Hardtail mountain bike reviews – Trail riding, the best cure for stress

Most riders hate assembling bikes but love the thrill of cycling. Get Merax Finiss hardtail mountain bike that comes with most components assembled. You can learn more about it from hardtail mountain bike reviews.
Despite having a busy lifestyle, I make sure that I take some time off to go camping. My last camp, however, left me frustrated and sick. The vehicle we had hired got issues along the way, and we got stuck in the middle of nowhere. We had to walk for hours before we could get help and ended up sleeping in fear. As I planned for my next adventure, I promised myself that I would bring along a good bike to ride in the woods. I bought the Merax Finiss hardtail bike for my camp, and it made a huge difference.
Merax Finiss mountain bike 26 inch
Hardtail mountain bikes are numerous in the market. The difference comes from the unique features of each brand. Merax Finiss is a sturdy bike that does not come with a lot of challenges. It is easy to ride and has light materials.
The features of this hardtail bike allow you to ride it on different terrain. This is for anyone who loves taking adventures in the woods. Cross country racers also adore the bike due to its high speed.
Light frame
The frame of this bike is very light. It means that you can carry your bike easily when you want to use it far from home. Manufacturers of the brand use aluminum to make the frame. Apart from being light, it is durable and extends the lifespan of your bike.
Aluminum does not rust, and it resists stress fractures. Trail riding subjects your bike to a lot of water, mud, and grit. Since aluminum never degrades, it keeps your bike safe from damage due to such elements. You can easily maintain your bike thanks to this material.
Its frame also contains a suspension fork that makes it easy for you to control your bike on bumpy terrain. The shocks of Merax Finiss hardtail bike provide a smooth landing even on rough surfaces.
Disc brakes
This bike has mechanical disc brakes on both the rear and front wheel. You can easily use the brakes to achieve the desired effect. The bike also contains Shimano brake levers that boost stopping power. The braking system increases safety and efficiency so that you can stop when you want even if you have been riding at high speed.
Gear mechanism
Merax Finiss provides you with a smooth riding experience thanks to the gear system. It includes Shimano shifters and 21-speed derailleurs that allows you to change the gear effortlessly. The mechanism also enhances maneuverability.
Classic design
Unlike other hardtail mountain bikes, you will love the design of this brand. The different colors of the bike make it look good. Feel free to choose the color that matches your style. It comes in colors such as classic black and red, fashion gray and blue and passion white.
The color distribution across the entire body of the bike is impressive. Even the wheels stand out from other bikes. The frame, disc brakes, and saddle also portray a great design.
Its wheels are also unique in that they have a double wall rim made from aluminum. The wheels offer smooth rolling even when you are riding along rough terrain. They increase stability and put you in control of your bike.

  • It is lightweight
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Easy assembly


  • The front shock is squashy
  • You may encounter some minor brake problems


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Merax Finiss hardtail is a high-quality bike that looks and feels great. It is comfortable to ride and gives you good control. The material makes it easy to maintain. It also gives you easy shifting when you take long rides on uneven roads.
You can also compare this model with other hardtail bikes such as Murtisol mountain bike and Schwinn Bonafied. Our hardtail mountain bikes reviews can help you understand the main differences between these models. Ensure that you choose a comfortable bike that you can ride smoothly. Your level of experience in cycling should also guide you on picking the right hardtail bike. All the best!