Firmstrong bike reviews-Make every moment count

Strengthen your legs and keep fit by choosing a strong and durable bike. Firmstrong urban lady is a comfortable and affordable bike. To learn more, go through our Firmstrong bike reviews before purchasing it.
I am an old lady who has recently retired. Having worked for so many years, I was not enjoying retirement since I was not used to staying idle. I spent days thinking about my tender years. Though I was lonely, I wanted to feel active and alive again. I remembered how much I loved cycling and decided to get a good bike. My fragile body left me with limited options since I needed a comfortable type. Since I bought Firmstrong urban lady bike, I have found a new purpose in life as I enjoy riding it everywhere.
Firmstrong urban lady bike
The reason why people are picking bikes over vehicles is due to their versatility, convenience, and price. Firmstrong is a company that understands the needs of such consumers. They offer high-quality bikes such as the urban lady model. The structure of the body can tell you that this is a bike designed specifically for ladies.
The bike combines prestige, comfort, and style. It is ideal for a lady trying to discover a new passion for cycling or rekindling an old one. You can ride this bike anywhere and use it for different purposes such as enjoying the evening sun on the beach, commuting to work or using it as a workout tool.
Unlike masculine brands, Firmstrong urban lady bike comes with a slim frame. The frame makes this bike light so that you don’t use a lot of energy while pedaling. It prevents you from exhaustion if you love cycling for hours. The frame’s size is 16 inches and the material used to make it is steel. It is a good quality material that makes your bike easy to maintain since it reduces the risk of rusting.
One feature that makes this bike quite comfortable is the inclusion of a large saddle. The manufacturer makes this feature large with extra padding. It ensures that you remain comfortable during your entire body. If you have body pains, you will still find this model comfortable to pedal. It prevents your body from inflammation.
Every woman looking for a bike pays attention to the design. It is a feature that makes bikes stand out from the rest. Firmstrong urban lady bike has a design that you cannot overlook. The bike offers you a wide range of colors for you to select according to your taste. It comes in more than 16 different colors.
The manufacturer uses Kenda tires which offers you a smooth ride. They provide a secure grip on different surfaces to enhance stability and eliminate issues such as skidding. The tires also reduce stress on your body since they don’t have a lot of weight.
Headset and seat
Firmstrong Urban Lady also comes with a strong headset or handle to give you maximum control over your bike. The handle makes steering a breeze and allows your hands to rest comfortably on it. Unlike masculine brands, the seat of this bike is a bit low to provide room for short ladies. It is also padded to increase comfort as you ride for long. It features a coil spring that absorbs vibration when you approach bumps or other raised grounds.

  • It is comfortable and enjoyable to ride
  • Has an elegant design
  • Comes with durable components


  • You may need to keep on adjusting the brakes
  • It can be challenging for beginners


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It is normal to look at the cost of a bike since it is a good investment. Most people assume that high priced bikes must be of good quality. Models such as Firmstrong urban lady bike defy this assumption since it is a good quality bike that is reasonably priced. It is a bike that caters to the needs of every lady. Purchase it today and enjoy the freedom that comes with cycling.
Feel free to check other models of the same brand such as Firmstrong Chief lady beach cruiser and Firmstrong Bella classic single speed. Do not hesitate to go through Firmstrong bike reviews to learn more about the bikes. It is a brand that can make a significant difference in a lady’s life.