Giant Talon vs. Specialized pitch: Ultimate biking experience

Mountain bikes are a great way to exercise. You can use the bike to tone your muscles while you enjoy the scenery. In this giant talon vs. specialized pitch review, we tell you which one is the best.
I used to have a regular schedule of a morning run accompanied by a 30-minute session at the gym. However, when we relocated to the countryside, I had to abandon my routine at the gym. I soon discovered that the countryside offered the perfect opportunity to try out my new mountain bike. The benefits were noticeable within the first few months. I reduced my baby fat, and my abs looked great. The mountain bike has been my companion for cross –country travels and occasional rides to the grocery store.
What are the differences between giant talon and specialized pitch? How the compare

Specialized pitch
Giant Talon
SR Suntour Suspension fork
100mm Suspension fork
Gear system
Shimano 3X8, 3X8
3X8, 3X9,3X10
Disc brakes
Hydraulic brakes

Giant talon vs. specialized pitch – Quick roundup
When it comes to suspension, the specialized pitch mountain bikes have a slight edge over the giant talon. All the bikes come fitted with SR suspension fork and this enables them to navigate rocky and bumpy terrain with ease. The small models get 80mm while the larger ones 100mm. Some of the newer models sport the multi-circuit damping technology and this makes them better than the Giant Talon which are just fitted with SR suspension.
Braking system
The braking system for the specialized pitch will largely depend on the bike model. The Pitch spot and entry-level pitch both use mechanical disc brakes while the pitch expert and comp get Shimano hydraulic brakes. For the Giant Talon, each bike comes with a set of hydraulic brakes that firmly grip the tires during fast descents.
Both bikes come with wide 27.5†tires that are suitable for navigating tough terrain. The Giant Talon has the option of a 29†tire for those who are 6ft and above. The gear system varies in the specialized pitch with some of the bikes getting a 3X8 gear system while others are having a 3X9. The giant talon uses a variety of gear systems with the talon 1 being ten speed, Talon 2 nine speed and Talon 3 8 speed.
Giant Talon Review
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The Giant Talon mountain bike is available with two tire sizes – 27.5†and 29â€. The bikes are divided into Talon 1, 2, and 3. When compared to other mountain bikes the Giant Talon is big for any class. The body frame is made from durable aluminum alloy. Through a process of butting the bikes are lightweight, and this makes for a great ride across hilly terrain.
All the Giant Talon bikes come with a 100m suspension fork. This absorbs shock during rocky rides. The Talon 1 comes with a Suntour Raidon fork while the talon 2 gets an XCM fork. The benefit of using the Giant Talon suspension forks are many and range from offering you a smooth ride to stiffening the suspension when riding on smooth surfaces.
The Giant Talon models use a Shimano drivetrain that varies with the model. The talon 1 – 3X10, Talon 2 – 3X9, talon 3 – 3X8. The brakes on all giant talon bikes are hydraulic. Each of the talon models can either come with 27.5†or 29†wheels. The tires enable the bike to have a firm grip on the road and are excellent for cross-country trips. The tires are tubeless and are developed in-house.

  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Variety of Shimano drivetrain gear system
  • Large tires for cross-country travels.


  • Have to purchase the pedals separately.


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Specialized pitch Review
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This is an ideal bike for someone purchasing his or her first mountain bike. It is excellent for off-roads due to its lightweight alloy frame. The bikes come in varying models for men and women. The bikes are categorized as sport, camp, and expert. They also come with a suspension fork that absorbs shocks when riding in rough terrain.
The geometry design of the bike is designed as to offer great maneuverability during ascends and descents. The bike comes in a long tube and shorter stem. This enables the bike to maintain a steady speed even in rocky surfaces.
A mountain cannot be one without good suspension. All specialized pitch models come with SR suspension fork with some models including the multi-circuit-damping-technology. This enables riders to enjoy a comfortable ride across all terrains.
The gear system is a Shimano drivetrain that offers low ratios for hill climbing and fast performance on flat surfaces. The pitch sport has 3X8 drivetrain while the comp has 3X9. You select the bike model depending on your preferences and terrain.

  • Efficient disc brakes for wet conditions
  • Fork suspension to absorb shock
  • Low ratio gear system
  • Large 650b wheels


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The review of Giant talon vs. specialized pitch is a close one as both bikes perform well when it comes to trail rides. However, the Specialized pitch has a slight edge due to its use of disc brakes and SR Suntour suspension fork. The lightweight frame makes it an excellent choice for hikes and daily commutes. Both bike brands come with different gear ratios depending on the model.
Can I use my mountain bike for daily commute?
The mountain bike is created primarily for handling rough terrain. That is why you sit in an upright position, comes with wide tires and added suspension; an ideal bike for daily commute would be a hybrid bike (crossbreed of a road bike and mountain bike).
Which is faster – road bike or mountain bike?
The road bike has a lighter frame and slim tires, and this makes it faster than a mountain bike. The road bike also experiences less rolling resistance.
Which is better – mountain bike or cruiser?
The cruiser/beach bike is designed to offer a chilled and smooth ride. Most of the bikes are a single speed with wide tires; the mountain bike is solely designed for rough, off-road terrain.
Which bike is the best for riding?
If you are looking for a comfortable riding position, then the cruiser bikes or hybrid bikes are ideal. The mountain bike is hard to pedal when you are navigating pavements due to its wide wheels, heavyweight frame, and suspension.