Bianchi vs Cannondale – Which is the superior bike?

Bikes have a way of turning the most introverted individual into a social butterfly. If you have plans to get outdoors more, which bike between Bianchi and Cannondale is the ideal choice?

It could be that you have been indoors for longer than you thought was possible and you think it is time for a change.

Going outdoors for a cycle is one the best ways to clear your mind, stimulate your senses with the beauty of nature and hopefully make a friend or two along the way.

In my case, that’s how I met my cycling buddy, David, while still in college. It’s now 7 years since our campus days and we have never stopped cycling.

I’m about to buy a new roadie and so I made a review of my two ideal picks to help me decide.

What is the difference between Bianchi and Cannondale?

Carbon with Countervail
BallisTec Carbon
Shimano Dura-Ace 9100
Shimano Ultegra hydro disc
Fulcrum Zero Nite,
Fulcrum Racing 600DB
Vittoria Corsa G+ 25mm
Vittoria Rubino Pro Bright
Shimano Dura-Ace 9100
Shimano Ultegra hydro disc
Selle San Marco Aspide
Fabric Scoop Shallow Sport

Bianchi vs Cannondale: How they compare 


Bianchi uses Countervail (CV) material in its bikes’ frames. This is stiffer and ultimately creates a bike with easier handling comparedto the Carbon frame that makes Cannondale bikes.

Bianchi’s frame works with the CV fork to increase stiffness and lower the overall weight. This reduces vibrationin the bike’s operation.

The Bianchi head tube takes on an arrowhead shape. It is then matched by the forks integration to increase the bike’s wind cutting capabilities. This makes for great aerodynamic performance.

The Cannondale bikes are made of BallisTec carbon.This material is both lightweight and strong enough to attain high speeds and aerodynamic effects.

You get the SAVE PLUS technology which provides comfort. It uses the vertical compliance created without resulting in extreme stiffness that hinders efficiency and speed.

The trail is 112mm in length, the chainstay is 435mm and an arm-reach is 430mm.You will find that without excessive use of force, you can achieve high speeds, aerodynamic performances, and smooth rides around corners.


In Bianchi cranksets give you variety and easier shifting which make for faster rides compared to the Cannondale bike’s crank system.

With Bianchi bikes, the carbon shallow Fulcrum Racing Zero or Campagnolo Bora Ultras deep rims providedandthe Dura-Ace Di2 and Super Record mechanical parts are available with an alternative between them.

You get a choice between the 50/34 and the 52/36 with an 11-25 11-speed cassette. These are superior to the Cannondale that use the 50/34 tooth crankset and an 11-34t cassette. Whatever set up you choose, they make for a super-fast ride and a great choice for easier shifting.

Cannondale is fitted with the Vittoria Rubino Pro tires that are 30mm in width and are of low pressure.

It has a Fabric Scoop saddle that is long affording users more room.You may need to move it more to the rear and lower the seat post to position it just above the pedals.

Riding Experience 

Bianchi rides smoothly and quietly across varied terrain thanks to its Countervail design which is a superior riding experience when compared to Cannondale’s smooth ride.

For such a lightweight bike, riding Bianchi feels very fast with no harshness or shaky experiences.The bikes display only the best performance in riding corners.

Bianchi shows impressive grip and speed gain on the road.

The Cannondale bike is designed to be an all-time comfortable peddling option and uses the Ultegra components at the front and rear ends.

It is super responsive around corners and getting through tight bends is a breeze with the capacity to take sharp turns.

When going downhill, the bike is stable and rides quite well. To realign the bike’s geometry by a 5-degree angle, make use of the flip-chip. You can adjust both the seat tube and the head tube degree angles.

Bianchi vs Cannondale: A Comparison Overview 

Bianchi Review

Bianchi is one of the oldest Italian owned bicycle companies still in existence. It was founded by Edoardo Bianchi in 1885 and is world-renowned for its pale turquoise hue that characterizes their bike frames.

Their brand is a supplier of aero race bikes as well as endurance centered models which are not targeted to cater to the daily commuter.

Women’s bikes feature the same geometry with a few female-specific parts added such as saddles, narrow handlebars, and shortened stems.

Bianchi bikes are made to accommodate a wide range of proportions by creating up to 9 different sizes per bike model ranging from 44 to 61.

Of noteworthy mention is Bianchi’s special Countervail technology which they have incorporated in their Infinitio frames. Patented, tested in NASA aerospace, and used in military helicopters it is designed to minimize vibration by up to 80 percent and simultaneously improve bike’s stiffness and sturdiness.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Great power transfer
  • Unique detailed aesthetics


  • Heavy bar flex
  • Odd gearing

Cannondale Review

They have the reputation of being the creme-de-la-creme of all road bikes because of their sleek and elegant designs. Whether male or female, they have everything for everyone, and after just one ride, it will be impossible to consider other options.

These bikes are recognized internationally through cyclists who have won world Tour competitions such as the Tour de France while riding them.

The lightweight build and geometry are designed to enhance your riding potential by being super responsive and powerfully accurate in quick turns.

Cannondale road bikes are considerably shorter in height when put up against other road bikes which means they are ideal for the average-sized individual and not so much a great alternative for the taller people.


  • Lightweight and strong carbon build
  • Big range of and quick shifting between speeds
  • Prioritizes comfort and excellent performance for long races


  • Limited to average-sized cyclists


Bianchi bikes are the perfect balance between great looking aesthetics and a fast, stiff bike frame. They may not be designed with the commuter in mind but they do make the racers stand out from the crowd.

Cannondale bikes on the other hand are loved for their quality design that incorporates safety, durability, and the capacity to conquer sharp turns or downhill racing.

Verdict: So, which is better – Bianchi or Cannondale?

The Cannondale bikes are a step better than the Bianchi. This is simply because they cater to a wider pool of cyclists both pro and regular. They may not be as fast as the Bianchi but they will get you to work and back home in time for dinner.


What is Countervail technology?

This is a process whereby viscoelastic resin is blended with a carbon frame to create a dampening effect to quell vibration and boost strength.

How will I know to make the right adjustments to my bike?

Your bike of choice will come fully assembled and adjusted but to help you out, there is always a menu that explains the different parts and how to care for your bike.