Cervelo vs Trek – An in-depth guide

Cervelo vs Trek

Are you in the market for your first bike? Sticking to a budget and experiencing an unforgettable ride will be major factors you might consider. So, when we put Cervelo against a Trek bike, we seek to find which option would be perfect for a first ride. My father owns a huge bike shop in … Read more

Cervelo vs Specialized – A detailed comparison

There are plenty of bike brands on the global scene today, each presenting varied models to satisfy the needs of vast populations. We take a look into Cervelo and Specialized brands to determine which brand packs the punch.   In our childhood years, my sister and I spent exhilarating hourswatching the Olympics more so, the … Read more

Canyon vs Cannondale – Which is the Better Bike?

Fitness activities such as cycling are more powerful and enjoyable when done as a team. Considering their features and benefits, which between Canyon and Cannondale bikes would be the better bike? Hi, I’m Patricia and I’ve been racing regionally and globally for a decade now. I come from a family of pro-cyclists and it was … Read more

Bianchi vs Pinarello – Which performs better?

Bianchi vs Pinarello

Bikes are built to get you from one point to another as safely and fast as possible. This does not mean they have to be dull and boring. Looking into Bianchi and Pinarello bikes, we seek to find the aesthetic road bike. Children have a large pool of cool colored bikes to choose from within … Read more