Echelon Vs Peloton – Which One Outshines the Other

When it comes to live workouts, Peloton is probably the first name that comes to mind. Echelon has done a good job at giving Peloton a run for their money, but have they been able to match up to the much coveted, luxury product?

Hi, my name is Drew. I am a part time gym instructor. I have always looked at Peloton bikes and salivated over them because I simply can’t afford one. Now with the Echelon EX-5S in the market, I was surprised to find that it offers pretty much everything Peloton offers but with a significantly lower price tag. It is great to have an affordable option but I am still curious. What exactly does the Peloton have which the Echelon doesn’t?

Here is a detailed Echelon vs Peloton comparison to show you the differences and confirm that you do, at the end of the day, get what you pay for.

What Are The Differences Between Echelon and Peloton?

Echelon EX-5S
48 inches X 24 inches
54 inches X 20 inches
21.5 inch touchscreen ( can swivel)
22 inch touchscreen ( cant swivel)
Both clip-in and toe-cage system
Clip-in system only
32 levels – magnetic system
Gradual resistance system

Echelon Vs Peloton. How Do They Compare?


Both bikes have a magnetic resistance system which is controlled using a knob.

The Echelon has 32 resistance levels which are stepped so you can feel it when you shift from one level to another. The Peloton has 100 resistance levels which are fluid so you can hardly feel it when you switch from one level to another.

The 32 levels in the Echelon are more than enough for typical users so it doesn’t make much of a difference whether there are more levels to choose from or not. For the few seasoned or professional riders using these indoor bikes, the extra levels to choose from offered by the Peloton give users unending challenge even as their fitness levels increase.

Ability to smoothly transition from one level to another does matter as many users want to transition seamlessly.

The Peloton stands out because it offers more resistance levels and lets you transition smoothly from one to the other.


Both these bikes come with a touchscreen monitor. The Echelon bike has a 21.5 inch screen and the Peloton bike has a 22 inch screen. For users who are not too concerned about size, this half-inch difference is neither here nor there.

The more significant difference when it comes to monitors is their flexibility. The Echelon bike’s monitor can be flipped down to 180 degrees. This makes it possible for you to use the screen both on and off the bike. Ability to flip all the way has been a major complaint raised about the Peloton monitor which cannot flip far enough for a user to be able to view it when on the floor. This makes it difficult to use the Peloton’s screen when doing floor exercises or yoga.

The Echelon is preferred because it allows you to turn the screen far enough for it to be visible when you are on the floor. This makes it ideal for floor exercises like yoga.


Different bikes have different pedal systems and it is these systems which determine which kinds of shoes you can or cannot use on the bike.

The Peloton bike comes with Look Delta clip-in pedals. You need a pair of compatible cycling shoes to be able to use the bike. Although Peloton offers these shoes for sale, so you can buy yourself a pair as you are buying the bike, they do come at a fairly steep cost.

The Echelon EX-5S pedals have both SPD cleats and toe cages. This gives you the option to use cycling shoes which are SPD compatible or regular sneakers which fit firmly into the toe cages. The toe cages are also adjustable to fit an individual user wearing different kinds of shoes at different times as well as to cater for multiple users on the same bike.

Despite the associated cost, clip-in pedals give you the advantage of a more efficient workout. With your foot clipped in you generate power when you push down on the pedal like with any other pedals but also generate power when you pull up. It places more demand on your leg muscles therefore giving you a more efficient workout.

It is human nature to desire options. The Echelon is a more attractive option for people who want to have the option to wear cycling shoes or sneakers.

Echelon Vs Peloton –  A Comparison Overview

Echelon Overview

Echelon Overview

The Echelon EX-5S is the manufacturer’s most advanced connected bike. It is the product of progressive improvements in various models such as the EX1, EX 3 and EX 5. It is a durable, steel framed bike with a 13 kilogram flywheel.

This flywheel is responsible for smooth and quiet riding so you can use the bike in the middle of your living room without disturbing other members of your household with loud whirring noise. It has 32 resistance levels which give you more than ample options to choose from when you want to make your workout more or less challenging.

Another notable feature in resistance is a new kind of motor which gives more precise magnetic resistance which can be adjusted using an indexing resistance adjustment knob.

Like top spin bike manufacturers, this Echelon bike offers daily live workouts which are accessed when you pay a monthly subscription fee.

The handlebars feature a competition system which provides for fore and aft adjustment. They are multi-position bars which allow for diversified training.

If you are taller than average, you may want to make sure that you can fit comfortably in this bike before making a purchase. It can take users ranging between 4 ft. 10 inches and 6ft. 5 inches.

One major downside of Echelon’sEX-5S is that it doesn’t come with any built-in programming. As long as you are up to date on your monthly subscriptions, you can always access live workouts from Echelon’s studio. In the event that you are not paid up, the screen is more or less useless.

Many users have complained about software glitches such as app crashes and problems with Bluetooth connectivity.


  • Daily live workouts
  • Clip-in and cage pedals
  • Competition aero handlebars
  • Dual water bottle holders
  • Upgraded motor
  • Has a dumbbell rack ( holds 2)


  • Glitches inconnection and app crashes
  • No built-in programming
  • Unsuitable for very tall users
  • Restocking fee charged on returns

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Peloton Overview

Echelon Overview

The Peloton spin bike does boast of superior quality in terms of the physical equipment. It is has a welded steel frame with powder coating to give it a durable finish. Magnetic resistance makes sure the bike is exceptionally quiet during use. Both handlebars and seat are adjustable to ensure you get the perfect fit for your height and frame.

Itis built to accommodate users of just about any height. It can take users from 4 ft. 11 inches to 6 ft. 5 inches. The weight limit is 305 pounds.

Despite undeniable superior quality in its physical aspects, what makes Peloton stand out in the market is their live workout sessions which are broadcast daily from their studio in the heart of New York.

The company promises at least 14 live sessions every day with professional instructors who are also reputable names in the industry. You can choose sessions to suit you based on length, intensity and even the kind of music you have in the background. You can even opt to stick to your favorite instructor for all your workouts.

There are 2 10-watt speakers which can get loud enough to fill the room when you want full motivation. If there are other people in the room, you can make use of the headphone jack which then allows you to have the instructor’s voice blaring in your ears without disturbing anyone else in the room.

All these are available as long as you are paid up on the monthly subscription fee and this is where the bike’s disadvantage comes in. If you don’t keep up with the monthly subscription fees, you lose out on a large part of what makes the bike superior.


  • Strong sturdy steel frame
  • Daily live workouts
  • Reputable, professional instructors
  • Magnetic resistance system
  • 2 powerful speakers and a headphone jack


  • Price point is relatively high
  • Cant swivel screen
  • Heavily dependent on subscription fees

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Echelon and Peloton bikes are quite similar. Both are high quality spin bikes and both target a tech savvy audience looking for live, daily motivation. You can get at least 14 live workoutsessions from both companies and Bluetooth connectivity is available with both bikes.

Verdict: So Which Is Better, Echelon or Peloton?

Peloton came into the market before Echelon. Many consumers say Echelon’s EX- 5S model was developed with the sole purpose of competing with Peloton, thus giving it similar features but at a lower price point.

Echelon offers some advantages such as pedal system options and a more flexible screen but these are seen as minor inconveniences compared to its downsides such as software crashes and Bluetooth connectivity problems.

It is clear that there is a place for industry experience which Peloton has gathered over its time in the market. Echelon still struggles to compare to Peloton. If cost is not a concern for you, Peloton remains the better option.


Can I use the Echelon bike without the app?

You can use the bike for a regular workout like you would on a simple indoor bike but you don’t get the real Echelon experience. Your statistics and other information cannot be read and recorded. 

I have two Peloton bikes at two houses, do I need separate subscriptions?

You can use a single subscription for two different bikes as long as they will never be logged on at the same time.