7 Best women’s cycle helmet – A complete buying guide

Men and women’s sporting wear and accessorieslet us know that we have different needs. It’s the same when it comes to helmets; women need slightly varying features compared to men.

Hi there, I am Kate, and I’ve been cycling for five years now. My first two months were honest hard; I’d just seen the doctor because I had started losing my breath after going up the stars. It turned out to be a case of server unfitness, and I knew I had to do something about it.

Out of panic, I got an old helmet and bought a bike. However, sweat running down my face and a strained neck and shoulders let me know that I needed a change in helmets. It wasn’t merely about safety; it was about getting something that was suitable for me as a woman.

Taking cycling is an excellent way to get your workout on, and as I soon learned, a great way to enjoy the outdoors. As a woman, I see no reason why I shouldn’t both look good and be comfortable while riding my bike.

That led me on a journey to check out some of the top cycling helmets around, particularly those that were tailored for women. Here, we are going to look at seven women’s cycling helmets to consider purchasing based on their merit. After, we’ll look briefly at the criteria used to select the ideal helmet. Let’s get started!

7 Comparison table: Best women’s cycle helmet

Zacro Bike Helmet
Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet
0.63lbs, 0.74lbs, 0.77lbs
51-56cm, 54-58cm, 58-62cm
Giro Saga Women’s Helmet
51-55com, 55-59cm
BASE CAMP Bike Helmet
POC Omne Air Helmet
0.63lbs, 0.74lbs, 0.77lbs
50-56 cm, 54-59 cm, 56-61 cm
JMB Cycling Bike Helmet
GoMax Aero Helmet
54-58cm, 56-60cm, 59-63cm


Zacro Bike Helmet

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The Zacro bike helmet is made from quite a sturdy construction, which also happens to be lightweight. It also has an inner breathable lining that is comfortable to wear and washable as well. The aerodynamic design accommodates air ventilation that keeps you cool as you’re riding your bike. The helmet has six available colors to choose from.


  • High density imported EPS, PC, and PVC
  • Sweat absorption lining pad
  • Adjustable straps
  • CPSC Certified
  • 18 vents

The company has made a helmet that fits most cyclists based on the CPSC Certification that US helmet-making manufacturers use. The helmet also does provide the wearer ample space to wear it with a headscarf, hat, or the like. You can use it for cycling but also other outdoor activities that require you to have headgear.


  • The helmet has a robust construction that keeps your head protected while on the road
  • The aerodynamic design and vents keep you cool while cycling
  • It has breathable inner padding that’s comfortable and washable
  • Meets CPSC standards for making a universal fit helmet for adults


  • It doesn’t fit everyone; you have to measure your head circumference to know if it’ll fit you.

Verdict:Zacro is a reliable brand, and those who can fit the helmet will quite enjoy it. It’s also among the best in the market when it comes to the construction and standards the company follows.

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Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet

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There are three available helmet sizes for this next brand, along with ten color designs to choose form. The Schwinn helmet is comfortable and offers you protection at all angles of your head. You can use the dial fit knob to get a snug fit while the moisture-wicking padding keeps your head comfortable. The company also employs a lightweight micro-shell design that doesn’t cause the helmet to weigh down on your head as you’re riding.


  • Full Schwinn 3600 comfort
  • Adjustable dial fit knob
  • Full-range padding
  • 20 air vents

There are plenty of vents you keep you cool while ridingon summer days. Something you’ll also note is that the helmet has a traditional cycling and angular design that won’t go out of style, allowing you to wear it for years until you have to replace it.


  • The helmet offers you full coverage protection for your head
  • The adjustment dial fit knob ensures that you can get a snug fit
  • The lightweight micro-shell ensures you’re comfortable wearing the helmet for long periods
  • There are a variety of color designs to choose from


  • You’re not guaranteed a snug fit

Verdict: It’s great that the helmet comes in three sizes, so you’re likely than not to get a size that fits you perfectly. The Schwinn Thrasher is also comfortable as you ride, with the construction that keeps you safe and cool.

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Giro Saga Cycling Helmet

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Here we have a cycling bike specifically made with women in mind. It is made from a sturdy material, polycarbonate outer shell, and an EPS impact-absorbing foam liner. The adjustment system lets you adjust the helmet vertically and horizontally for a perfect fit. The Giro Saga women’s cycling helmet is very lightweight also has unique sculptured ventilation systems, making it cooler than traditional helmets. Remember to measure your head to know which of the available sizes suits you best.


  • In-mold construction
  • Roc Loc- 5 fit system with two-way fit adjustment
  • Two Super Fit sizes
  • 22 vents

When you’re on rough terrain, you can use the Roc Loc 5 to adjust the helmet with one hand. When you’re on flatter roads, you can loosen it to be more relaxed. As per the company, this feature makes the helmet almost 40 percent lighter than the previous version of the same, the Roc Loc 4. The Giro Saga has a CPSC certification.


  • The material is strong, meaning that you’re far more protected from head injuries
  • The Roc Loc-5 fit system means that you get a more customized fit than other brands
  • The helmet has a CPSC certification
  • There is adequate ventilation to keep your from feeling too hot while cycling


  • Even with two sizes, not all women can get the right fit

Verdict: Giro is a brand you can rely on thanks to the standards they use to make their helmets. Aspects such as the construction, the one-hand adjustment system, and ventilation make it ideal for cycling.

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BASE CAMP helmet

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Given that BASE CAMP use US SPSC standards, you’re assured that your head is safe. There are the adjustable chin strap and rear dial secure system that gives you easy and comfortable fitting. The helmet itself is lightweight, with the vents contributing to your head remaining cool. On the inside of the helmet, there is removable soft padding that you can wash.


  • EPS and PC nylon material construction
  • Chinstrap and rear dial adjustment
  • Rear light switch and battery with two modes
  • US CPSC standards certified
  • Nine vents

What’s different with this helmet is that there is an adjustable rear light which assures more visibility and safety, especially at night. It has two lighting modes; one for steady light and another for flashing lights which you use in bad weather or when it’s dark. The primary demographic for this helmet is urban commuters and also cyclists.


  • It meets US safety standards for making helmets
  • The strap and adjustable fit dial allow you to get a comfort fit
  • It has a rear light that you can use in the dark or in bad weather so that motorists can notice you
  • The helmet is light in weight and adequately ventilated


  • The size won’t fit all women the same

Verdict: The BASE camp helmet checks off a lot of things to look for in a helmet, such as how strong it is, the ventilation, and the safety standards. It also has the added safety feature of a rear light for those who wanted an added level of safety.

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POC Omne Air Helmet

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This next helmet comes in 9 colors so you can choose something that appeals to you. They are specifically meant for commuting and leisure cycling, and you’re given all-round protection during what you desire. POC uses innovative materials and design as part of their approach to making a safe and sleek helmet. The slim profile offers clean aesthetics. As for the construction, it is both lightweight and breathable for both comfort and functionality.


  • Optimized-density EPS liner
  • Patent-pending silicone pad technology system (SPIN)
  • 360° size adjustment system
  • Adjustable precisions straps

Their adjustment system is lightweight, so it doesn’t make the helmet unnecessarily heavy. You can use one hand to quickly and easily fine-tune the fit as you’re riding along different terrains. The precision straps molded into the helmet also keep the headgear in place, giving you extra comfort on those long rides.


  • POC use a mixture of innovation and design to production and comfortable and functional helmet
  • There is an all-round fitting system to accommodate various head shapes for a snug fit
  • You can further secure the helmet using chin straps
  • You have a selection of colors to choose from


  • The straps don’t comfortably fit everyone

Verdict: POC does use quality materials and technology to make safe and durable helmets. The other good thing about this particular brand is that there are three sizes to choose from for the perfect fit.

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JBM Cycling Bike Helmet

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This helmet from the JBM helmet is a standard size and is meant to accommodate a wide range of head circumferences. That’s possible thanks to the easy-use dial system and the side strap that you can adjust to suit you. The construction offers impact resistance given the use ofrigid material that can absorb its, and thus keeping you protected during a crash.


  • Dial adjustment system
  • Side straps
  • Durable PVC & PC, EPS foam
  • Aerodynamic design

There’s adequate ventilation due to the design that JBM has adopted for their helmets. The aerodynamic of the same also helps you increase speed if you’re mountain biking or getting in a workout. The overall materials used are lightweight, and you also have the inner padding that keeps you comfortable.


  • The easy-use dial system accommodates a wide range of head circumferences
  • The construction is tough and impact-resistant enough to keep you safe if a crash happens
  • The aerodynamic and ventilation lets you be fast but also keeps you cool
  • There’s comfortable padding that’s incredibly essential for long rides


  • Though it’s considered a universal fit, it might not fit everyone

Verdict: JBM is another brand of a helmet that you can try. You have indeed assured added safety to your head should anything happen when you’re cycling. It’s great for speed and keeping cool while at it.

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GoMax Aero Helmet

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Last, but certainly not the least, we have a helmet from GoMax called the Aero. It has an innovative aerodynamic design that looks good and does fit nicely on your head. What’s vital is that it provides you with maximum protection. The construction is rigid and protects you against chokes but is also light weight and thus keeping you comfortable.


  • In-mold polycarbonate shell
  • PC+ American Gray EPS Liner
  • CE Certified
  • Dual fit adjustable &rear LED taillight system
  • 22 vents

Another aspect of the Aero that makes it great is that the fitting structure is combined with the LED light system at the rear. That means you can make adjustments with only one hand, but also let those behind you in poor weather or at nightspot you. There’s a detachable visor that you can take out for hot/summer days and put it back when it’s chill.


  • It is made from a rigid construction that protects you from shock
  • The visor is detachable so you can take it on or off based on the weather/temperature
  • There is an LED lighting system at the rear that makes you more visible on the road
  • The Aero is CE certified


  • The LED battery will need replacing at some point

Verdict: The GoMax Aero has a lot of good qualities that allow you to keep calm and safe while on the road. It equally does works during ideal or poor weather to keep you cool or warm and secure too.

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What to consider when buying best women’s cycling helmets

Here, we are going to look at a few factors that you ought to consider when purchasing a helmet that works best for women. It’s not all about gender; there’s plenty to consider. The first is ensuring that you get the right circumference for the helmet you want to buy.

Comfort is important because you want the motivation to keep the headgear on. The first step, therefore, is finding out what the circumference of one’s head is. From there, you can compare it to the brand that you want to get to make sure it suits you.

It is equally important that you purchase a helmet offering a comfortable fit. You want to ensure that the helmet adjustments in place can accommodate you perfectly, mostly based on the terrain you’re on.

Additionally, you want to have a snug fit so that the helmet fits well and you can have a ride where the helmet and its placement is the last thing on your mind.

Ventilation is as important when it comes to hot or summer days where you want to keep cool if you have the slightest chance of riding for a long time. The more there are integrated into the design, the more you’re confident that you can enjoy the ride ahead of you. What’s more, opt for a mesh or breathable padding that keeps you comfortable. They pay a dual role, keeping you protected or cool when the weather is acting up.

While getting the right fit and ventilation might bring you delight, you don’t want to purchase a helmet with questionable construction. A large number of cycling incidents involve head injury.

That way, you want to ensure you are safe is by also looking at the structure that the helmet is made from. Choose those that have a sturdy construction and can withstand impact.  What’s more, choose helmets that adhere to international standards of safety as it gives you peace of mind.

Wrap up

Helmets in the cycling industry are quite a bit. Choosing the right one is a combination of things that are important to you, the budget included. I hope that you can get the right cycling helmet for you, or even begin a search for the perfect one.


Will a universal helmet fit me?

It is essential to work out what the circumference of your head it to avoid purchasing a helmet that won’t suit you well. Before buying from a brand that appears to appeal to you with all the features, find out their range of head circumference.

Why do vents matter?

Vents are what help keep your head cool. The ventilation they provide keeps you cool during a ride, which is essential. You don’t have to keep stopping to pull out your helmet to cool your body temperature.