Fuji Feather Review: A Bike That Does Everything Except Your Laundry

If you are looking for an all-rounded bike, look no further than a Fuji Feather. This bike is not only lightweight but also boasts of top-tier features we will reveal in this Fuji Feather review.
I am a professed lover of Japanese race bikes known as Keirin. I always tune in to the Olympics Keirin races and cannot wait for 2020. My love for Keirin speed bikes inspired me to buy one for myself. The problem is there are few options on the market when it comes to Keirin cycles, or so I thought. A fellow biking enthusiast pointed me to a Fuji Feather single-speed bike. I was skeptical because no single-speed can stand in the way of the Olympics Keirin giants. When I did the research, I was actually amazed. The Fuji Feather bike not only spots a Keirin-style frame it is also built to perform like a Japanese race bike.
Fuji Feather Single-Speed Bike
The aerodynamic design of a Fuji Feather bike appeals to any race bike lover. The bike’s frame boasts of high-grade metal construction. Fuji Feather bike saddle and handlebar feature a design that encourages the rider to lean forward while riding. It ensures the rider and bike are in sync when cruising at top speeds. This bike comes in vibrant colors and can switch between free-wheel and fixie at will.
This bike’s frame spots Chromoly Elios 2 steel which makes it super-light. The use of Chromoly steel also makes this bicycle strong enough to withstand the harshest of riding conditions. Chromoly forks provide reliable control of your bike. You can cut through crowded streets or urban jungles with ease.
Interchangeable Drivetrain
Fuji Feather bike has a flip-flop hub that allows you to change the drivetrain. The bike comes as a single-speed fixed gear which is great for giving you more control. You can feel the power of the bike as you pedal and steer on terrains. If you are getting back into riding, after a long hiatus, the fixed-gear is for you.
There are days when you want to cruise through town enjoying yourself. In such times you will need the free-wheel capability of a Fuji Feather. You do not have to put a lot of effort steering your bicycle which lets you focus more on the joy of riding.
Whether you like a free-wheel or a fixie, a Fuji Feather gives you the best of both worlds. It makes an excellent single-speed
commuter bike
on weekdays and a lovable urban utility bike on weekends.
Fuji Feather handlebar features a track-style design that contributes to the bike’s aerodynamics. When you are on the saddle, you lower yourself to reach the handles. This position keeps you streamlined and is favorable when reaching top speeds.
This bike has Vittoria Zaffior 700x25c grade tires. The tires are thick enough to absorb impact energy when riding in harsh conditions. Tough Vera Corsa rims also add to the tire’s ability to endure rigorous riding.
Keirin bikes rarely come with braking systems. This is because riders use them for speeding around an Olympic race track. For your Fuji Feather bike, you have alloy brakes that help bring the bike to a halt. The braking system is dual pivoted for added tenacity.
Fuji feather bike is available in 6 sizes. The smaller bike versions include XS and S which are 49cm and 52cm. The medium and large sizes are 54cm and 56cm. Finally, the larger versions of a Fuji feather bike are 58cm (XL) and 61cm (XXL). You can adjust the saddle and handlebar to suit your size better.
Fuji Feather bike comes in four colors. You can buy it in black, navy, red, or white. The frame carries the main color while other components have a varying color. When the frame is navy, the wheels are black while both saddle and handlebar are brown.

  • Strong and lightweight frame
  • Interchangeable drivetrain
  • Track-style design


  • Only available as single-speed


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A Fuji Feather is the bike you own when you want comfort and speed while riding. The interchangeable drivetrain allows you to switch between commuter and cruise bike easily. A lightweight body makes it easy to handle the bike even at top speeds. A Fuji feather bike may not sort your laundry for you but it sure can get you to the laundromat faster.
Through our findings on this Fuji Feather review, we vote this bike as ideal for urban life. You may also compare this bike with other bikes from Fuji like the Fuji Declaration and Fuji Regis.