Giant Cypress DX Review

It is said that scars represent a life well-lived. Of course, we might not all agree with such sentiments, but the statement is an accurate depiction of my life. The truth is that I spent a huge chunk of my childhood preteen, teen, and early 20s riding bikes.

And yes, I’ve tried numerous stunts I now know I shouldn’t have, and you know what, I am glad I made all those otherwise stupid decisions because I’ve come to love and appreciate bike riding more than other outdoor activities. I might have won a few cycling races over the years, and now in my late 20s, there’s nothing that my family and I enjoy more than cycling.

Cycling is more than an activity to help you get in shape, it is the perfect opportunity for friends and family to bond. And if you dislike running, for whatever reason, then cycling should be the next best thing to help you sweat and explore the outdoors.

In addition to being a sport that helps you sweat while strengthening bonds, cycling comes with several advantages, with weight loss and overall fitness on top of the list. The other benefits of cycling include an overall improvement in your mental wellbeing, muscle building, improved lung, and cardiovascular health, reduced cancer risks, better navigational skills, better sleep, it also boosts brainpower, enhanced immune function, and the best part for couples is that it results in improved sex life.

But there’s one catch; for you to achieve all these or some of these benefits, you need to first invest in the best cycling bike. That also means knowing what makes some of the best bikes.

Now, having been in the game for quite some time now, I know a bit about bikes, and I could easily recommend some of the best options that you could try. However, this wasn’t the case always, and I made very expensive and risky mistakes in the past, hence this review.

For the longest time, it felt as if the bikes I rode were missing something. Some were not as comfortable as I’d hoped, others were higher or lower than I’d like, and some road bikes were not really built to withstand use on roads and rugged terrains.

With these shortcomings, I had to keep searching until I came across bikes I wouldn’t trade anything for, and the best bit is that there are advancements and improvements made to these banks regularly, which means that if you buy one of these bikes today, you will get to enjoy the best value for your money, thanks to the super-smooth cycling.

I recognize that it would be extremely irresponsible and selfish of me not to guide you on how to choose the best bikes, which is why I’d like to introduce you to one of the best bicycle models by the bikes giant company, Giant.

Giant Bicycles

This is one of the most popular brands of bicycles, and it’s known as one of the best original equipment manufacturers (OEM), which means that this brand is an industry leader, and you can trust the quality of their bicycles.

Giant Bicycles is a Taiwanese company that was founded in 1972, and it’s behind some of the big bike brands in and out of the US, for example, the bicycle brand Trek. Giant’s success comes from the brand’s leadership and the use of some of the most advanced technological advances.

Giant Cypress DX

This Giant Cypress DX might be the right bicycle for you, especially if you are looking for an inviting bicycle, promising the most comfortable and relaxing rides.

Fitted with high-quality smooth-rolling 700c wheels, this bike offers the most comfortable rides, even when things get bumpy, and with the reliable and shock-absorbent suspension seatpost, along with the lightweight ALUXX aluminum frame, the Giant Cypress DX will give you the most comfortable rides, whether riding on a path or out on rough and bumpy roads.

Stable, Smooth-rolling wheels

This range of Giant Cypress DX bicycles boasts the smoothest and the most stable rides thanks to the smooth-rolling 700cc wheels as well as the upright position of these wheels, all designed to enhance the stability of our ride, regardless of the terrain.

Comfortable riding

Besides the stability from the wheels, the comfort of this bicycle is further enhanced by the suspension fork and the seatpost, which soak up vibrations and road bumps.

Durable and lightweight frame

Then you have the long-lasting build of the bicycle that comes from the lightweight and durable build of the frameset from ALUXX aluminum tubing. ALUXX aluminum used for the frame is manufactured using some of the advanced construction methods that result in the bicycle’s reduced weight, high-strength design.

ALUXX aluminum is a 6011-aluminum alloy that is well-optimized for a very high strength-to-weight ratio, resulting from a blend of reliable welding and forming manufacturing techniques.

Thanks to these blended construction techniques, the resulting bicycle has custom-fitted junctures, and there isn’t excessive use of the weld material, which leaves you with a bicycle that boasts clean aesthetics and durability.

The Giant Cypress frame has frame seat tubes in different sizes, 14, 16, 18, 20, and 22 inches, along with three step-through sizes, including sizes 14, 16, and size 18.


One of the most important considerations when it comes to bicycles has to be the brake system and its effectiveness. Having tried out a number of bicycles from several brands, I can comfortably vouch for the brakes of this Cypress DX bicycle. The brake is made of an alloy, and it’s the direct-pull variety.

The direct-pull brake system is reliable, and it adds to the comfort and safety level of this bicycle, because the brake system feels comfortable, and the best part is that these brakes allow for upright riding, while allowing you to maintain very firm contact with its braking system.

If you have been riding bikes for some time now, it’s likely that you’ve used this brake system because the direct-pull brake system is one of the most familiar brake systems, and it’s also the preferable brake system.

This Cypress DX’s brake levers are made of an alloy, which enhances the comfort of the bicycle. The brakes for this bicycle are the TKB-172 mechanical disk brake with 160 Rotor (Front and Rear).


The efficiency and the long-term performance of your bicycle are pretty much tied to the design of the shifter, which means the shifter is one of the most important design features for you to consider before you buy a bicycle.

This Giant Cypress DX makes use of the high-quality and supers-smooth Shimano EF 500. This component is one of the reasons why the Cypress DX costs more than the regular Cypress bicycle. It shifts easily, hence the smooth rides of this bike.

Note that this Cypress DX also uses the 3×8-speed trigger shift drivetrain, which enhances the durability, quality, as well as the long-lasting performance of this bicycle.


I’ve mentioned the revolutionary design and the high-performance of the Giant bicycles, but I need to reiterate that you will not enjoy the smoothest rides without some of the most powerful tires.

Cypress DX delivers the full-set of high-performance functions thanks to its P-X3, multi-surface, 700×28 wheels, which are aggressive, and very much action-ready.

These tires will, therefore, handle different kinds of terrains, from gravel, trail, and pavement riding, as well as everything else in between. They also have a rugged design which enhances the bicycle’s ride power is fairly bumpy areas, while also boosting the durability of the tires.


If asked about the most important features of a bicycle, I’d add rims to my list because the rims affect the strength, durability, and the look of your bicycle.

The rims of this bike live up to expectations, and they give it that sleek look, thanks to their aluminum construction, along with the time-tested manufacturing process. These rims have a thin profile that gives the bicycle its nice aesthetics, and they also allow the bike to run smoothly on bumpy roads.

The other impressive features of this bike include high, alloy handlebars, the Giant Ergo Max GRIP2 grips, and the platform design of the pedals, which boost the comfort and the use of the bike. The saddle is also quite comfortable, and the 30.9 alloy suspension seat post enhances the comfort levels of the bicycle.

The bottom bracket is made of a sealed bracket, and the derailleurs are Shimano Tourney for the front and Shimano Altus M310 for the rear.

Comparison Table

Bike Name
Suitable for
Wheel size
Seat Post
Flat and hilly terrains
700 X45
ALUXX Aluminum frame
TKB-172 mechanical disc
Uphill and Downhill
ALUXX Aluminum frame
Hardtail Suspension
TKB-172 mechanical disc brake F[160 rotor] R[160 rotor]
Roads and moderate paths
ALUXX Aluminum frame
Hardtail Suspension
Alloy, Direct Pull


Giant Cypress DX 2020 Review

Giant Cypress DX 2020

With a climbing speed of 31mph and its 2×8- drivetrain speed system, the 2020 Giant Cypress DX might be the best Cypress DX model for you, especially if you are looking for a bicycle that allows for easier riding in uphill areas.

It’s faster than other bikes similar to it, and if you are to compare its performance with that of other bikes designed the same way, you will notice that no other bike will be able to keep up with this 2020 Cypress DX, whether sprinting or riding downhill. The wheels of this bike are the giant P-X3 multi-surface, 700×45.

Its brakes feature a mechanical disc; it has front travel of 63mm, a hardtail suspension, and an Altus groupset.

In addition to these design features, this 2020 Cypress DX sports the features seen in all other Cypress DX bikes, including the high-quality, durable, and lightweight ALUXX aluminum tubing, the suspension fork and the seatpost which enhance comfort by soaking up vibrations and bumps on the road, as well as the 700c smooth-rolling wheels and also the upright-positioning design which enhances the comfort and the performance of this bike.

Its front and rear derailleurs are microSHIFT, the crankset made of a forged alloy, a 28/44 with a chainguard, and the bottom bracket is made of sealed cartridge. The spokes are made of stainless steel, the hubs have a loose-ball bearing, and the rims are made of the Giant DX Disc.

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2019 Giant Cypress DX Review

Cypress DX

Like the other Cypress DX bikes reviewed above, the 2019 Giant Cypress DX comes with 700c wheels, an ALUXX aluminum frame, and, an Altus Groupset, a 63mm front travel, and like the 2019 model, it has a hardtail suspension. It is, however, slightly cheaper than the 2020 version as it retails at about $525 against the 2020 model, which costs significantly more at about $550.

It also features a 3×8 drivetrain, which means that this is a 24-speed bike. This bike is a personal favorite, especially when it comes to riding uphill or downhill because it has a high descending speed of up to 34mph.

Its rear derailleur is a Shimano Altus M310, the front derailleur, a Shimano Tourney, 160 rotor front and rear mechanical disc brake, and a GX28 disc wheelset for the rims. The tires of this bike are the Giant P-X3, 700×45 multi-surface tires.

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2018 Giant Cypress DX Review

Cypress DX

If you are looking for a cheaper Giant Cypress DX bike, the 2018 model might be the ideal option for you, especially because it boasts a high downhill riding and sprinting speed of up to 34mph, thanks to its 3×8 drivetrain (24 speed).  It’s priced at $460.

Like the other Cypress DX bikes, this bike has a hardtail suspension, an ALUXX aluminum frame, 700c tires, and a 63mm front travel. Its front and rear derailleur are made of Shimano M191 and Shimano Altus, respectively. It has an alloy-build direct-pull brake system.

Unlike the other models, this model of the Cypress DX bikes lacks a threaded sealed cartridge, a feature (threaded function) that is missing from the 2020 and the 2019 models.

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Pros and Cons of Giant Cypress DX Bicycles


  • The bicycle boasts a highly durable design
  • It handles off-road and flat ground conditions easily
  • The bicycle boasts a versatile level of performance, and it can be put to different uses
  • It allows for adjustments for more custom fits
  • 7-speed, twist-shift drivetrain
  • Suspension seatpost for extra comfort
  • Upright positioning allows for heads-up riding
  • There are options for men and women
  • Made of durable and well-designed components


  • These Giant Cypress DX bicycles tend to be on the heavier side
  • The shifting mechanisms differ with models
  • Risk of losing contact with the platform pedals on different terrains
  • The drive system could be better

It’s worth noting that the Cypress DX bicycles fall in the hybrid/ comfort category of bikes by Giant Cypress, and these bikes have thinner, but high-performance tires. The DX series of bicycles is ideal for commuting, pleasure riding, and riding around your neighborhood for fun.

Giant Cypress DX Size Guide

All Cypress DX models have slight variations in sizes, as well as differences in the standover height. Note that the standover height is the difference in the distance from the bike’s frame top tube to the ground, and they’re always is a 2-inch clearance between your crotch and the top tube. Knowing your size is, therefore, one of the most important considerations for you to keep in mind.

That said, here is a general guide on the sizing of these bicycles:

XS = 155cm-165cm

S = 160cm-170cm

M = 170cm-180cm

L = 180cm – 190cm

XL = 190cm – 200cm

The other sizing considerations that you need to keep in mind include the seat tube angle, the top tube length, head tube length, wheelbase, chain stay length, reach, stack, standover height, and the crank length.


Are Giant Bikes Good?

Yes, they are, especially if you are looking for a giant bike for sprints or races. The bikes have narrow tires, good aerodynamics, and they are comfortable for riding on bumpy areas.

They are also fast. As a world-class manufacturer of bicycles, the Giant bikes are pretty good, and the best part is that this brand is known to be one of the best budget bike brands on the market, with the mountain and hybrid varieties getting high ratings from users all over the world. The bikes are also quite comfortable.

The impressive bit about this brand of bikes is that they boast the most advanced composite and aluminum engineering. They are available in different sizes, are durable, playfully, and attractively designed, and there is something for everyone.

Where can I get used Giant mountain bikes?

There are several options for you, ranging from the local bicycle exchange stores and online bike exchange sites to Amazon.

What bike brands does Giant make?

Giant makes the frames for Trek Bikes.

Cadex and BMX are the other brands by Giant.

Are Giant Bikes Good – Better Than Trek?

Both Giant and Trek are very respectable and reputable brands, and the performance from either brand is top-notch. Choosing one or the other will depend on things like your budget (Giant is cheaper), and most importantly, your riding style – if you are a racer or a heavy rider, Trek would be a better option for you. However, you need to keep in mind that the high-performance bicycles from either brand will be the higher-priced bike. You also need to factor in your personal preference.


Giant is a very reputable brand, and the Giant Bicycles are among the best and the most affordable bikes on the market. The bikes have a durable aluminum construction, they are designed for comfort, they feature high-quality components, and the performance of the Giant Cypress DX bikes is top-notch. If you need a bike that offers great comfort, try the Cypress DX variety.