Critical Cycles Beaumont City Bike 7-speed Review: Finally You Can Ride With A Dress On

Are you tired of swinging your leg over to mount your bike? Our Critical Cycles Beaumont City Bike 7-speed review has a solution for that!
As a lady, I love cycling around my neighborhood to blow steam. What I have always struggled with is having to wear pants to be able to ride my bike. Sometimes I want to ride to the city in a dress without having to clutch the hem of my dress. I am aware of the step-thru bike options on the market. I could not get a bike that fit my budget. As fate would have it, I stumbled on an online review video of a Critical Cycles Beaumont 7-speed bike. This bike stood out for me and once I got it, I immediately loved it.
Critical Cycles Lady’s Beaumont Commuter Bike

A Critical Cycles Beaumont bike is for the lady who is prudent and elegant. This bike lets you wear your favorite dress and still be decent when riding. You are always in an upright position when riding which promotes back comfort. The Beaumont bike comes with a reliable braking system. It gives you more control when riding in straight lines or making sharp corners at high speed. This is the perfect bike for a lady commuting the city or enjoying the countryside.
Critical Cycles Beaumont city bike features a high-tensile steel frame. The frame is hand built and tig-welded to boost the bike’s performance. High tensile steel is very tough and durable. It prolongs the shelf-life of the Beaumont bike. A lifetime warranty on the steel frame and fork allows you to ride without limitations.
This frame features a classic step-thru design. It comes with a low cross-bar making it easy to get on and off the bike. Beaumont bike by Critical Cycles also has a low stand-over height. This allows you to keep both feet on the ground when the bike is stationary.
This bike features a raised handlebar promoting an upright riding position. The handles are small and curve towards the lady rider for a comfortable grip. The brake levers are close as well for convenient braking. This bike includes a bell which is handy when biking through busy streets.
Critical Cycles Beaumont 7-speed city bike comes with a Shimano derailleur. RevoShift grip shifters work in hand with the high-grade derailleur. This facilitates precision, control, and speed. You will enjoy the smooth and faster transitions of the gears as you cruise or dash about. Shimano drivetrains are durable and need minimal maintenance.
This bike comes with front and rear alloy brakes for added control of your bike. You can count on these brakes even when cruising at top speeds.
Thick tires are durable and protect the inner tubing from damage. This Beaumont lady bike has Wanda 700x35c tires. They are thick to provide reliable grip and boost shock absorption. As you change speeds, you feel the bike grip the road assuring you of total control.
Ladies can get this bike in two sizes. The smallest size is a 38cm which is ideal for women of small or medium height. For taller elegant ladies, you can get this bike in 44cm which suits medium and large heights. Feel free to adjust the saddle further to suit your exact size.
Critical Cycles Beaumont bike comes in four colors. To celebrate your feminine self, you can buy this bike in Coral which gives hints of. For some sophistication, get it in all black. Two other colors for the ladies include cream and turquoise. For the girl who is both a rider and nature-lover, this bike is available in Olive.
A bike designed for ladies must include a purse holder. The Critical Cycles Beaumont bike comes with a back carrier where your bag goes. The carrier features a tough metal construction to hold your bag in place even when speeding.

  • Tough durable frame
  • Step-through for convenience
  • Affordable


  • Handlebar could be cleaner


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If you are a lady who loves a retro-style bike, a Critical Cycles Beaumont bike is for you. it boasts of a high-tensile steel frame which is tough and durable. Front and rear brakes make it easy to stop when you need to. An inbuilt bell alerts pedestrians and motorists of your presence. An adjustable saddle accommodates your height. A raised handlebar ensures you ride in a comfortable upright position.
This Critical Cycles Beaumont City Bike 7-Speed review is for the lady looking for a retro-style cycle with great performance. For the gentleman, consider a Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond City Bike.