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If you need a bike that you can ride with ease, check out the Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser. Though most users ride it along the beach, you can use also use it on the streets. Find out more from the cruiser bike reviews.
Though I love my big body, I try to remain physically active for the sake of my health. I love cycling but getting a bike that is designed for people like me can be hard. It took me years searching for a bike that could sustain my weight without problems. Most of the bikes I bought were okay by they could not carry me without issues such as the rims bending or the frame bowing after riding for a while. Such challenges left me frustrated, and I almost gave up. Purchasing urban man beach cruiser was the best decision I made.

Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bike

Firmstrong is a company that is known for designing affordable and high-quality bikes. The company has been in business for more than ten years now. They concentrate on combining functionality and style to help you enjoy the adventurous experience from their bikes. They also use high-quality components while maintaining affordable prices to cater to the needs of different customers.
Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bike is ideal for short distance commute. You can spend time with your friends cycling around the neighborhood using this bike. Unlike other brands, urban man beach cruiser does not have complicated systems or cables hanging off your bike. It is a simple to use a bike that offers a consistent speed during cruising.



Urban man lets you enjoy smooth riding thanks to the different gear options such as 3-speed and 7 speed Shimano hub. It also features 21 speeds for you to maintain a comfortable pace. The speeds fulfill the needs of different riders. It provides a smooth operation making it ideal for riders learning how to pedal.


The bike also comes with rear coaster brakes to help you remain in control especially when you are speeding. With these brakes, you don’t have to keep on adjusting your bike. You can quickly stop your bike when you approach pedestrians on the road. They brakes prevent you from accidents or injuring other people using the road.

Tires and seat

Unlike most bikes that have small and uncomfortable seats, urban man beach cruiser has an oversized chair which contains coil springs to absorb vibration and shock when you approach bumps on the road. They ensure that your ride is soft and comfortable. The wide tires also make the bike easy to navigate across different surfaces with ease.


Urban man is a bike that is simple yet modern. It is not plain looking but includes simple colors to suit your style. The bike is available in different colors for you to choose one according to your taste. It also comes with the Firmstrong logo.


The handlebars of this bike are made from synthetic leather to give you a secure and comfortable grip. You can hold on to the bars for long without developing any blisters on the hands.
This light-weight bike prevents you from using a lot of energy when riding. The weight also makes it ideal for big riders. It allows you to maintain a good sitting position while riding eliminating fatigue on your back and shoulders. It also provides sufficient room for your knees so that you don’t have to keep on knocking your handlebars. You can adjust its height to increase its comfort level.

  • The seat remains comfortable even after riding for long
  • High-quality components
  • It is pocket-friendly


  • The wide handles make the bike a bit bulky
  • Some users have a hard time navigating this bike through doors

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Firmstrong urban man beach cruiser bike not only looks nice but it also performs well. You also don’t waste time assembling this bike. Check out cruiser bike reviews to learn more about it.
If you are not contented with this bike, you can look at other cruiser bikes such as Kent Rockvale cruiser bike or Kulana Men’s Hiku cruiser bike. They are all affordable cruiser bikes that provide a smooth riding experience.