Critical Cycles Review: Why A Fixie is Worth Your Money

It is possible to buy a budget bike that comes with top tier features. A Critical Cycles bike is not only affordable but packs all the features you will love. Discover all the possible features from our Critical Cycles review.
As a pro-rider, the quality and durability of my bike are of utmost importance. Before I understood this, I was going for cheaper bikes that had lots of issues. If it was not the cheap build of the bike it was the below standard performance. I was never utilizing my full potential when riding. When I got the chance to test a Critical Cycles bike, I had a whole new experience. I felt the performance of the bike, especially when riding on a fixed gear. The saddle felt comfortable and the handlebar reachable. The frame was sturdy and the wheels high performance. I went out and got myself a Critical Cycles fixie as well.
Critical Cycles Bike

A lot of people are afraid of buying high-performance bikes because of the perceived high cost. Regardless of price, high-performance bikes have more advantages over low-performance ones. They have a sturdy frame built of durable and lightweight material. They feature quality tires that ensure peak performance even under stress. Buying a high-performance bike like Critical Cycles is an investment that will last for years.
Few bike companies manufacture their products from high-quality material. Critical Cycles bike features a hand-built steel frame that is tough and durable. The crossbar is long enough to ensure there is enough space between pedals and front tire. It makes it possible to perform a bar-spins with this bike. You also enjoy your daily rides without the worry of toe overlaps.
Handlebar Design
Critical Cycles bike features a riser handlebar design. It makes riding comfortable because you are always in an upright position. Critical Cycles bike frames come in various colors. You can buy your bike frame in red, white, matte black, or in a combination of colors.
Critical Cycles bike comes with a flip-flop hub. This hub allows you to change the bike’s riding mode from fixed-gear to freewheel. In fixed-gear, you are able to feel the performance of the bike with every turn of the pedal. Braking is easier in fixed gear as well.
In freewheel mode, you will enjoy cruising around with this bike. You do not need a lot of effort when pedaling. This lets you enjoy the bike’s riding experience especially. This bike comes with rear brakes to stop the bike when you need to.
The saddle color matches the handlebar grips and the bike’s rims. Critical Cycles saddle is wide to ensure you sit comfortably when riding. This saddle adjusts upwards or downwards to vary the sitting height.
Critical Cycles bike features premium Wanda tires. These tires are thick enough to absorb shock and protect the inner tubing. You can do wheelies or bar spins on these tires with ease. The Deep-V double rims are durable and low maintenance. These rims also perform well with flip-flop hubs. Switching between fixie and freewheel will not be a problem.
This bike is available in three sizes. The small size is 49cm, the medium size 53cm, and the large size 57cm. The adjustable handlebar and saddle make it possible to resize the bike further. This makes it possible to adjust the bike to suit your particular height.
Other Accessories
This bike comes half assembled for your convenience. A toolbox comes with the bike to help you complete the assembly. This toolbox is also handy when fixing minor issues on your bike.
You can also use the tools provided to add your own accessories to the bike. For example, you can add a backlight for night riding. You may also add a carrier for those days you are going out shopping. Another great accessory is installing a water bottle carrier to store your chilled drink when riding in hot weather.

  • Strong durable steel frame
  • Stylish design
  • High-performance tires and rims


  • Some components are faulty


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A Critical Cycles bike can last you years of enjoyable riding. The frame is sturdy and lightweight which makes bike handling a breeze. The handlebar allows for an upright position when riding. Paired with the urban comfort saddle, this bike makes cruising or bike training enjoyable. Feel free to share this Critical Cycles review with your friends.