Critical Cycles Helmet Bird Review: The Helmet That Handles All its Business

Have you always wanted a multi-purpose helmet? in this Critical helmet bird review, we tell you why a bird helmet suits all riding occasions.
It is hard to find a helmet that does everything for an avid rider like me. Riding a speed bike with a motorcycle helmet is forgivable. Riding a scooter with a speed bike helmet is totally out of place. I chose not to give up and continue searching for a versatile helmet with top tier performance. This helmet must feature a tough outer case but still lightweight. Since l like being anonymous in the streets, the helmet should have subtle colors too. I carried on with the search until I discovered a bird helmet by critical cycles. This particular helmet ticked all the right boxes.
Critical Helmet Bird

A good helmet features a tough construction that keeps the head protected. This means that the materials used to make the helmet should be able to reinforce the safety of that helmet. Quality helmets are breathable to ensure your head stays cool while riding. The helmet should also come in various sizes to suit different head forms. Find a Critical bird helmet you can wear to any riding occasion. It could be a speed-bike, moped, or quad-bike.
Here is what you should expect on your critical cycles bird helmet.



Critical Cycles bird helmet features a tough design for reliable head protection. The outer casing boasts of a fortified ABS construction. Critical Cycles molded this casing with EPS foam. EPS is a form of hi-tensile cellular plastic that is unbreakable but also lightweight. Critical Cycles bird helmet also boasts of a classic design you will love. It is the sort of helmet to wear in a Polo competition and not have to remove it when riding your scooter home.
One other advantage of this helmet’s design is how streamlined it is. The helmet has a smooth curvy design that ensures you face minimal wind resistance. This allows you to ride faster and better as a cyclist.


This helmet has over 10 flow vents that help in air circulation inside the helmet. Your head remains cool even when riding in hot weather. Critical Cycles bird helmet also has inner padding for sweat management. This padding is removable and interchangeable to ensure the helmet fits.


You can wear this helmet to any riding occasion. Whether it is a horse, bike, or motorcycle, this helmet definitely delivers. The helmet is tough to cushion your head against nasty bumps when you fall off a horse or have an accident on the road.


Critical Cycles bird helmet comes in three sizes. The small version will fit head sizes between 51cm and 55cm. The medium helmet version is ideal for head sizes between 55cm and 59cm. The large helmet size suits riders with a head circumference falling between 59cm and 63cm. This helmet comes with adjustable straps you can use to make it fit your head better.
This helmet is perfect for the whole family. Your kid can wear the small helmet while cruising on the balance bike. You could also wear one during your daily commutes to work.


For the ladies, this helmet comes in a pristine matte barely pink color. Men would love the matte wood grain and matte graphite colors. Other unisex colors include matte slate, matte white, and matte sky blue.

Certified for Safety

The material used in crafting this helmet comes with CPSC certification for safety. The helmet absorbs shock energy during heavy impact and the EPS plastic remains undamaged. This assures you of full protection and zero concussions in case you have an accident.

  • Certified with Safety Standards
  • Tough, durable and lightweight
  • Variety of colors
  • Suits all head sizes


  • No LED backlight


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Critical Cycles helmet bird is perfect for the whole family that loves to ride. The helmet features a tough EPS construction that absorbs shock for total protection. This helmet comes in various sizes and includes adjusting straps to make it fit better. You can buy the Critical Cycles helmet bird in a variety of colors for the whole family. Whether you are on a bike or a motorcycle, this helmet works fine.
There is only one drawback in this Critical cycles helmet bird. This helmet has no LED backlight which would have been great for night riding. If you wish to buy an LED backlight helmet form the same company, consider a Critical Cycles Silas Helmet.