Swimming vs Cycling – Best Exercise for Training in Injury

 Most people use cycling and swimming as alternative exercises in times of recovery. Still, they are formidable exercises that make a big difference. Which between the two is more ideal as a recovery alternative? Hi everyone. I’m Josh and I have been a marathoner for the past 15 years of my life. Over those years … Read more

Spinning vs Running – Which is more Challenging?

Spinning vs Running

Spinning classes have much more recently grown in fame and popularity and there is practically a class every few blocks. Running has been with us for long and everyone can do it but which between the two training techniques has a leg up? Hi guys, my name is Patrick and I am a three-time triathlon … Read more

Rowing vs Running – Which One is a Full Body Workout?

Both these techniques may be the burners for leg day with their high-intensity training modes. While running is high impact, rowing is low impact. They are both favored exercise techniques and especially for cardiovascular and aerobic reasons. I have been running for most of my life to help me keep my fitness goals on track. … Read more

Cycling vs Treadmill – Which Training is More Holistic?

Physical training is a valuable part of our daily lives. The options of techniques and routines we can adopt are plenty with the incorporation of the internet. Areas of training such as the gym are great places to get all equipment you need to reach your fitness goals. I love to stay fit, flexible and … Read more

Cycling Vs Running – How do they compare?

 So, either of these activities will have you sweating buckets, but if you are looking for getting fit, gain muscle or shed off some pounds, which is the best option? Is cycling better than running? Will cycling allow you to burn fat faster, or will running do the trick? Over the years, I have had … Read more