Firmstrong Bruiser Review: The Secret to Riding on the Beach in Style

The best beach bicycle should be easy to handle leaving you to focus more on the serene coastline than the bike itself. As you will learn from this Firmstrong Bruiser review, a Bruiser bike gives you more control on the beach and so much more.
As an avid cyclist, I love tagging along my bike to explore nature because I can cover more ground. My favorite place to ride is always on the beach. The cool breeze coupled with gulls majestically gliding on the turquoise waters and the sun setting on the background does it for me. Anyone living in a coastal town and owns a bike knows how hard it is to ride on sand. If your cycle doesn’t have the right wheels and power, digging through the sandy beach will leave you sweaty and angry. I got online to search for a suitable beach bike and several browser tabs later, I finally landed on a Firmstrong Bruiser man beach cycle.
Firmstrong Bruiser Beach Bicycle
When shopping beach bikes for men, there are a few things you should look at. You want a beach bike made from a strong material that can handle stress in any situation; especially when riding in bumpy terrains. For a beach bike, you do not need a lot of speed because you only want to cruise and enjoy the serene coastline. You will need bigger tires for better grip and a functional braking system for safety. Since it’s a bike meant for cruising on the beach, you want it to look chic and also spot that bold design loved by men.
The Firmstrong Bruiser beach bicycle comes with all these features to ensure riding on the beach is nothing short of a breeze.
Modern Design
A great beach bike should feature a stylish and still manly design. Firmstrong Bruiser beach bicycle sports a curved frame with a thick top tube design. The frame is 19inches longer to create enough space between the rider and the handlebars. This extended design ensures the arms stretched out when holding the handles. It facilitates a comfortable riding experience.
The Firmstrong bruiser beach bike comes in a variety of colors. You can get yours in matte black or matte black with green, red, yellow and orange accents. Other color options include matte army green, matte grey, yellow, and white.
Strong Frame
This 26-inch man beach bike features a stainless steel frame which makes the bike sturdy and durable. Whether you are five foot four or 6 feet in height, this bike is the right size for you. You cruise with it through the city on a busy Monday or take it to the beach on a lazy weekend afternoon. You enjoy a comfortable riding experience no matter the terrain you are in.
Designed for Comfort
The Firmstrong Bruiser comes with balloon tires to cushion against bumpy rides. The bike’s seat is large to provide a wider seating area. It also features dual springs for added comfort when tearing through the wavy dunes of the coast. Firmstrong bruiser features wide handlebars with leather over the handles for a firmer grip.
Best speed for cruising
This bike comes as a one-speed ideal for a smooth cruise on the beach. For the avid cyclist who loves the thrill of switching gears, you can get this bike as a -speed and 7-speed as well. The one-speed option averages a speed of 15 MPH on the higher end. It also features rear coaster brakes for convenient stopping.
The 3 and 7-speed options can average top speeds of 20MPH and 30MPH respectively. These bike options also feature front brakes for added safety.

  • Strong steel frame
  • Comfortable seat
  • Relatively affordable


  • Faulty components
  • Weak tire spokes


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Firmstrong Bruiser is a beach bike made for the gentleman who likes to take time off and enjoy the beach. The bike is fairly priced and packs a plethora of features to ensure you have memorable cycling experiences. A steel frame ensures this bike is durable, can take on your weight, and handle smoothly in any terrain.
Firmstrong designed this bike to ride smoothly so you focus more on the breathtaking marine scenery around you. You can also compare this Firmstrong bruiser review with other Firmstrong bike models like Urban Man Alloy single speed or the Urban man beach cruiser.