Golden Cycles Review: You Will Wish You Never Bought a Car

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to commute to work daily? In our Golden Cycles review, we tell you why a bike can make you ditch your car for good.
I always thought my car was the only way to commute around the city. Owning a bicycle was never in my mind because I felt it was not practical. Traffic got worse and my daily commute to the city became harder. A colleague of mine rode to work every day. It was odd that he would beat me to work on two wheels while I had four. I decided to give biking a try. I got a Golden Cycles bike and the results impressed me. I was no longer late to work and I could plan my mornings better. Commuting became cheaper as I was spending less on gas.
Golden Cycles Fixed Gear Bike
A bicycle may not shield you when it rains, but it can beat any car through traffic. A Golden Cycles fixie is the type of bike that concurs the urban jungle. It has thick rims and rubber tires that grip the road better and perform under pressure. The frame features an old school BMX design. This bike also has more color variety than most bikes you find on the market.
Golden Cycles bike features a high tensile steel frame. The bike maker tig-welded the frame and forks to give the bike its smooth look. High tensile steel is also very tough and durable. it gives this bike the ability to perform under pressure with minimal wear and tear.
The handlebar boasts of quality alloy construction. It has the old school riser design popular with BMX bikes. One other thing to appreciate is the ample spacing between saddle and handlebar. It allows you to ride in an upright position with the arms stretched out. This riding position ensures you enjoy the ride without getting tired. The saddle to handlebar spacing also allows for bar spin clearance if you love to stunt on your bike. You will also not experience any toe overlaps on this bike.
This bike features 45mm alloy rims. Alloy forks hold the rims in place. The tires are Kenda 700cc x25 which are high quality. This wheel setup makes it possible for the bike to absorb impact shock for comfortable riding. You can perform wheelies and other heavy stunts without damaging this bike.
Golden Cycles bike has an ergonomic saddle designed for comfort as well. It absorbs shock in bumpy areas ensuring you the ride is smooth. You can adjust this seat upwards or downwards for a comfortable riding position. The seat post has a fixture that allows you to install a backlight, reflector, or a carrier.
This bike features platform pedals which are great for cruising or cycling up a mountain. The pedals are large for more contact between shoe and pedal. Golden Cycles ensured the pedals are lightweight as well. This makes the bike easy to control even at high speeds.
Golden Cycles bike comes with a fixed gear drivetrain. This makes it easy to control whether you are cruising or cycling at top speeds. With the big rims and tires, you feel the grip of the bike on the road with each pedal. The drivetrain is also interchangeable to free-wheel. It is the best cog option for cruising around streets or parks enjoying the scenery.
This bike is available from sizes 41cm to 59cm. It is ideal for the whole family as it suits heights from 4 feet to 6 feet. You may also adjust the saddle and handlebar to suit your unique height.
If you are looking for a bike with great color variety, get yourself a Golden Cycles fixie. This bike has over 21 different colors which give you lots of choices. Some of the chic colors to go for include Asphalt, Redrum, Chrome, Breeze, Dahlia, Blaze, and Diablo. You may also buy this bike in colors such as Magic, Hammer, Aquarius, and Sugarcoat.

  • Great color variety
  • Strong durable frame
  • Features the Classic BMX design


  • Some components are of low quality


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Golden Cycles bike gives you a great riding experience thanks to the advanced features it comes with. It has a strong steel frame available in 21 different colors. It features a riser handlebar and comfy saddle for the best riding experience. Do share our Golden Cycles review with fellow riders.