Does Michelin Make Bicycle Tires? Exploring the Brand’s Product Offerings

Does Michelin make bicycle tires

Wondering whether Michelin makes bicycle tires? This article explains this topic further. Michelin’s Involvement in Bicycle Tires Michelin, a leading tire manufacturer, has been producing bicycle tires since 1891. The company’s first bicycle tire was made of vulcanized rubber and designed to be used on the newly invented safety bicycle. Since then, Michelin has continued …

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Why Are Triathlon Bikes Different?

why are triathlon bikes different

Wondering whether triathlon bikes are different? This post answers this question adequately. Triathlon bikes are built different. They have to be faster, more efficient and sturdy than other bikes. The design, frame and position all work to create the perfect bike. Here’s all you need to know about why triathlon bikes are different. Understanding Triathlon …

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How to Remove Bicycle Handlebar?

How to remove bicycle handlebar

Wondering whether to remove bicycle handlebar? This post explains all you need to know. The bicycle handlebar is one of the most important components of a bike. It helps you steer and guides your way while on the road. I’ll discuss how to remove a bicycle handlebar. Stick around to learn more. Understanding the Bicycle …

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