Concept 2 vs Airdyne – Which is the Better Option?

Unboxing my Concept 2 BikeErg has got to be the most exciting thing that has happened to me this year. Known for their rowing machines, Concept 2 designed the BikeErg to compete with the air bike likes of the Airdyne brand.

Hi, I’m Doug and I know of Concept 2 for their rowing machines and their most recent innovation the SkiErg. They have also recently designed an equally sophisticated air bike that makes for a worthy contender against other industry greats like the Airdyne.

These two bike types have similar material and finishing done on them which removes the difference in appearance or physical features. They are both strong enough to carry a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds and they are designed to last.

Here’s my 5-year expert review on both these air bikes.

What are the key differences between Concept 2 BikErg and Airdyne

Concept 2
Air resistance, Damper
Air resistance, Infinite
Heart Rate Monitor
Weight capacity
350 pounds
350 pounds
Standard outdoor flat
Standard outdoor flat
Padded, 2-way adjustable
Padded, 4-way adjustable


Concept 2 vs Airdyne – How they compare


Their customizable and adjustable handles, seats and pedals make the bikes friendly for any user regardless of ages, size or preference. With the Concept 2 bike, the handles are only adjustable to fit user but on the Airdyne, they are movable and add to the workout variety you can do on it.

This means the Airdyne provides a full body workout because of its design. The seats on Concept 2 also fail to impress many users because they are only adjustable upward or downward. Their unavailability to move the seat forward or back cuts a few people off.

Assembling, storing and moving this training equipment is made easier by the transport wheels built into the bike’s frame.

The design and build of the Airdyne bike serve greater purpose to the user compared to Concept 2. However, both bikes are equally stable, sturdy and durable.


Training programs for the Concept 2 bike are pre-set into the bike’s PM5 monitor. The user has the option to select from three different workouts provided fresh every day by the BikeErg technology. Depending on how much time you have, you can choose a workout training in the short, medium or long duration category.

The PM5 monitor will display your vitals in health and fitness helping to keep you motivated. Using the damper, you can appreciate the simulation of riding an outdoor bike because with every adjustment, it feels like a gear change.

Belt driven air resistance makes for a smooth and much quieter riding system than the chain mechanism found in the Airdyne model. For both bikes, however, the resistance is automatically regulated by the user’s exertion of energy and tension.

With Airdyne, the LCD screen allows you to select from 9 different and customizable pre-installed workout programs. Just like the BikeErg, you will get a report of your vitals on the screen. To get a heart reading, however, you need a Bluetooth or wireless enabled heart rate strap to pair with the bike.

Concept 2 have the cut-out clutch as an added advantage over the Airdyne. This clutch helps the user break the cycling motion while still allowing the fanned wheel to keep revolving until it cools down.

Getting off the bike is a prime concern for most fitness enthusiasts so for the BikeErg to provide that, puts them just slightly above the rest.

Concept 2 bike focuses on adding features and benefits to the air resistance cycling workouts of the BikeErg but the Airdyne provides a more cross fit type of fitness that is all rounded.

Concept 2 vs Airdyne – A Comparison Overview

Concept 2 – Overview

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Made of a steel and aluminum metal making the equipment both sturdy and light in weight. The frame is fitted with transport wheels which are great for moving the piece around and for easier storage.

The pedals provided are standard and may be changed if need be. Gear change simulation on the bike is achieved by use of the Concept 2 trademark damper which regulates how much air gets through the fan.

A little tweaking can change your terrain from an uphill climb to a slight slope going downhill. This variety makes the bike ideal for trainees of all ages and experience levels.

Because the BikeErg uses the belt drive system, its noise generation while in use is greatly minimized and this also does mean that it requires little to no maintenance to keep running.

For comfort and convenience of the rider, a clutch system cuts off the pedals while allowing the fan to keep going as it cools off from intense cycling.

Seats on the BikeErg are comfortable and 2-way adjustable while the handlebars are multi-grip and adjustable in all ways possible. If you would like to customize your bike, the seats and pedals are removable.

This bike will preview your workout statistics on the PM5 monitor with details such as your pace, watts, cadence and calories burned. To get a reading on your heart rate, you should buy and pair a wireless heart strap with the bike.

This information is transferable via USB to a computer or other external device.


  • Durable bike
  • PM5 monitor
  • Adjustable handles, seats and pedals
  • Damper resistance
  • Back powder coat finishing


  • Seat not adjustable forward or backward
  • Seat not quite comfortable for most

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Airdyne– Overview

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Airdyne bike allows you to select from 9 workout programs automatically using the LCD screen. The types of training available could be either interval workouts, riding with a goal or target like time, calories or distance or training for heart rate monitoring.

This is the only Airdyne bike with a powder coating finish and it gives riders maximum customizing options such as moving the seat upward, forward, backward and downwards. This bike uniquely has a set of movable handlebars which introduces arms, back and shoulders to the overall workout.

There are footrests built into the design to allow for you to focus on upper body workouts and take a break from cycling. Pedals on theAirdyne have textured surfaces and straps are adjustable to secure any size foot.

Resistance is infinite on the Airdyne bike and the equipment matches your energy with every revolution or handle bar movement. The harder you push the bike, the more challenging the workout gets. This makes it a great trainer for all level of trainees.

To get a reading of your heart rate, buy a compatible wireless chest strap to pair with the bike. It takes up limited space in the house and it requires no power cords to work because the console uses two AA batteries.


  • 4-way adjustable seat
  • Movable multi-grip arms
  • Infinite air resistance
  • Wireless heart rate receiver
  • Low maintenance


  • Low-tech monitor
  • Uncomfortable seat

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Verdict: Which bike between Concept 2 and Airdyne is the Best Air Bike?

Concept 2 does bring to the table great benefits like the use of damper for a real bike simulation and the provision of a cut-out clutch but these don’t make it as awesome as the Ardyne bikes.

With Airdyne you get both upper and lower body workouts, tons of customizable workout options with your 4-way adjustable seats, and infinite and effectively challenging air resistance.