How to wash cycling shorts?

One benefit about cycling shorts is that they are mostly made of Spandex which is pretty easy to clean. Firstly, you should separate your cycling shorts and put the ones with similar colors together and close the zips of all your shorts. Once you have done this, turn your cycling shorts inside out and put … Read more

How to wear a cycling cap

There are various ways that you can wear your cycling cap. You can wear it with the brim facing forward and downwards, forward- upwards, back- downwards and lastly back- forward. This already shows you that there is no specific way of wearing your cycling cap as this depends solely on your style and preference. However, … Read more

How to clean cycling shoes

There are four methods that you can use to clean your cycling shoes. The first method is by using a soap, dish and brush which is the most recommended method of cleaning your cycling shoes. The second method involves cleaning your cycling shoes with toothpaste and a brush which is an ideal “quick- clean” for … Read more

How do cycling shoes work?

Cycling are shoes are important cycling gear that you should have if you are keen on improving your overall cycling performance. This is because they have stiff soles which helps to transfer all the energy from your legs to the pedal which enables you to use your energy efficiently. Secondly, cycling shoes come with cleats … Read more

Does cycling build quads?

Cycling is an activity that engages various muscles of your body such as your calf muscles, hamstring and quadriceps. Therefore, this definitely allows you to build your quads over a certain period of time. It is important to note that the results won’t be instant so you shouldn’t expect to have big quads after only … Read more