Critical Cycles Parker Review: A Bike That is Unapologetically Retro

Retro-style bikes are in fashion and it’s about time you got one. In our Critical Cycles Parker review, we give you the features to look forward to in a retro Fixie.
From fashion to the automotive industry, the love for retro is evident. I have friends who are into vintage cars. For me, my buzz is in retro bicycles. Riding a vintage bike is not only a journey down memory lane, but it is also a taste of the bike’s performance. What I love about retro-style bikes is they still perform like urban top-tier bikes. Bike makers changed a few components under the hood like drive-train and brake system. The rest is all a blast in the past, especially on my Critical Cycles parker bike. It is a great bike for anyone wanting to glimpse into the past while holding on the present.

Critical Cycles Step-thru Parker Bike

There are many great things to expect from a Critical Cycles Parker bike. The handlebar is high enough allowing you to ride in an upright position. The frame is step-thru style so getting on and off the bike is not a problem. The saddle is wide and comfortable while the handlebar has a good grip. One more thing to appreciate is how inexpensive this retro-bike is.

Here are the main features to expect in a Critical Cycles Parker bike.



Bikes from the 18th century featured a lightweight frame. The Critical Cycles Parker bike carries the same tempo. it comes with a high-tensile steel frame that is tough and durable. The frame’s crossbar has a step-thru design. This makes it easy to get on and off your bike at will. Though a step-thru design makes the bike look compact, it is actually quite spaced. There is enough room for barspins and zero chances of toe overlap.

Saddle and Handlebar

Back in the day, bikes were all about the comfort of riding as opposed to speed. This retro-bike echoes this by having an UrbanComfort saddle and handlebar. The saddle boasts of quality leather and is wide for comfortable sitting. The handlebar also spots leather grips which make steering a breeze. The handlebar has a mustache design which boosts handling and riding comfort.


This retro-bike features a single-speed drivetrain. A single-speed cog is ideal if you want more control of your bike. It gives the best riding experience when cruising through cities or neighborhoods. It is easy to slow down on a single-speed cog compared to a free-wheel one.


Critical Cycles Parker bike comes with KT coaster brakes. This eliminates the need for brake cables running through the crossbar. You only have to brake with your feet while coasting to bring your bike to a halt. It is also easy to stop a one-speed bike with coaster brakes than it is a 7-speed.

Durable Wheels

Both wheels have a 32-spoke set up with 30mm Deep-v rims. On these rims sits 700x32c grade tires which are thick and tough. This wheel setup facilitates a comfortable riding experience for the rider. Thick tires absorb shock better and protect the inner tube from damage. You will love how smooth it is to pedal the bike thanks to the 30mm wide rims.


Critical Cycles Parker bike comes in three sizes. The smallest of the three is a 44cm which is ideal for people with a medium height of 5 feet. The medium size is a 53cm which suits heights of 5 feet 7inches. The large size is a 57cm which suits a rider who is 6 feet taller. It is possible to adjust the saddle and handlebar so that the bike suits your unique height.


You can buy the Critical Cycles Parker bike in three main colors. They are ice blue, black, and white. Keep the checking the bike maker’s website for an update on frame colors.

  • Strong, lightweight and durable frame
  • Thick high-performance tires
  • Retro-style frame


  • Available as one-speed only

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A Critical Cycles Parker bike suits both urban and country life. This bike comes with elegant retro vibes and a host of modern features to boost its performance. The raised handlebar ensures you ride in a comfortable upright position. The seat boasts of quality of leather which adds to the comfort of riding the bike. The single-speed cog gives you more control while riding the bike.
We hope this Critical Cycles Parker review has been helpful. If you wish to own a Parker bike with none of the retro touches, consider a Critical Cycles Parker City bike.