Peloton vs Air Bike – An in-depth Summary Guide

Peloton vs Air Bike

Taking into consideration the best magnetic resistance bike against the best air resistance bike, Peloton and Airdyne Pro are featured. Which of the two is more superior? Hi, my name is Roger. A client asked me to draw up a review detailing the differences between air and magnetic powered bikes. I picked the best of … Read more

Nordictrack Vs Schwinn – which one is better?

Nordictrack Vs Schwinn

NordicTrack and Schwinn are two reputable manufacturers of fitness equipment. Both produce top quality products of different types and in varying price ranges. Here is a NordicTrack vs Schwinn comparison to help you decide which one suits you. Hi, my name is Erin. I am an athletics trainer. I often recommend indoor cycling for regular … Read more

Life Fitness IC6 vs Peloton – Which is the worthy buy?

Life Fitness IC6 vs Peloton

Anyone who loves fitness training appreciates the value of a great workout. Cycling enthusiasts have experienced an expansion in their product range. Between Life Fitness IC6 and Peloton, which bike is worth the buy? As the market floods with more brands and models of cycling bikes more people sign up for cycling classes. Because the … Read more