Diamondback vs Specialized – Which performs better?

To compete in a city cycling race, you need the fastest, most capable bike you can find. So, which bike brand between Diamondback and Specialized manufacture the ideal racing option?

To attempt a cycling race, you need to be super athletic, and your chances of winning improve tremendously when you have a remarkable bike to ride you into victory.

My cousin, Glen, is currently training for his third racing event that is coming up in 4 months and the family conspired to treat him with a surprise bike.

I settled on two great options and thought it would be a useful reference to summarize their qualities to help guide the family’s decision.

What is the difference between Diamondback and Specialized?

Diamondback Century
Specialized Tarmac
S-Works Tarmac FACT 12 Carbon
Equation R
RovalRapide CLX
Shimano Claris STI
Kenda K196
Specialized Turbo Cotton
FSA Tempo Compact
SRAM Red AXS Power 48/35
Tektro R312 Dual Pivot Caliper
SRAM Red hydraulic disc

Diamondback vs Specialized – How they compare

Frame and Geometry

Diamondback features an aluminum alloy frame and fork inferior to Specialized Tarmac bikes whichhas a Performance Road Geometry.

Diamondback has a steel steerer frame guaranteeing durability and resilience. This makes it ideal for hard riding.

The frame is made into an ergonomic design that stands apart from the competition and provides a strain-free, comfortable ride. 

The frame of the Specialized bike is built to be lightweight using FACT 12R carbon giving the bike a total weight of 6.7kg. 

There are two models- SL7 Pro and Expert, that have been designed using FACT 10R carbon and ride on the Di2 Ultegra set which makes the frame heavier by 0.6kg and 1.05kg respectively.

This series offers users up to 8 different models for both men and women but SL7 tops the charts by combining a lightweight, super-effective bike with aerodynamics.

There are varied designs across the Specialized series and your bike dealer should be able to help you pick out the right fit for you.


DiamondbackKenda tires are inferior to the Specialized sports 26mm tires that have a great grip on terrains of varied kinds and in all-weather conditions giving riders cornering confidence. 

You can ride at high speeds on this racer without fear of punctures or any risk of losing control because the bike has good handling. 

The double-walled rims provide comfort to the rider and protect the tires from damage. They are responsible for the bike’s balance and stability, especially at high-speed races. 

The brakes are Dual Pivot Calipers which are quick acting and they respond accurately to your commands. They are responsible for bringing the bike to a sudden stop with no tire locking or squeaky noises. 

For Specialized, the Roval Rapid CLX wheels and Aerofly II bars are great improvements made to this bike which make it 45 seconds faster than its predecessor the SL6.

Specialized Tarmacalso uses Shimano 105 groupset in 50/34 chainrings. However, the configuration is done with 11-30t cassettes which gives it an excellent setup.

As you can tell, there won’t be much significance in their ride difference because both seem to use the same company for their drivetrains and setups that are almost similar.

Ride experience 

Diamondback promises a smooth riding experience with stable control which is more reassuring than theSpecialized Tarmac which feels very light and cuts through the air with its superb stiff frame.

Gear shifting is done using Shimano STI groupset and this allows you to climb the toughest hill as fast as possible. 

With the ergonomically designed frame, you should experience no aches or pains after the ride and because it is lightweight, handling and control should be a breeze.

Specialized Tarmac feels very light and cuts through the air with its superb stiff frame, integrated aesthetics, and the cool set of aero wheels on it. 

The Roval Rapid CLX wheels and Aerofly II bars are great improvements made to this bike. This makes the bike 45 seconds faster than its predecessor the SL6.

With the use of disc brakes, you remain in total control of the bike which adds to the feeling of efficiency and precision.

Designed as a complete race bike, it features an aggressive riding position with on-the-fly controls, quick response, and enough cushioning to protect the rider from the effects of any rough terrain.

Diamondback vs Specialized – A comparison Overview 

Diamondback Review

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Diamondback’s history dates back to 1977 in Washington, USA where it was founded as a BMX manufacturer.

They offer a variety of bikes from BMX to Triathlon for both male and female cyclists. A unique quality of Diamondback bikes is the occasional mixing of frames where wheels and frames of bikes can be interchanged to create diversity.

Their full Suspension mountain bike includes:

The release is built for aggressive ridge racers seeking thrill and is available in seven models.

Altroz which are tailored to the needs of a beginner and feature three different models to pick from.

There is also the adventure and gravel bike option in Diamondback represented by Haanjo and Haanjenn for men and women respectively.


  • Great geometry
  • Reliable brakes
  • Quality groupset


  • Handlebars could be better

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Specialized Review 

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Founded by Mike Sinyard, Specialized was initially a brand known for importing Italian made parts and selling them in the United States.

They made their mark in the industry with the introduction of brands such as Specialized Allez road bike, Stumpjumper mountain bike, and Sequoia touring bike back in 1981.

The Specialized collection has everything ranging from aero road bikes to mountain bikes with full-suspension.

Specialized Tarmac is built to be a road race bike, it puts the rider in an aggressive riding position that offers quick handling and lightweight properties that are perfect for climbing and comfortable responsiveness.

It caters to both women and men and the cockpit, seatstays, forks, and Seatpost have been optimized to create more stiffness in the rear end.

Specialized Roubaix provides a future shock front suspension that guarantees rider’s comfort and an adjustable 20mm of travel. The Seatpost is D-shaped to reduce vibrations and increase aerodynamic capabilities that breeze over cobblestones.


  • Compact bike
  • Quality parts


  • Tires limited in winter

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Verdict: So, which is better – Diamondback or Specialized?

The best racing option has got to be the Specialized bike range. This bike offers great speeds, control and maneuvers bend impressively. Did I mention how comfortable the saddle is?

While Diamondback also does well, it really doesn’t match up to Specialized features or benefits. I’d recommend the two bikes to lovers of a race but if you must win, go with the Specialized.


Can I take the Diamondback race bike off-road?

Although a race bike can be taken off-road, it is not advisable to do so. This bike is built for the road and it is there where it performs exceptionally so taking it off the road is not ideal or encouraged. 

Is there any terrain I shouldn’t ride my Specialized Tarmac on?

Not at all. This bike is made for racing and competitions so regardless of the weather or terrain, you should be able to hop on it and show your mates how it’s done!