Firstbike vs Strider – what you need to know

It can be hard trying to balance between finding a high-quality balance bike while simultaneously sticking to an average budget. In this Firstbike vs Strider review, I show you why you should prioritize high quality and value over money.
I want that one! I heard my daughter yell in her sharp voice which she knows always gets my attention. I looked and she was pointing at a colorful bright pink balance bike. She had earlier expressed interest in learning how to ride a bike.
This did not come at a surprise but what was a definite shock was how much at only 3 years old she knew about the bike she wanted. At some point, I stopped asking the questions and let her do the talking.
True to her inquisitive nature, there’s not a single bike she didn’t want to know about that day. She tried half of all the bikes in the shop and finally settled on the bike that made us get inside the shop in the first place.
Having trained my other kids how to use the Strider balance bike I was excited to do it all over again with my youngest only this time it was a Firsbike balance bike. Soon I was able to notice significant differences in these two balance bikes.
Here’s my take in this Firstbike vs strider showdown;

7.7 lbs.
6.7 lbs.
Seat height
Fiberglass and Nylon

Firstbike vs Strider detailed comparison
Despite weighing much heavier, Firstbike has got all the features you are looking for in a balance bike. Its German design is meant to limit falling accidents and to enhance your child’s comfort at all times. This Bike weighs 7.7 lbs. against Strider’s 6.7 lbs.
Some may argue that it is better for a bike to weigh more because this is an indication that it can take advantage of the force of gravity to balance better. Others may say that a bike should weigh less to reduce strain on the child when riding and to make it easier for the child to carry their own bike. I say that it all narrows down to preference and the child’s own weight.
Fiberglass is a long-lasting, lightweight material used to make Firstbike balance bikes. It does not easily succumb to external factors like weather and humidity and exposure to sunlight. The Firstbike frame is designed beautifully to distribute weight and keep the child balanced even without a footrest.
Strider is made of durable lightweight steel material. When new, the steel is covered with paint but as the bike gets scratches or when the paint chips off, the strider bike frame is exposed and is bound to rust.
Seat height
Buying your child a bike after every growth spurt can be a cumbersome and financially stressful experience. A better alternative would be to find a bike that you can easily adjust to accommodate your child’s height as the years go by. This is where height seat comes in.
Both Firstbike and Strider Balance bikes have adjustable seats. Firstrider comes with a seat whose minimum height is 12 inches which is the same minimum height for the Strider Bike.
On one hand, we have Firstbike balance bike that comes with air-filled tires. The good thing about such tires is that they are good at absorbing shock. These tires also make the kid feel like he or she is riding a real bike. They have good traction which makes this bike suitable for riding on any surface smooth or rough.
Strider balance bike is designed with foam tires which are favored more for their durability. They hardly ever need to be replaced even after prolonged use, they are resistant to punctures and are very light. This bike is better suited for riding on indoor surfaces and smooth concrete or pavements outdoors.
Firstbike vs Strider in-depth review
Firstbike review

After riding for a prolonged period, you often need to align the seat to keep it centered and the bike balanced. With Firstbike, you do not have to worry about all this. This bike is designed to automatically realign itself irrespective of how long you kid rides the bike or how many times it crashes.
What’s more, the seat is conveniently designed to mimic a horse saddle for more comfort. It comes with an effective safety stop brake that gently stops the bike when the child wants to slow down or get off the bike. Even better, it comes with a sticker sheet covering with reflective features on strategic areas. This makes sure the child remains visible to you and to other road users when there’s limited lighting.

  • Sticker sheet reflector for enhanced visibility
  • Air filled tires for a realistic feel
  • Made of ultra-lightweight fiberglass material


  • This balance bike has all the right features but it is priced significantly higher than other bikes in the same category


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Strider review

Strider is a uniquely designed balance bike that all children want to have. It is designed to give your child optimum comfort while riding. It is just the right height even for a two-year-old child. The narrow handlebars are ideal for supporting little hands and the plastic seat is the right shape and size but has no padding.
Strider is made of strong durable steel material that can withstand numerous crashes. It comes with a convenient footrest that is very discreet all while serving its purposes. This Bike’s foam tires are ideal for all kinds of surfaces. They are resistant against punctures and do not deflate.

  • Strong durable steel material
  • Puncture proof foam tires
  • Adjustable seat


  • Foam tires are good but for smoother surfaces but owing to poor traction they fall short when riding on dirt roads.


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I am the type of parent who refuses to compromise on quality even if it means going slightly over-budget. I had a list of all the qualities I would want my child’s balance bike to have. This is what led me to choose Firstbike as my ideal balance bike. No, because Strider is a bad bike per se, in fact, it is a good bike if you are working on a budget.
But Firsbike had all the qualities I look for in a kid’s bike with even more qualities to offer. This Firstbike vs Strider review dives deep into how the two bikes differ and explain why I got to take home my daughter’s first ever bike.