Echelon EX5S vs Peloton – Which bike has more benefits?

 Interactive training at home is fast becoming the in-thing and manufacturing companies are creating new bikes every day to fulfill their clients’ wildest dreams.

Peloton has long been the monopoly in terms of interactive bike training but there is now heated competition in the industry because everyone wants a piece of that pie.

All my life I have been an ardent cyclist and while growing up, most of the bikes available were road or mountain bikes. Nowadays, the options from indoor to outdoor bikes have multiplied beyond my imagination.

It has then become important for me to understand the differences that set on bike apart from another seeing as they all look and work the same. Maybe this review could help you settle on your next bike.

What are the key differences between Echelon EX5S and Peloton?

Bike Model
Echelon EX5S
Toe-cage design- sports shoes
Clip-in design – cycling shoes
29 pounds
30 pounds
Magnetic with 32 levels
Magnetic with up to 100 levels
Weight Supported
300 lbs
297 lbs
Training App
Echelon Fit
21.5-inch HD
22-inch LED
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Echelon EX5S vs Peloton – How do they compare?

Quality Experience

Similar to the Peloton, Echelon EX5S features a 21.5-inch screen that displays your vital information and gives you a clear picture of the training programs and on-demand live streaming classes. While, with Peloton’s 22-inch, you are able to screen cast this display to another device. Echelon doesn’t provide you that luxury.

A cool factor about Echelon’s screen is its ability to flip to a 180 degree which allows you to get off the bike and make use of the other training workouts provided like yoga, pilates and weight training with the dumbbells.

Echelons ability to flip the screen to 180 degrees gives it a leg up over the Peloton which you can’t even swivel.


Handle bars on the Echelon can be adjusted along the frame by forward or backward motion to make room for various body proportions and provide varying levels of comfort. This is possible on the Peloton as well.

The seats on the Echelon are wider than the Peloton which have been built to resemble race bike seats. If these seats don’t fulfill your comfort goals, you can always swap them out for more padded options.

The pedals on the Echelon feature a toe-cage option and a clip-in option when flipped. This makes it convenient for you to use your normal gym shoes and if you have a pair of cycling shoes, you can try them on the bike as well.

The Peloton requires special cycling shoes because the system provided in the pedals is SPD compatible only. Otherwise, to use a regular sport shoe, you need to buy new pedals and swap them out.

The versatility of Echelon’s pedals is what makes it better in build than the Peloton which requires special training shoes.


Echelon’s 29-pound flywheel is run by magnetic currents that provide a smooth and quiet yet powerful riding experience. The resistance can be adjusted effortlessly with the knob that is placed right below the monitor or screen.

There are up to 32 levels of resistance for you to choose from to keep giving yourself new and exciting challenges. There is a feature that allows you to take a ride simulating an outdoor cycle in virtual fashion.

Peloton’s 30-pound flywheel also operated by magnetic resistance has up to 24 levels of resistance and this can be adjusted by use of a knob as well. Both bikes can hold two water bottles and they have the provision of dumbbell holds though the Peloton requires you to buy your own dumbbells.

While the Peloton offers 24 levels of resistance, the Echelon bumps this up to 32 levels giving riders a wider range of possible adjustments.

Echelon EX5S vs Peloton – A Comparison Overview

Echelon EX5S – Overview

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This bike rides on a magnetic resistance mechanism to push a 29-pound flywheel with 32 levels of adjustable resistance. To make resistance adjustments, use the knob provided that is easy to operate and easily accessible mid-training.

it is built on a sturdy steel frame with a sophisticated design finish and powder coated.  This frame holds up a 6-inch lever style adjustable seat built with as much comfort as is found on race bikes.

Pedals are both compatible with SPD shoes and they are designed to flip over to the other side which is fitted with toe cages to secure any size footing. To track your performance, vitals and progress in training, you must connect the bike’s Echelon App to your mobile phone to see that information.

Handlebars on the EX5S use the Aero system which allows for more movement for enhanced comfort and performance. A device mount is featured as well as water bottle holder just underneath for quicker access mid-training.

Unique to the EX5S is its provision of a touchscreen holder that can swivel 180 degrees and is filled with more workouts other than cycling. By getting of the bike and flipping the screen, you can proceed to try out other workout techniques such as yoga meditation and Zumba.

The speakers are inbuilt but they are not compatible with your device to play any of your favorite music. The 21.5-inch touchscreen of Echelon only works if you are under subscription and cannot stream any other material other than from the Echelon Fit program.


  • 180 degrees flip touchscreen
  • Durable steel frame build
  • Compact and transportable
  • Magnetic resistance with 32 adjustable levels
  • 29-pound flywheel
  • Handlebars of Aero system provide great movement
  • Statics visible while training even without subscription
  • Pedals are SPD compatible and fully adjustable


  • Limited Functions with the Echelon Fit subscriptions
  • No other apps are compatible other than Echelon Fit

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Peloton – Overview

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This bike has a sleek steel frame and it carries a 32-pound flywheel. This wheel runs on magnetic resistance with 100 levels to adjust to. This adjustment is done manually or through the touchscreen but because of the wide range, it may be hard to feel a difference or even quickly adjust your settings mid training.

Handlebars are soft but a little too thin though they do give a comfortable cushioning with their stacked design that differs to the single-bar construction of the NordicTrack S22i.

The pedals on this bike may be problematic and present an extra cost to anyone who does not already own a pair of cycling shoes because they use the clip-in mechanism. This is ideal because with a securely locked in footing, you can then pull up in the cycling motion much easier which is great for glutes and hamstrings.

Unfortunately, the Peloton bike is fixed and does not move meaning there is no chance to incline or decline the bike for a more exciting cycling experience.


  • Ergonomic handlebars
  • Light in weight
  • Comfortable seat
  • Engaging App with live classes
  • Can sync with Bluetooth


  • Adjustment knob not accurate
  • No incline or decline
  • Adjustments done manually
  • Doesn’t give you weights
  • Needs new training shoes with 3 cleats or Replace pedals
  • Need to buy a heart rate monitor which has a problem pairing

Verdict: So, which between Echelon EX5S and Peloton has more benefits?

The outright winner is the Echelon EX5S. based on the number of versatile things you can do on this bike, there is no chance the Peloton can outdo it. The ability to flip the screen and use it off the bike to spice up your training with pre-programmed training sessions like Yoga, Pilates, Zumba among others is priceless.