Critical Cycles Folding Bike: No Space is Too Small to Fit This Bike

If you want a bike that fits in that tiny space in your garage. Get a Critical Cycle Judd bike. In this Critical Cycles Folding Bike review, we also tell you why this small bike fits all riders.
A bicycle is a convenient mode of transport. I get to from point A to B fast and I even get my legs exercised while at it. The only problem I face with bikes is how bulky they are. Storage is quite an issue especially if you own a 60cm racer as I do. You also have to be careful where you chain your bike while out and about. Not forgetting that a bike is not worthy of a vehicle parking lot. I thought my problems would never end until I bumped into a Critical Cycles folding the bike. This bike actually fits in my office corner next to my plants.
Critical Cycles Judd Folding Bike

A lot of people struggle with finding a suitable place to store their bikes. If you live in a tiny apartment, your bike takes up a lot of storage space. When out and about, you need a designated parking slot for bikes. If not, your other option is chaining the bike to a post and hope no one steals it. A Critical Cycles Judd bike solves all these problems by being foldable.
This bike also comes with most of the features you will find in a professional racer bike.
Critical Cycles Judd bike features an aluminum frame. The bike company settled on Aluminum because it is lightweight and foldable. The Judd bike is 30% lighter than bikes made from steel or chrome alloy. You can carry this bike up a flight of stairs and not break a sweat. If you want to put it away, fold it and hang it on a wall hook.
Critical Cycles Judd bike folds at three areas. The head tube has a latch to release it and fold the handlebar downwards towards the tire. A second latch is on the down tube which unlocks to fold the bicycle by half. The pedals also fold inwards reducing the bulkiness of the bike. This allows you to store your bike without taking up much space in your home or office.
Unique Brakes
Critical Cycles Judd bike comes with coaster bikes. It eliminates the need to have brake cables running through the crossbar to the handlebar. The absence of brake wires not only gives this bike a clean look but also makes it foldable.
Quality Tires
A bike with big tires requires less effort to pedal and also moves faster. Judd folding bike has 20 inch Kenda Kwest tires which are big enough for less pedaling effort. Thick tires absorb shock better and protect the inner tubing from damage.
Critical Cycles Judd bike is a one-speed commuter bike. It is perfect for getting from point A to Be with less effort. A single-speed drivetrain allows you to feel the bikes performance as you pedal. Reinforced with coaster brakes, controlling the bicycle is easy. Whether you are cruising or cycling at top speeds, you are always in control.
This bicycle does not come in any size because it fits all heights. You can adjust or tilt the handlebar’s height to suit your riding position. The saddle is adjustable as well to complement handlebar height. Whether you are 4 feet tall or 6 feet 5 inches, this bicycle is comfortable to ride. Critical Cycles designed the saddle with UrbanComfort technology. This ensures the saddle remains comfortable as you cruise around the city.
This bike comes in 11 different colors. You can buy it in matte black, matte eggshell, matte graphite with orange, or matte orange. The bike is also available in matte pine, matte saffron, matte sage green, and matte teal. The remaining colors are matte white, retrospect matte black, and retrospect matte teal.

  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Durable and lightweight frame
  • Great color variety


  • Not everyone’s taste
  • No speed variation


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If you are looking for a bike that is convenient to commute in and store, get yourself a Critical Cycles Judd bike. It has a durable lightweight frame that is foldable. The tires are thick enough to withstand impact and need less pedaling to move. You can carry this bike up a few stairs and store in the tiniest of spaces. This bike may not travel long distances but it makes your urban commute less of a hassle.