Gonex Bike Helmet Review: How to Prevent a Concussion with Only $20

It is possible to own a professional bicycle helmet and not have to break the bank. In this Gonex Bike helmet review, you will learn about all the top tier features to expect in a bike helmet in under $20.
I used to think that owning a pro-biking helmet would knock me off a couple of dollars. How happy I was when I realized that a lot of quality biking helmets today are relatively cheap. I did not go beyond my budget (read 20 bucks) and I still got a well-ventilated helmet with plenty of safety features. I am talking about the Gonex bike helmet which I have owned for a couple of years now. I love this helmet so much that I ordered the same model in a different color. It is a right fit, does not wear my neck down, and I never worry about a concussion even when I crash my 3-speed bike.
Gonex Adult Bike Helmet
When buying a cycling helmet, always ensure you are getting value for money. Some features to hunt for in a helmet include robust construction, proper ventilation, inner padding, and night lights. You also want a helmet that is a standard fit for your head size. If the helmet comes with extra features for making further size adjustments the better. This is exactly what you get when you go for a Gonex bike helmet.
Before we get to the features, a few tips on how to wear a professional biking helmet. Bike helmets have a streamlined design and the pointed end should be in front of your face. This protects your forehead during impact. The adjustment straps should go in front and at the back of the ear and buckled below it. To fasten the helmet in place while riding, always tighten the straps around the throat and not chin.
Lightweight and Sturdy
High-quality PC is the standard material used in crafting this helmet. The helmet feels lightweight but very tough on the outside. The matte accents on the outer surface make this helmet look sleek.
LED Safety Light
This product has an LED backlight which is paramount of any top-tier biking helmet. The LED light comes in three flashing modes which is helpful in alerting of your presence on the road. The LED bulb remains concealed during the concealed so that it is not visible when wearing the helmet during the day.
Well ventilated
Gonex bike helmet has a total of 24 integrated flow vents. The vent arrangement allows cold air to move in a circular motion inside the helmet. This technology facilitates an all-rounded cooling effect as you wear it. You never have to worry about sweat dripping down your forehead or back.
Breathable Inner Lining
Bike helmets have inner padding to make them breathable and comfortable. The padding separates your head from the rugged PC construction and adds to the fit of the helmet as well. The inner padding also helps in sweat management.
The inner lining is both odor and insect proof. You can remove it, wash it, then put it back when it dries. Your helmet will always smell fresh even if you ride in hot weather.
Adjustable Size
Gonex manufactures their helmets with a standard head size in mind. This helmet is suitable for head sizes between 22.5 and 24.5 inches. There are inbuilt straps to adjust the helmet further so it fits your particular head shape. At the back of the helmet is a circular rotary knob that helps in adjusting the helmet further.
Color variety
This helmet comes in four main colors. These are all black, black with red-white accents, red with grey accents, and white with grey-red accents.

  • Robust lightweight build
  • Adjustable to fit head size
  • Includes a 3-mode LED safety light
  • 22 flow vent for maximum ventilation
  • Available in four different colors


  • May not fit larger head shapes
  • Inner lining wears off


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Gonex bike helmet has all the top features to expect in a professional cycling helmet. Thanks to its PC construction, this helmet feels light to wear and will serve you for years. An LED backlight remains camouflaged at the back but is noticeable at night. You also have extra adjustment options to ensure the helmet fits you. Though some components wear off with time, like the inner lining, they are replaceable.
If you have issues with the fit of this helmet, there are alternatives from the same company you can try. Compare this Gonex bike helmet review with a Gonex 61cm Adult Cycling Helmet or a Gonex Wind Cross 62cm helmet.