Trek vs Cannondale Mountain Bikes – Which is the Better Choice?

Trek vs Cannondale Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are meant for adventure junkies and generally people looking forward to some adrenaline rush. That is why choosing between one or the other requires some research. Between Cannondale and trek, which bike is the better choice?  I’m just about to join my college roommates for a weekend retreat and one of the activities … Read more

Trek vs Bianchi – A thorough comparison guide

Trek vs Bianchi

So, you have been thinking of cycling to change your sedentary lifestyle? You might find the perfect medium in a Trek or Bianchi bike. Itis not secret that our lives today are not what they used to be a short 60years or so back. Increasingly, we seem to be sinking into one chair or another. … Read more

RockShox Yari vs Pike – An In-depth Comparison

RockShox Yari vs Pike

Anyone who has been out cycling on the trail understands the importance of having a reliable bike fork. Between RockShox Yari and Pike, which do you think is better? Having been around for plenty of years now, it is hard to hear any negative news related to RockShox forks. This is why they are my … Read more

Rockshox Sektor vs Recon – The better fork

Rockshox Sektor vs Recon

The best time to replace your fork is when it starts showing signs of aging and you have a hard time keeping it in place. Which between Sektor and Recon is RockShox’s better fork? Your bike’s suspension or fork should be a source of strength and direction. If at any time you notice a change … Read more

Fox 36 vs 34 – Which is the better Fox?

Fox 36 vs 34

Depending on the trails and how hard you intend to ride, you will need a bike fork to secure and smoothen your experience. Which between Fox 34 and 36 is the ultimate choice? Stiffness at the front end of a bike’s wheel guarantees rider control and increases rider comfort with the extra access possible in … Read more

Fox 34 vs Pike – Which is more superior?

Fox 34 vs Pike

When selecting a fork for trail or racing, you may be spoilt for choice with the variety available. Above the rest are RockShox Pike and Fox 36. Which of the two choices gives a superior riding experience? A suspension fork sets bikes apart and helps to create plush or stiff riding based on user preference … Read more

Felt vs Trek – An in-depth analysis

Felt vs Trek

After you have bought your first road bike, you may find yourself absorbed in the thought of how well it does against others. If you are comparing a Felt and Trek bike model, this is the complete analysis.  Since the beginning of Summer last year, I have been cruising around the school on my bike … Read more

Fat Bike vs 29er – Which is Better?

Fat Bike vs 29er

A bike may look great but the size of wheels and tires is where the rubber meets the road. Fat bikes and 29ers are popular in the cycling world but which one is better than the other?  29ers have long been a part of bike designs managing to capture the attraction of many cyclists both … Read more

650b vs 29 – The Better Option

650b vs 29

The right wheel size for your bike depends on bike performance and the terrain you expect to ride on. Which between the 650b and the 29-inch wheel is the better option? The size of wheels was not a big consideration for most riders since mountain bikes have long been designed to feature 26-inch wheels. However, … Read more