Bianchi vs Pinarello – Which performs better?

Bikes are built to get you from one point to another as safely and fast as possible. This does not mean they have to be dull and boring. Looking into Bianchi and Pinarello bikes, we seek to find the aesthetic road bike.

Children have a large pool of cool colored bikes to choose from within their ranges. This variety thins out as the market demographic grows older.

This doesn’t appeal to me because regardless of age, I feel that a dash of color on a mundane bike frame gives it an edge that is both a mood booster and attention-grabbing.

This is what I was looking for generally but with bike performance being at the helm of my decision-making, I took the time to analyze one over the other just to help with the final verdict.

What is the difference between Bianchi and Pinarello?

Pinarello Dogma F12
Carbon with Countervail
Toray Carbon with NanoAlloy Tech
Shimano Dura-Ace 9100
Shimano Dura Ace Di2
Fulcrum Zero Nite,
Fulcrum Wind 400
Vittoria Corsa G+ 25mm
Pirelli P Zero 25mm
Shimano Dura-Ace 9100
Shimano Dura Ace Di2 disc
Selle San Marco Aspide
MOST Lynx NS Carbon
6.55 kg
6.71 kg

Bianchi vs Pinarello: How they compare


Bianchi’s head tube takes on an arrowhead shape to increase the bikes wind cutting capabilities. These prove to be far more superior to Pinarello whose covered tubes only reduce drag by 5%.

Bianchi uses Countervail (CV) material in its bikes’ frames working with the CV fork to lower the overall weight. This makes for easier handling all the while maintaining stiffness and reducing vibration.

The average frame would have a low headtube measuring 145mm with a 72.5 degree angle and 73.5 degrees in seatpost.

Pinarello’s frame hides away the routed cables through the integrated handlebar and the stem which they say reduces drag by at least 5 percent.

The handlebar is an Ultra type with 20 percent of the exposed area at the front.Cable drag is reduced by at least 85% when used with the direct-mount brakes for increased confidence and stopping power.


With Bianchi bikes, you get more variety andthe choice between the 50/34 and the 52/36. This gives the bikea wide range of gearing options compared to Pinarello’s 50/34.

Bianchi’s Super Record mechanical parts are available with an alternative between the carbon shallow Fulcrum Racing Zero or Campagnolo Bora Ultras deep rims provided.

In cranksets as well you get the choice between the 50/34 and the 52/36. Fitted with an 11-25 11-speed cassette itmakes for a super-fast ride and a great choice for easier shifting.

To improve bike stiffness, Pinarello chainstays and forks have been designed in the hydraulic disc versions. Spotting improvements such as direct-mount brakes for the rim, new version have contributed to the superior braking system.

Dura-Ace Di2 mechanism is featured with thePinarello bikes. it uses the 50/34 chainring and riding on the 11-30 cassette giving a good range of gearing options.

The bikes fork may be a bit wide for most people’s preference because it cuts short on the comfort. However, this is taken care of by the wider tires that may also be prone to puncture pinching. The tires are up to 28mm for the bike clearance offered by Pinarello Dogma F12.

Riding Experience 

The Bianchi bikes have impressive grip and speed gain better than the Pinarello. Itis made with great emphasis on stiffness that gives great performance at every turn. 

Riding Bianchi feels very fast with no harshness or shaky experiences. For such a lightweight bike, the descents are unexpectedly stable and quiet thanks to the Countervail design.

The ride feeling on Pinarello is edgy and nimble giving you the impression that it could always go faster.

A narrow wheel design is suitable for both weekend and weekday rides because it is robust and can withstand just about anything you throw at it.

Bianchi vs Pinarello: A Comparison Overview 

Bianchi Review

It is one of the oldest Italian owned bicycle companies still in existence. It was founded by Edoardo Bianchi in 1885 and is world renowned for their pale turquoise hue that characterizes their bike frames.

Initially starting off as a motorcycle and car production firm, Bianchi is now into mountain and cyclocross bike creations but they are most revered for their road bike models.

Their brand is a supplier of aero race bikes as well as endurance centered models which are not targeted to cater to the daily commuter.

Women’s bikes feature same geometry with a few female specific parts added such as saddles, narrow handlebars and shortened stems.

Bianchi bikes are made to accommodate a wide range of proportions by creating up to 9 different sizes per bike model ranging from 44 to 61.

Of note worthy mention is Bianchi’s special Countervail technology which they have incorporated in their Infinitio frames. Patented, tested in NASA aerospace and used in military helicopters it is designed to minimize vibration by up to 80 percent and simultaneously improve bike’s stiffness and sturdiness.


  • Lightweight frame
  • Great power transfer
  • Unique detailed aesthetics


  • Heavy bar flex
  • Odd gearing

Pinarello Review

Pinarello is an Italian company that started in 1952 by Giovanni Pinarello and famous for its quality road bikes. however, it does offer other models such as a mountain, track, cyclocross, and city bikes.

Their flagship race bike is the Dogma which has been ridden to victory at the Grand Tour championships. It is built into an asymmetrical geometry that guarantees stiffness and flat tubes it is made up of giving great aerodynamic characteristics.

Other models in this pro-level are the Gan and Bolide. Away from professional cycling, regular bikers can enjoy the Noer and Razha built for comfort in long-distance rides.

The mountain bike version of Pinarello bikes is the Dogma XM and for cross country races, you can pick the Dogma XC. They both feature similar geometry to the flagship roadie with slight adjustments made to the design to fit the specific riding uses.

Other Pinarello models are such as Grevil+ for the aerodynamic sticklers, Crossista+ for cyclocross, and the Mercurio for hybrid lovers who like to zoom through the city traffic.


  • Classic lugged frame
  • Awesome power transfer
  • Disc brakes and 28mm tires


  • Road vibration felt through Seatpost and saddle


Bianchi bikes are the perfect balance between great looking aesthetics and a fast, stiff bike frame. They may not be designed with the commuter in mind but they do make the racers stand out from the crowd.

Pinarello goes fast and can keep you in the lead but only if you are willing to brave the harsh riding experience it subjects you to.

Verdict: So, which is better – Bianchi or Pinarello?

The Bianchi bike range is distinctly better than Pinarello. Given their eye-catching turquoise shell, their technology infused frame and their consideration of women designs, they do get the job done, and beautifully so.


What is the Countervail technology?

This is a process whereby viscolelastic resin is blended with a carbon frame to create a dampening effect to quell vibration and boost strength.

Why is the front axle of the Pinarello F12 set below the curvy fork crown?

This reduces the wheel’s turbulence by increasing the channeling of air.