to apply too much pressure.

There are the twist grip shifters that are perfect, however, to maintain their condition you should constantly lubricate your shifters. The bike’s suspension saddle is very comfortable, however, quite narrow. The handlebar grips are very soft and simulated with leather material.

The bike’s steel frame is quite strong. The Retro City bike is one of the first versatile hybrid bikes to ever hit the market. It is a great choice for cyclists who are looking for a great means of transport at a very affordable price. It is durable, convenient, and dependable.


  • Comes with chrome fenders and splash guards on both the front and rear side.
  • There are the 7-speed twist grip shifters
  • Mounts to place your water bottle.
  • The platform pedals have a locking kickstand


  • Finding the replacement parts is not easy
  • The bike’s construction is cheap and plastic
  • It is not easy to assemble and it does not come with any instructions.

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The High Timber Mountain Bike from Schwinn

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This High Timber Mountain Bike is perfect for riders who are looking for a high performing bike that comes with a lightweight frame. The bike features are excellent for any woman.

The wheels on both the front and the rare side are equipped with low rolling resistance and alloy rims. These rims are perfect providing you with a lot of stability as you continue to cycle. The bike is supported with 7 speeds and there is the reflector set. These combinations are perfect providing you with a very unique design. This bike is multipurpose, a great option for leisure riding and fitness training.


  • It is strong and durable
  • It is light in weight
  • The bike comes with a four-piece reflector
  • It provides cyclists with a lot of high speed


  • The seat is hard and may need replacement
  • Does not work well on rough trails
  • The gears do not shift properly

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The Sugiyama Flat Bar Fixie Bike from Takara Tomy

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For ladies who are looking for a bike that is strong and very attractive, the Sugiyama Flat Bar Bike is an amazing option. It has a very modern look and is made of aluminum. The bike is carefully manufactured by professionals to provide you with a classy look.

This is one of the most powerful and efficient hybrid bikes in the market. The fore and the hind wheel of this bike is fitted with disc brakes. These brakes are not only popular but also efficient. You are guaranteed that you will benefit from the best braking while still sustaining the bike rims.

The bike seat is also ideal for accommodating the height of any individual. The bike comes with great features guaranteed to be worth your while.


  • It is strong
  • The assembling process is not hard
  • It is comfortable
  • The bike is affordable


  • This bike is only available in two colors.

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Factors to be Considered when Purchasing the Best Women’s Bike Under $200 

The Performance  

The major reason why hybrid bikes are quite popular is because of their performance levels. Hybrid bikes are designed from an amalgamation of mountain bikes as well as an amalgamation of many basic bicycles. This gives rise to hybrid bikes that are multi-purpose and guarantee that you will benefit from amazing performance.

These bikes are quite effective and strong making them very popular used by a ton of cyclists from all over the world. The bikes work well on any kind of terrain and function perfectly without giving you any serious problems.

Before you purchase your bike make sure that you have considered the terrain that you will cycle on and ensure that your bike can perform well in these conditions.

It is light in weight  

Bikes that are light in weight are also very popular. Hybrid bikes are designed with a lightweight frame making them very popular amongst cyclists. This factor makes them great and cycling around with this bike is so much easier. A bike that is also designed with a carbon fiber frame is a great choice as this fiber is strong yet very light in weight.

A lightweight bike is perfect for commuting to and from work. You can even carry the bike on the street without experiencing any kind of problem. The lightweight feature makes your bike a lot more effective and it is a better option than any other kind of bike.

The Braking System 

Hybrid bikes are designed with very efficient braking systems of two kinds. There is a rubber braking system that is very popular and the advanced disc brakes. These brakes are quite effective and also function perfectly.

Professionals often recommend the advanced disc brake system because the brake’s technology cannot interfere with the rims of the bicycle. Placing these brakes on the rare side and the front side ensures that you benefit from a great braking system.

Many cyclists have mentioned that the rubber brakes affect the rim of your bike. These brakes do not work as well as effectively as the disc brakes, however, they function perfectly.

The Material of the Frame 

There are many bikes that are constructed with frame materials that are strong and reliable. When selecting your ideal bike, it is important to go for a bike that can easily support both lightweight cyclists and heavyweight cyclists without causing any kind of problem. The best frame materials include carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel.

The aluminum fiber is the most affordable. Aluminum is more on the heavy side when compared to carbon fiber and steel. The carbon fiber material is the lightest of the three and also the most expensive.

To dictate how much a bike should be, the bike material is constructed from tends. Bikes made from carbon fiber often rank as the most ideal. This fiber is made to design high-end bikes that are light in weight and unique.

Bikes that are constructed with a steel frame are the most affordable as they are considered quite heavy. These bikes, however, are strong and durable which is a great advantage. If you are looking to purchase a bike that is not too light or heavy, then a bike with a steel frame is a great option.

The Handlebar Shape  

Cycling is a very intense work out experience and many cyclists are left with blisters on their hands and backaches after bending for an extended period of time. It is important that you choose a bike that has flat handlebars. These kinds of bars are easy to cycle with and promote an upright position.

So many cyclists who have chosen to use these types of handlebars will quickly let you know how they come in handy. They have a very unique shape perfect for leisure bikes and race bikes.


Cycling has become a very popular sport, with many individuals getting more enthusiastic about the exercise after seeing the benefit that the bike has to offer. In this article, I have listed some of the best and most affordable bikes in the market. These bikes are guaranteed to give a new biker as well as an experienced cyclist a great opportunity to enjoy the great thrill of cycling without having to break the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  

What is a hybrid bike?  

A hybrid bike is a blend between a strong mountain bike, a road bike, and many other strong bikes in the market. These bikes are often designed with flat handlebars giving cyclists the chance to maintain an upright position as they cycle.

Which one is better between a road bike and a hybrid bike?  

This answer completely depends on the functions and features that you consider the best. Hybrid bikes are both road and mountain bikes that are enveloped into one bike that is strong and fully functional. Road bikes, however, may provide you with more comfort when cycling for long distances than a hybrid bike.

What bicycle size is the best for my height>  

Before you make your purchase, it is important to go through a bike sizing chart. This is the best way to find out what bike is the best for you, giving you the chance to avoid many uncomfortable rides. Every manufacturing website comes with information for the bike that you are thinking of purchasing.