Cannondale vs Trek hybrid bike – what you should know

If you ride bikes, then you must have heard about the Cannondale and Trek hybrid bikes. Some think that hybrid bikes are man’s greatest invention because of their performance. Today we take a close look at these two bikes in a detailed Cannondale vs Trek hybrid bike review.
In a bid to keep fit and stay active, more people nowadays prefer to commute using bikes. This to avoid adopting an unhealthy lifestyle and to keep fit. In addition, it is no fun always getting caught in traffic, experiencing road rage and getting to work late to a fuming boss.
Owning a hybrid bike is like having a road bike, and a mountain bike merged into one bike. How cool is that? Genius! For several years now, I have formed part of a group of riders with whom I commute and share ideas with.
Over time I have come to notice intricate details and differences that set each hybrid bike apart from the other. No two bikes are really the same. Today I will let you in on some key differences between your two favorite bikes in this Cannondale vs Trek Hybrid bike review.

Cannondale hybrid bike
Trek hybrid bike
V brakes
Linear pull brakes
Frame material
Aluminum alloy

Cannondale vs Trek detailed comparison
Frame material
Different materials can be used to make bike frames. But when it comes to these two bikes, it is clear they want to stand out from the rest. The Cannondale hybrid bike has a sturdy frame made of Aluminum alloy material. It is light in weight and contributes significantly to the durability of the bike as a whole.
The Trek hybrid has a frame also made out of Aluminum material. Whether you want to use this bike for racing, to commute or for casual rides, you can rely on this bike to get you anywhere without developing hitches, the good thing about hybrid bikes is that they are made to adapt to any conditions be it weather conditions or poor road conditions.
Cannondale hybrid bikes have models designed with V brakes. The downside here is that V brakes have a number of limitations in regard to how effective they are especially when you are riding on a dirt road. What’s more, the Cannondale bike may be versatile and stable, but lacking in terms of speed.
The trek bike alternatively comes installed with linear pull brakes. These are pretty much the same as the V brakes because they work the same. They work by pulling together and squeezing the tires in order to stop the bike.
The Cannondale hybrid bike is designed to have a very simple gear shift system. When you hear Shimano brakes, then you know that we are speaking of a quality brand. You’ll be glad to know that this bike has chosen to work with the best Shimano shifters. They are convenient and durable with up to 27 speeds.
The Trek hybrid also comes with a 7-speed Shimano shifter. This means higher performance and reliability. This gear is surprisingly quiet and smooth. You won’t even notice the difference between riding on hills and riding on paved surfaces. Everything will be under yours and the bike’s control.
It would be daunting to purchase a hybrid bike only to realize much later that it comes with tires incapable of giving you the riding experience you expected. Wondering what it’s like riding a hybrid bike? Two words, smooth, balanced.
Cannondale hybrid bike tires are just the right 700x30c size and the right texture. They come with sidewalls that reflect light making it easy for other road users to see you, especially at night.
​The Trek hybrid bike uses 700x35c tires that are much wider in diameter than the ones above. This shows that here, you’ll get enhanced shock absorption and balance.
Cannondale vs Trek hybrid bikes detailed reviews
Cannondale hybrid review
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Cannondale bikes boast leading position in the list of most comfortable hybrid bikes. Some even compare it to smooth suave cars like the Rolls Royce. Well, I find myself nodding in agreement. First off, this bike is the cleanest, sleekest bike I think I have ever come across.
Being a hybrid bike, this bike offers you versatility to perform well on paved surfaces and off the road. Whether you are using it for exercise or to get from one place to another, no surface, no distance, and no hill is too much for this bike to handle.

  • Frame made of durable aluminum alloy material
  • Comes in a powerful 27-speed gear
  • Its tires are good for all types of surfaces


  • May not be as fast compared to other hybrid bikes


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Trek hybrid bike review
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As I have come to see, the Trek hybrid bike cannot be placed at the same level as other ordinary hybrid bikes. There are distinct features about this bike that cannot be ignored. It may come with a 7-speed gear but can go faster than any other bike I have ever tried riding. This is a bike that is not afraid to take on a challenge. In fact, you’ll notice characteristics such as its controls, handlebars, saddle, and overall design are all made to show you that this bike is ready to take you anywhere without needing a break.
It comes with high-quality tires that contribute significantly to your comfort levels especially when going for long rides. Linear pull brakes ensure you are able to effectively slow down or stop and work particularly well on paved roads and flat surfaces.

  • Has a frame made of lightweight Aluminum material
  • Has a high quality 7-speed Shimano gear
  • Stable, well balanced that are also good shock absorbers


  • Linear pull brakes may not be very reliable when riding on dirt roads or muddy paths


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No bike is perfect. Each bike has its own shortcomings. Despite all this, the Trek hybrid bike is to me a perfect bike. Going only by its appearance, it looks just like any other hybrid bike but when you look deeper, you’ll notice that there’s nothing ordinary about it. Quality parts, efficient shifters, and quality tires are just a few of the many great things about this bike. The Cannondale hybrid is a bike that looks really attractive but a bit too slow for my liking. This Cannondale vs Trek hybrid bikes review is proof that beyond class and looks is performance.