Cruzee vs Strider Pro – what’s the difference?

Each waking day brings with it a new bike brand or an improvement of a bike brand that was there before. There’s no better demonstration of this than with the all-new Strider Pro bike. Here, is a Cruzee vs Strider Pro detailed comparison.
Seeing little kids riding their miniature bikes is always a sight to behold. They look so cute. Now that I am a parent to the three most adorable children, I can confidently say that I am loving every second of it. At least now when I say I am a teacher, I am not lying.
Bike riding is like going to school, you learn or see something new each day. I impart tricks that I have used while riding to teach my kids how to take care of their bikes, how to stay safe on the roads and so much more.
Contrary to popular belief, children do know what they want. Before, I was this over controlling parent who wanted to tell my kids what to do about everything. As they grow up they have become more independent and made it crystal clear that my help was not needed, at least not so much.
I got a taste of this independence streak when they each chose their own bikes and could hear none of it when I suggested that maybe they should take a look at more bikes just to see if they’re sure of their bike choice. In the long run, we left with two different bikes that I have come to learn so much about. Here’s what I can say about the bikes in this Cruzee vs Strider Pro face off.

Strider Pro
Anodized Aluminum

Cruzee vs Strider Pro detailed comparison
Buying a balance bike for your child, contrary to what many perceive is actually a long term investment. The lessons they learn on how to balance and maneuver a bike they will continue to use throughout their lives. This is why you should find a bike made of strong durable material to help support your little one’s learning process right from the start.
The Cruzee balance bike is made of Anodized Aluminum that is incredibly light. The strider pro balance bike is alternatively made of durable all Aluminum that is ideal for a young child’s bike.
For a small child, a lightweight bike is equal to convenience and high performance. Can you imagine riding a bike that you couldn’t lift or one that took all of your strength to push forward? Well, this is what may forever discourage a toddler from riding. It’s a good thing that the Cruzee bike and the Strider Pro bike are very light balance bikes that have seen children enormously enjoy riding.
Cruzee weighs only 4.4lbs. and its counterpart weighs 5.6lbs. Both bikes are easy to control even for small-bodied riders. If you want your kid to increase their confidence, then one of these two balance bikes is sure to do the trick.
Your child is able to ride both of these balance bikes comfortably from the age of 18 months and just as comfortably by the time he or she is 5 years old. This is all thanks to the ability to be able to adjust various parts of this bike to grow with the child.
The Cruzee balance bike is designed with wide handlebars with the softest grips and a wide seat that helps keep the bike balanced and centered at all times. What’s more, you can adjust the seat higher or lower to go with your child’s height as they progress.
The Strider Pro balance bike has a wide seat that adjusts from a minimum of 12 inches up to a maximum of 20 inches. A unique adjustment feature is that the handlebar can also be adjusted higher for the comfort of your kid. Make all these adjustments, with so much ease and without needing tools.
With foam tires, this Cruzee balance bike will never go flat. The good thing about these tires is that they move easily on different terrain and need very little maintenance.
Strider Pro tires are made of plastic polymer which further contributes to the weightless theme of this bike. They will never deflate and are great shock absorbers in the event the bike hits something hard.
Cruzee vs Strider pro review, what you need to know
Cruzee balance bike review
A balance bike takes a lot of fear out of the equation when a toddler is learning how to ride. I mean the little guy just recovered from the uncertainties of having to walk without holding on to mommy or daddy. The Cruzee balance bike is the lightest weight bike in the market that not only makes bike riding seem like a walk in the park but gets your baby learning fast.
Built proportionate to the toddler’s body, there will be no incidents where your child gets hurt or injured by accidentally scraping their ankles on pedals or protruding bolts. Everything about this bike shows sheer dedication towards supporting a child’s entry into the active world of bike riding.

  • Weighs 4.4lbs.
  • Made of ultra-lightweight, rust free Anodized Aluminum
  • Designed to facilitate adjustability to suit the child from 18 months up to 5 years


  • Children whose weight goes beyond 60lbs. but are within the designated ages of 18 months to 5 years may find this bike too light and unsupportive.


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Strider Pro review
Strider pro bikes are a favorite among little starter riders. Just goes to show that even little kids have a sense of style. What stands out on this bike is its bright grey aluminum finish that makes it right for your child whether it’s a girl or a boy. It has a footrest that’s located strategically right below the seat where the child can place their legs if the bike is going at a fast pace.
The fact that it is made of durable aluminum tells you that this bike is not only a one time wonder in your home. It will be five years before your kid outgrows this bike and even then, it will still be in the superb conditions to be used by another child.

  • Made of durable aluminum material
  • Comes in plastic polymer tires that need very little maintenance and don’t deflate
  • Has an adjustable seat and handlebars


  • This bike may weigh slightly more than the Cruzee bike which may be a drawback for most kids


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It all begins when the child learns how to crawl, soon after they begin to walk, then to run. I consider bike riding an important milestone that should be crossed by all children soon after they are able to run. A balance bike is a great place to start because the child is always in control. This allows the child to slowly get comfortable with different speeds as time progresses. This Cruzee vs Strider Pro review proves that these two are great bikes but the Cruzee lightweight nature and enhanced durability is all it takes to get me to take it home with me.