Cruiser vs Mountain bike – which one best suits you?

Cruiser bikes are more laid back and are suitable for people of all age groups. Mountain bikes, on the other hand, are suited for the more rugged terrain and are suitable for people who are certainly not faint of heart. Come with me, and let’s dissect these two bikes in this detailed Cruiser vs Mountain bike tussle.
Cruiser bikes are the big daddies of all other bikes you see around. They have been around for years and have passed the test of time to secure their place in the industry. My grandparents each owned a cruiser when I was a kid.
The smooth curves, vibrant colors and suave movements made me want to own one when I grew up. Now that I am all grown up, I am perplexed by how much variety there is. It’s safe to say that my adventurous nature has kept me from realizing my dream of owning a cruiser bike.
I mean why spend money to buy a cruiser bike when I have two lying in wait in my garage. Yes, I eventually convinced my grandparents, ‘Pawpaw’ and ‘Mimaw’ to let me inherit their beloved two-wheelers which I must say do not look a day old.
This is why I sought to have my own mountain bike just to have some variety at hand when I wanted to ride long distance on rough roads. In this Cruiser vs Mountain bike review, I will tell what I know about these two.

Cruiser bikes
Mountain Bikes
Casual smooth rides
Rugged dirt road rides
Frame material
Carbon fiber
Coaster brakes
Disk brakes

Cruiser vs Mountain bikes comparison
Uses and purposes
Cruiser bikes are meant for slow casual rides down the beach, on pet rides down the street or to the park for a picnic. This is the bike you use when you are in a calm mood and looking to relax. It is designed to give you maximum comfort with the simplest controls.
When you are looking to blow off some steam, the mountain bike is the antidote you are looking for, it is rough, it is strong and it can do almost anything for you. From climbing up the hill or going down a meandering gravel road, place anything before this beauty and the memory will be etched in your mind forever.
Frame material
Built to provide better support the cruiser bike is easily distinguishable from other bikes thanks to its unique frame. This bike has an elegantly curved main frame with a second smaller frame right below it. The frames are made of steel material which makes these bikes incredibly stable but also much heavier than other bikes.
Mountain bikes alternatively come with one straight frame that’s made out of carbon material. Carbon material is very light and also very strong. When riding on a rough road, you need a bike that does not drain you or weigh you down. A mountain bike is light, built to withstand a great amount of shock and to glide through rough roads.
Wheels or tires
Known for their statement wheels, Cruiser bikes have the thickest tires. Seeing as many who ride this bike do it less for fitness but more for pleasure. Any bike should be stable and strong enough to support the rider. And nothing does a better job of support than the good old 24 Inch to 35 Inch tires with minimal tread. These tires are versatile enough to move seamlessly on paved, sandy or muddy roads.
Mountain bikes also have wide tires but not as wide as the tires of a cruiser bike. Tires here are meant to guarantee enough support but simultaneously keep the bikes overall weight at a bare minimum. These I8 inch to 30 Inch tires have good tread to help the bike grip the ground and move forward in rough terrain and adverse weather.
Handlebar design
Sitting while riding a cruiser bike can be compared to sitting on your dining room chair. Nothing spells relaxing more than a handlebar high up to your chest. An extended upright metal rod links the actual handlebar from the mainframe. The handlebar itself features curved handles protruding towards the rider in a sort of semi-circle shape.
Mountain bike handlebars are straight/horizontal and are located at the same level or slightly lower level than the saddle. This forces the rider to bend further forward which is an accommodating feature considering your position riding uphill, downhill or when using faster speeds.
Most riders have heard about coaster brakes but very few know how they work. This type of brakes is as simple as brakes come. To stop or slow down the bike, you simply turn the pedals backward. Most single gear cruiser bikes are designed with coaster brakes. Other modern, multi-geared cruiser bikes may feature one or two handbrakes.
Mountain bikes are mainly designed to use disc brakes to slow or stop the bike. Disc brakes which are modern, more effective and triggered when your hands press the hand brake on the handlebar. The act by pressing on the wheel.
Cruiser vs Mountain bike short reviews
Cruiser bike review
Designed to keep your bike in a comfortable friendly posture, cruiser bike prove true to their title to make you feel fresh and impressed throughout. Of its many attractive qualities, you will find a unique wide sized saddle. Notice that you’ll be spending most of your time riding while seated. It helps a lot to know that you won’t get out of there barely feeling your legs but rather ride on and on for hours without feeling any type of fatigue.

  • High handlebars for improved posture and comfort
  • The frame is made of strong durable material
  • They come with wide, thick tires meant to guarantee maximum stability.


  • This bike is only limited to paved roads and short, relaxing, around the street rides as opposed to rough dirt road rides.


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Mountain bike review
A beauty in its own right, mountain bikes are enchanting, to say the least. From top-notch design, lightweight frame material and the most intricate controls, what’s not to love about this bike? Separating it from the rest, mountain bikes come with a wide variety of gears, and hand brakes among numerous other features. With wide wheels and lots of traction, this bike can take you anywhere you want irrespective of what kind of road it is.

  • Frame made of strong, lightweight carbon fiber material
  • It is designed with efficient, effective and reliable disc brakes
  • Ideal for rough road rides


  • Most riders especially beginners would feel a significant level of discomfort adapting to this bike’s bent riding position.


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For my love of the woods, the mountainous outdoors and amazing efficiency, a mountain bike is the best choice and a winner in this review. Cruiser bikes are great for the more laid back, calm riders who are in no hurry to get to their destination and do not mind taking their time to experience the ride. This cruiser vs Mountain bikes review is all the information you will need to make an informed decision when considering purchasing a bike.