Echelon Ex3 vs. Echelon Ex5- Which is the best for your home workouts?

From all the sleek workout machines you can choose from, Echelon Ex3 and Echelon Ex5 are among the top contenders. Which then in the series is the best?

Keeping track of your health and weight can be a hustle. Sometimes there is just not time to go to the gym and other times you might just be feeling lazy. Do you know what you need? An indoor cycling bike that you can use at home for workout routines can have you back on your fitness journey in no time.

With the Echelon bike series, you get a whole load of quality bike options that you can use at the gym and at home. They come with interactive training and online classes to keep you hooked to your workouts. Because you probably would not need the both of them, here is how to pick the best for you.

What are the key differences between the Echelon Ex3 and Echelon Ex5?

Echelon Ex3
Echelon Ex5
44â€L x 12â€W x 33â€H
54â€L x 20â€W x 33â€H
Product weight
Heavy duty steel
Heavy duty steel
Drive system
33lb flywheel and 32 resistance levels
28lbs flywheel and 32 resistance levels
Maximum user capacity

Echelon Ex3 vs. Echelon Ex5- How do they differ?


First, the Echelon Ex3 has a heavier flywheel than the Ex5. This means it definitely offers a smoother and more quite ride. While they both have the flywheel at the rear to protect them from damaging sweat, the Ex3 shines through.

As for the performance you are bound to get, they both offer 32 levels of resistance that can be easily adjusted using the knobs on the handlebars. Here, the Ex5 is better as it has a new motor which makes it easier to flick through the levels of resistance. The handlebars of Ex5 are also aero making it more comfortable to use over long periods. To add, with Ex3 you can only adjust the seat vertically and horizontally while in the Ex5 there is a 6 lever style adjustment.

Echelon EX5 is easier and more comfortable to use with its adjustable seat and handlebars.


Echelon Ex3 weighs 105lbs when fully assembled and has an impressive maximum capacity of 300lbs. Echelon Ex5, on the other hand weighs 112lbs and has the same high weight capacity as the Ex3.

They also both have front mounted wheels which help with moving them around. Other accessories include the diverse aluminum coated pedals, adjustable toe cages and water bottle holders as well. As for their downers, they do not have a console but have a tablet holder on the handlebars.

Both of these bikes have heavy-duty steel frames which are stable and durable enough to last you quite a while.


Echelon Ex3 and Echelon Ex5 are delights for the tech-savvy. With both bikes, you can sync them with the Echelon app in order to keep track of your workouts. The app also has a boat load of preloaded programs you can choose from. In case you want to follow through with your own classes, these bikes come with tablet holders.

One technological difference with these bikes is that the Ex5 has a built-in USB charging port which is not found in the ex3.

The Ex5 has newer and improved versions of the Echelon app as well as other tech-specs.

Echelon Ex3 vs. Echelon Ex5 – A Comparison Overview

Echelon Ex3– Overview

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Echelon Ex3 is a quality bike jammed with many impressive features. First, it has the flywheel fitted at the rear end of the bike in order to prevent it from damaging sweat unlike most exercise bikes. The 33lb flywheel is heavy enough to offer a smooth and quite ride. The frame is also durable and robust but still easy to move with the fixed transportation wheels on it.

Secondly, you get 32 different levels of magnetic resistance which can be flicked through. Assembling this bike is also as easy with following through the user friendly manual.

To access the very many workouts you get with this bike, you will need to download and sync the app to the bike in order for it to work. Once up, it will keep track of your fitness stats like calories, speed and distance you are doing. The only downer is that you have to pay a monthly fee for subscription to this app. To add, Ex3 has a tablet holder on the handlebar which you can use for other workouts like Pilates or yoga. Also, you can connect the bike to Google maps as it offers you a scenic ride giving you the feel of being outdoors.

One of its imperfections is that the display console is not as high-tech as with newer models.


  • Adjustable comfortable seat
  • Offers you scenic rides
  • Heavy duty steel frame


  • The app is a must to keep track of stats


Echelon Ex5 – Overview

Echelon Ex3 vs. Echelon Ex5

Echelon Ex5 also boasts of quality features. First, the flywheel is 28lb and fixed at the rear end to protect it from sweat damage. It also offers 32 different levels of resistance that can be easily flicked through with the indexing resistance adjustment knob.

As for its design, the Ex5 is comfortable and has an easily adjustable seat that can be tweaked to suit you. The frame is made of heavy duty steel making it durable and the handlebars are made of aero adding to their comfort.

Thirdly, the Ex5 has the latest features like an adjustable tablet holder and two water bottles. The pedals are also diverse and sturdy enough to handle a lot of different workouts.

Like all other exercise bikes, Ex5 is not without its imperfections. For instance, it has limited functionality especially because you have to connect it to the app to maximize your workouts. You also need to pay a monthly subscription fee to access the preloaded workout routines.


  • Comfortable and has an adjustable seat
  • Echelon app offers interactive training
  • Frame is durable and sturdy


  • No console available


Conclusion: So which is better – Echelon Ex3 or Echelon Ex5?

Both these exercise bikes have their good and bad features. You could say they are formidable rivals. However, when it comes down to it, the Ex5 is the better option.

It has introduced a new motor for adjusting the different levels of resistance making it all the easier to use. Also, once it is connected with the echelon app you get access to countless interactive training sessions. What else would you need?


Can I use the Echelon bike without connecting to the app?

Yes you can use it without connecting to the app but you will be limiting the functionality. With the app, you can join many online classes as well as track your fitness stats in real time. However, you can still use the tablet holder to have your own console for all these.

Which kind of pedals does the Ex3 have?

One of the biggest selling points of the Ex3 is the quality pedals it is fitted with. They are fully adjustable and made of aluminum for high intensity workouts. The pedals also has toe cages which help you decide on which style you want to ride during you session.