Giant Talon 2 2023 review-Your ticket to great adventures

Are you a recreational mountain biker looking for a new brand? Check out giant talon 2. It is a comfortable bike that delivers smooth riding on rough grounds. Our Giant Talon 2 2018 review will elaborate more.
My first experience on a mountain bike was so frustrating that I dread remembering it. I decided to cycle across the street since I was confident about my capabilities. The town was full of people, and I tried to maintain an average speed. Unfortunately, I hit a young boy who was trying to cross the road since the bike was not easy to control. This made me forget about riding until I needed a new bike for my commute to work. This time around, I was very selective with brands, and I settled for Giant Talon 2. It was not only safe but also easy to control.
Giant Talon 2 2018
This is a mountain bike that offers versatility due to numerous features. The bike has a classic design that makes it suitable for off-road cycling. It will give you a refined riding experience when you need to climb a steep hill or descend.
It also comes in various sizes to fit both tall and short riders. As you purchase the bike, try to get the right size that will help you balance without any interference from your weight.
Giant is a manufacturer of bikes that are popular around the world. Instead of outsourcing bike parts from other companies, they manufacture parts such as the frame on their own. They include an aluminum frame to giant talon 2.
The geometry of this frame increase stability giving you the confidence to ride the bike. The aluminum tubing does not add extra weight on your bike. It makes your bike comfortable and prevents you from straining during pedaling.
The bike also contains SR Suntour fork which provides enough suspension travel to work on bumps on the road. It makes use of XCT fork and a lockout which increase efficiency when you approach a smooth terrain. The wide stanchions on the upper tube also boost precision and control during steering.
Both light and heavy riders can use giant talon 2. It has a preload adjuster on the forks which allows you to stiffen it according to your weight. An air spring on it also gives you the option of adjusting the spring rate.
Giant Talon 2 comes with 27.5 inches wheels. This type offers a good balance between nimble handling and rapid rolling. It is also an ideal bike for riders who participate in cross country. They are fast on smooth and rough surfaces.
The manufacturer makes use of puncture reducing mechanism when making the wheels of giant talon 2. They are tubeless making them ideal for gravel track cycling. You don’t have to panic about getting a puncture in the middle of the woods.
Other components
Giant Talon 2 contains Shimano disc brakes which increase efficiency when you want to slow down. The handlebars and short stems give you enhanced control when riding on tricky spots. It also contains a reliable gear shifting system to help you with steep climbs.
The manufacturers also use double rings on the chainset to increase the performance of the gears. It has a seat that makes you forget that you are not on your couch. It is padded making it comfortable. The bike also contains springs which act as a shock absorber.

  • It is ideal for different riders
  • User-friendly features
  • Works well on rough and smooth surfaces


  • Not easy to assemble
  • It is costly


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Break the boredom of sitting in an office the entire day by going off-road cycling. Giant Talon 2 2018 will make your adventure worth it. It works well on rocky ground due to features such as hydraulic brakes, aluminum frame, tubeless tires, and the suspension fork.
The brand comes from a reputable company that has been producing bikes for years. You should invest in this bike since it is superior, comfortable and safe to use on different terrain. It also delivers smooth handling and increases your confidence in cycling. If you have doubts, find out more from giant talon 2 2018 review.