Cyclecast vs Peloton

Exercising takes a lot from you and for most of us, we need an encouraging voice in our mind that challenges us to push harder. With the home gym trend catching on fast, training apps such as those provided by Cyclecast and Peloton make a whole difference. But which one of the two spinning classes makes for a better pick?

I had just got laid off from my job last winter when I got curious about the spinning bike that I had bought a few summers ago promising myself that I’d jump on it the first chance I got. Since it had been a while I wanted to check what was the current trend and what I was possibly missing out on.

That’s how I came across these spinning apps and after much debate I came down to two awesome alternatives. Seeing as I knew nothing much about the apps, I consulted a friend of mine who is also a gym trainer to help me tell apart these two programs.

If you have an electronically compatible bike and you need some training programs to keep you excited to train, well, look no further because one of these two could be your exact fit.

Key differences between Cyclecast and Peloton

Cycling, Jogging, Meditation, Yoga, Stretching, Cardio
Shortest 20 minutes
Shortest 10 minutes
Heart Rate Monitor
Compatible with ANT+
Any Device
Only on Smart Tv

Cyclecast vs Peloton – How they differ

Program Variety

Cyclecast offers its users 36 different training programs with sessions ranging from 20 to 40, and 60-minute workouts. They do provide you with on-demand instructors who you can select from depending on availability.

Peloton, on the other hand, gives its users 10,000 on-demand workout schedules and keeps adding to this archive on a daily basis. Within these schedules you will find more than just cycling classes.

Peloton has a leg up over Cyclecast in terms of variety because other than cycling classes, they also provide the user with nine other types of exercises like Meditation, Bootcamp and Outdoors training.


Cyclecast hails itself for having an app that is reliably plug and play and I can happily report that this is true in as so far as my experience goes. You can get the app connected and ready to go in a few minutes. it is integrated with fitness apps such as MyFitnessPal which help keep track of your training reports.

There is a FAQ section and a language guide within the app so be sure to check those out to know your way around. What’s really cool about the peloton app is that it tracks your workout history to make sure you do not repeat a program unless you want to.

While neither these apps come with a ready to go heart rate monitor, Peloton is compatible with the ANT+ type and Cyclecast prefer to focus on your energy exertion, your heart rate and revolutions per minute to guide your workout.

Unlike Cyclecast which is plug and play for most devices, you have to have an internet connected smart TV to be able to access the Peloton App on a different screen.


In my perspective, the Peloton trainers were a little bit over the edge most times and not that I’m complaining because the app does help you shed off a lot of calories. The first red flag is the language these professional trainers use when giving instructions.

However, having tons of workout programs from renowned fitness coaches and other professionals such as dancers on-demand makes for a very interactive program.

Cyclecast tend to focus more on music and some instruction. Their music is really up beat and it definitely gets your blood pumping. Though I didn’t find as much variety as I did on Peloton, this app does have great and effective workouts.

Depending on your preference and drive in regards to fitness, both the Cyclecast and Peloton app can produce the expected weight loss results.

Cyclecast vs Peloton – A Comparison Overview

Cyclecast – Overview

Cyclecast vs Peloton

This app brings to your home lots of pumped-up music to get your body moving coupled with great workout coaches who get you moving in the right form.

The instructors are accessible on-demand and you can choose a workout session ranging anywhere from 20, 40 and 60-minutes long.

The ability to pair up with Apple and Android devices to give the option of live streaming at anytime and anywhere makes Cyclecast very accessible and easy to operate.

Through the use of carefully selected music, they ensure to bring the feeling and intensity of a real studio cycling session to your home workout routine.

Cyclecasttries to stay connected to their clients by encouraging a feedback note section where the virtual trainees can leave a message to raise any issue or concern.

Also, by pairing with apps such as MyFitnessPal, you will always have a record of your fitness training history.


  • Upbeat music and great coaches
  • Plug and Play App
  • Simulates a real cycling class
  • Customer support and follow-up
  • Variety of workout routines and schedules


  • Only provides cycling classes
  • Shortest class is 20 minutes long

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Peloton – Overview 

Peloton has tons of workout programs and every day they add to the archive. The app has a mechanism that suggests new workouts every time you want to train. It also gives you the free will to choose your trainer, workout type and time.

Other than cycling classes Peloton provides the user with other training techniques for more variety and to increase the individual’s engagement with the machine. Yoga, Meditation, Stretching Bootcamp, Running, Cycling, Outdoor jogging and Cardio are some of the other workout programs available.

Trainers on Peloton are persistent and relentless. You will need to acquaint yourself with the Peloton commonly used terms as well as their Frequently Asked section to work seamlessly with the app. Training sessions as short as 10 minutes are available with Peloton.

While the live streaming option of Peloton is limited to a smart TV, the app does well on its own and the user interface is welcoming and easy to manipulate.


  • Great instructors
  • 10-minute workouts available
  • Welcoming interface
  • Variety of workout programs
  • More than one type of class available


  • Use of special cycling terms
  • Cannot screen cast unless on smart TV

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Verdict: So, which is better, Cyclecastor Peloton?

While Cyclecast provides us with noble options and alternatives, Peloton goes a mile over to bring us a holistic workout program with new classes every day. You’ll enjoy getting on this machine to stretch out your calves and off it to reach for your higher self. Either way, the Peloton App has got your fitness goals covered.


What kind of bike do I need to get the most out of my Cyclecast routines?

To effectively use the Cyclecast app and attract its full benefits, you need to have a stationary bike with a weighted flywheel around 30 pounds in weight. If you cannot afford one, you can take the mobile training app with you to the gym.

Does the Peloton App have speakers?

Yes two 10-watt speakers are part of the Peloton app. If you wish to, you could opt to connect your headphones to the 3.5mm jack port. Also, important to note is that the Peloton bike is Bluetooth 4.0 enabled and your chosen wireless headsets could either be compatible or not.