Giant Talon 3 vs. specialized hopper: which offers value for money?

It can be hard choosing between the giant talon 3 vs. specialized hopper, especially if you have never owned a bike, but this review offers crucial points you need to consider.
I got my first mountain bike when I turned 17 years – I was thrilled. The boys and I would take rides deep into uncharted terrain. We would participate in various races and make bets on the winner. As I grew older, there was an urgency to upgrade my bike to something that would enable me to work out. My weight gain was a cause of concern to my wife and during a check session the doctor recommeded I cut down on the cars. I first considered a stationary bike but the initial set up costs where beyond my reach. Luckily, a friend introduced me to giant mountain bikes, with outstanding suspension and large wheels. In this review, you will get a glimpse of two mountain bikes that you should consider.
What are the differences between Giant Talon 3 and specialized hopper? How they compare

Giant Talon 3
Specialized hopper
3X8 Shimano drivetrain
Two by drivetrain
100mm SR Sontour Suspension fork
SR Suntour XCT, XCR, XCM
Body frame
ALUXX aluminum alloy
A1 Aluminum alloy

Giant Talon 3 vs. specialized hopper – Quick summary
If you are in search of outstanding suspension then you need to check out the Giant talon 3, 100mm suspension system with a reloaded stiffener that tightens the suspension during tough rides. You also get an adjustable air spring that accommodates the riders weight. This means the giant talon 3 offers one of the smoothest rides of mountain bikes. The suspension for the specialized hopper will depend on the model you choose. The sport has SR Suntour XCT, Comp – XCM and Expert – XCR.
The Giant Talon 3 comes with a 3X8 gear system that offers low ratios during steep ascents. This is delivered through a Shimano drivetrain. You have also have disc brakes for emergency stops. The gear system for the specialized hopper is two by Shimano drivetrain -that double pairs at the front. This gives the hopper swifter and faster gear changes when compared to the Giant Talon 3.
The giant talon 3 is made from durable Aluminum, which makes it lightweight and durable. You get disc brakes and large 27.5â€/29†tires. The specialized hopper is made from A1 aluminum alloy, and this makes it an excellent bike for climbing hills. When it comes to a sturdy frame then the Giant Talon 3 is your kind of bike.
Giant Talon 3 Review
Bike, Mature, Spokes, Rim, Cycling
 The giant talon 3 is an ideal bike for someone thinking about going for cross-country biking. Talon 3 is available in either 27.5†and 29†wheel sizes. This makes it the perfect recreational bike. Giant talon – just like the name suggests – are huge bikes, but you will find one suitable for your height.
Giant Talon 3 is made from a durable ALUXX grade aluminum alloy that means you will be riding the bike for years. Through a process of butting excess materials is often removed from fewer stress areas and this keeps the bike lightweight.
The SR Suntour fork 100mm suspension ensures that you enjoy a smooth ride in spite of the terrain. You also get an air spring which you can adjust to accommodate the rider’s weight. A lockout prevents the talon 3 from fork bobbing whenever the rider dismounts from the bike.
The bike has 3 chainrings on front and 8 at the back. You also get disc brakes that grip the wheels properly for emergency stops.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame
  • Low gear ratios
  • Efficient disc brakes
  • Adjustable air spring to accommodate varying riders weight


  • Limited color options


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Specialized Hopper Review
Mountain Bike, Bike, Mature, Wheel
The specialized hopper is a bike designed for both men and women who are interested in cross-country biking. It comes with large 29-inch wheels and is an efficient bike for mountain climbing. The Specialized hopper underwent a change, and this time it is equipped with A1 aluminum alloy that makes it lightweight and durable.
All bike models for the hopper come with SR Suntour suspension fork. They also have additional multi-circuit damping with air spring for adjusting spring for weight effect. The suspension is 100mm, but the X-small features an 80mm travel fork
The hopper uses a set of hydraulic brakes that give you enough stopping power in spite of weather conditions. The expert though has more enhanced brakes. The large 29-inch tires are ideal for rocky surface areas and absorb shock well. Due to the large wheels, you may experience some challenges with acceleration.

  • Multi-circuit damping suspension
  • Large wheels suitable for all terrain
  • Emergency hydraulic brakes
  • Swift and fast gear changing system


  • May not be suitable for short people


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It has not been easy picking a winner in this giant talon 3 vs. specialized hopper review, but we had to choose one. In this round, the specialized hopper wins by a close margin. The two bikes have similar body structure and tires but the specialized has a slight edge due to its two by drivetrain gear changing system. This means you get fast and swift gears which are suitable for climbing steep hills. The hydraulic brakes are also one of a kind for the specialized hopper.
Can I switch my mountain bike for a road bike?
It is possible to make the switch, but you will need to make some adjustments. The first thing you may need to ask yourself is, what makes a mountain bike? Start with the suspension, tires and gear system.
Which is the fastest gear in a mountain bike?
If you want to go fast, you need to combine the smallest gear on the rear gear system with the largest on the front gear system. When climbing hills, you will need to utilize larger gears on the rear.
What is the average speed for a mountain bike?
It will largely depend on your terrain but expect to do an average of 7mph. On flat surfaces, you can hit speeds as high as 15 mph but on rough surfaces expect to do a speed of 3mp.
How can I keep fit with my mountain bike?
You will need to first come up with a schedule. You can begin with three, 30 minute rides then increase this to one hour of cycling. The harder the terrain, the more muscles you utilize.