Critical Cycles Harper Review- A Safe Ride for the Whole Family

Ever wished you could own a bike that you, your wife, and kids could ride? In this Critical Cycles Harper review, we look at the top features that make this cycle a smooth and reliable ride.
A fun weekend for me is spending quality time with family. We have this ritual where we ride through the local park to enjoy the fresh air and spot some marmots and badgers. I did not know how hectic it can be to order suitable rides for my whole family. Either the bike itself was too big for my son or the saddle was too uncomfortable for my wife. I needed a one-size-fits-all solution which is how I bumped into the Critical Cycles Harper 1 speed bike. I can tell you that this was a huge deal breaker for me because of the top tier features it came with. The best part, I have not heard anyone complain about their bike again.
Critical Cycles Harper Bike

Buying bikes for your whole family can be a pain. Take it for me, it does not have to be once you choose to buy a Critical Cycles Harper. It is chic, lightweight, and handles well whether it is on gravel, dirt road, or tarmac. This bike is available in several colors which is a plus if you have a family. Then there are accessories it comes with to do quick fixes and general maintenance where need be. I could go on and on but let us dive into the main features of this bike that were a deal breaker for me.
Handcrafted Sturdy Frame
Critical Cycles harper bike boasts of a high-tensile steel diamond frame. The frame is well-spaced to prevent overlaps while encouraging bar-spin clearance. Critical Cycles handpicked all the components and tig-welded them together to produce this top-tier bike.
One-Speed Bike
The Critical Cycles Harper bike is a one-speed cycle which is ideal for a family that loves to ride. Unless you are a pro-rider, you do not have to worry about shifting gears all the time. You will also appreciate how easy it is to maintain a one-speed bike.
This bicycle has a flip-flop hub that allows you to switch between single speed and fixed gear. You can turn this cycle into a commuter or mountain bike by fiddling with the hub. You do not have to worry about horizontal dropouts when switching to single-speed.
Unique Handlebars
Critical Cycles Harper cycle has riser handlebars which improve the bicycle’s handling ability. You can adjust the handlebars to suit your preferred taste or and to accommodate a medical condition, like back problems, when riding. Riser handlebars allow you to pull your weight back to give more lift to the front wheel. This is handy when doing wheelies and bar-spins.
Comes in Various Colors
This Critical Cycles bike comes in four main colors. These are graphite and orange, matte black, black & white, and sage green. You may add your own color accents as well to give the bike a more personalized look. If you wish, you may customize the color of your wheels or throw in some LED lighting as well.
Sizes for the Whole Family
Buy the Critical Cycles Harper bike in four main sizes. They are extra small (43cm), Small (49cm), Medium (53cm), and Extra Large (60). You can adjust the seat and handlebars to suit your body size.
Tough and Durable Tires
Critical Cycles harper tires measure 700x32c. They are puncture resistant making them easy to maintain. The tires are shock absorbent as well to cushion against bumpy rides when riding through a forest or gravel paths.
Other Accessories
Critical Cycles will give you a free toolbox to build and maintain your bicycle. This to me was a plus because I can carry a few tools with me for those quick fix-ups while in the forest. I also find some of the spanners handy in fixing other items at home.

  • Strong durable frame
  • Puncture resistant tires
  • Available in different sizes and color


  • Only available as a one-speed bike


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Critical Cycles harper is a bike made for the whole family and one you will enjoy for years. It is easy to control given it is only a one-speed. You will also love the option of switching between a fixed gear and one-speed owing to the integrated flip flop hub. Whether you are riding to work or cutting through hilly roads, this bike offers the smoothest ride.
This Critical Cycles harpers review highlights all the important features that make this bike a worthy buy. For anyone who would want to vary the speeds on their bike, Critical Cycles has several options. You may consider a Critical Cycle 3-Speed City Coaster or a Critical Cycles 7-speed Hybrid bike.