Giant Mountain bikes review – keeping up with bike trends

Do you participate in cross country cycling? You should get a bike that increases your chances of winning in races. Giant Talon 3 hardtail is a versatile mountain bike that is fast and efficient. Our Giant mountain reviews can tell you more!
I was looking forward to purchasing my first mountain bike. I had spent a lot of efforts in learning the basic skills, and I wanted to take it to the next level. The journey was challenging since I had crashed a lot of times from riding conventional bikes. I had even spent some few days in hospital due to severe injuries I got from my last bike. This experience made me focus on choosing a model that prioritized my safety. It is now a few months since I started riding the giant talon mountain bike and I have not crashed even once.
Giant talon 3 hardtail mountain bike
Welcome to the world of mountain biking and experience the thrill of riding the powerful giant talon bike. It is a recreational bike that you can ride on different terrain. The bike comes in different sizes for you to pick the ideal one according to your height and frame.
Giant is a famous manufacturer of bicycle models in the world. They are famous for designing high-quality models that are comfortable, versatile and user-friendly. You can rely on this model to participate in cycling competitions or even explore different areas.
Aluminum frame
Unlike other brands that use steel frames, giant talon 3 hardtail mountain bikes use aluminum. This is a material that is more powerful and long lasting than different types. The company makes its own frame. This bike contains butted aluminum alloy tubes which enhance its performance.
Aluminum frame increases the strength of the bike and minimizes its weight. You don’t have to use a lot of energy while riding this bike on various surfaces. The geometry of the frame provides you with stability so that you can ride your bike confidently.
Suspension fork
The Suntour fork of this bike delivers smooth suspension so that you can ride comfortably even when you approach bumps on different trails. Its fork has a lockout and coil spring that facilitate smooth cycling on all surfaces. The stiff stanchions of giant talon 3 hardtail mountain bike improve steering precision. You can use the preload adjuster to stiffen the fork if you are a heavy rider.
Manufacturers also equip the bike with hydraulic disk brakes which deliver adequate stopping power. The brakes remain consistent under different conditions. This means that you can enjoy riding even when it’s raining without worrying about your bike skidding and losing control.
Handlebars and gear system
It also contains wide handlebars that have short stems to put you in control when approaching rough surfaces. The gear shifting system of giant talon mountain bike is also a reliable feature. It provides you with a wide gear range for you to make the necessary adjustments.
The wheels of a bicycle determine your ability to balance as the bike moves. Cross country racers need bikes that have stable wheels due to the high speed. The Giant Talon 3 hardtail mountain bike has wheels that can carry the speed well over both smooth and rough terrain.
It features lightweight and fast wheels that don’t get punctures easily. The producer uses tubeless technology on the wheels to minimize the risk of punctures. The icon types are ideal for gravel track cycling as well as cross-country racing.

  • It is versatile
  • The aluminum frame increases its durability
  • Tubeless technology reduces puncture risk


  • The bike is not the cheapest brand in the market
  • Can be cumbersome


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Right from the design of giant talon 3 hardtail mountain bike, you can tell that it is well-constructed. It is a safe and robust bike that is ideal for cyclers who enjoy speeding on different surfaces. Though the price may be high, it gives you value for your money. You can learn more about the brand from giant mountain bikes reviews.
Apart from this model, you may also like other models from the same brand such as giant hardtail 29er 2 mountain bike and giant talon 1 2018 red hardtail. These models are somehow similar when it comes to the performance. They only differ in colors and the sizes.