The HOIST LeMond Series Upright Trainer Review

Are you looking for an indoor bike to rejuvenate your home workouts? The HOIST LeMond Series Upright Trainer is just the bike you need to reach your fitness goals.

Recently it has become harder to go to the gym regularly. It was still important for me to keep fit so I decided to try home workouts. The routines were easy and fun to do but were not as intense as I wanted them to be. An indoor bike would help me get challenging workouts to burn as much calories as possible. Identifying the best indoor bike for cardio workouts was no easy task but one I had to do.

After trying out a few bikes I chose the HOIST LeMond Upright trainer. This bike stood out from all the rest I had tested. It is a durable and sleek bike that is ideal for home workouts and training. This upright trainer combines innovative technology with unique features giving you a custom fit and comfortable riding experience. It is easy to maintain for a longer life span.

HOIST LeMond Series Upright Trainer Bike Review and breakdown

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HOIST fitness is known for their quality products. The HOIST LeMond series Upright Trainer is known as one of the most innovative bikes in the market good for delivering challenging workouts. The ergonomically designed seat, durable frame and Bluetooth connection are a few of the features that make this Upright trainer so popular.

The design and geometry of this bike is similar to that of a road bike for better comfort and riding experience. A weight limit of 350lbs makes it popular with many riders. The indoor bike is compatible with 5 KHz Polar heart rate straps with contact sensors to record heart rate data. The HOIST LeMond Upright trainer is Bluetooth enabled so you can connect to the HOIST cycling app totrack your workout data.

What we liked:

  • This bike has a self-powered option or a power cord option for 24/7 power.
  • A two seat option for optimal comfort.
  • The bike features a console with 14 workout programs
  • It comes with a comprehensive warranty package.

What we didn’t like:

  • The power cord is not included.
  • There is no sound system or MP3 player.

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The HOIST LeMond Series Upright Trainer Specifications

26 x 57 x 50 inches
Resistance level
User weight capacity

The HOIST LeMond Series Upright Trainer Features


The HOIST LeMond Upright trainer is designed to fit many users whether you are riding in the gym or at home. The bike has a durable frame and an attractive compact design that takes up very little space. It weighs 135lbs and has transport wheels at the base so you can move it around. The step through design allows riders to easy access to be able to train easily.

Adjustable seats and handlebars on this bike make it comfortable to use. The threaded cranks are compatible with all standard cycling pedals. It comes in one color and a resistance level 120. The bike comes Bluetooth LE enabled. This trainer comes with a HOIST Cycling App to keep track and compare your workout data. There is a USB charging port on the console to charge your phones and tablets while you train.

Resistance level

The indoor bike has a wide range of resistance levels set from 1-20. You will be able to quickly change between different resistant levels to allow you identify which is the most challenging level for you.

The usable watt range is set between 33 to over 1,200. Built in workout programs automatically increase resistance levels as you pedal to work your muscles.


This bike comes with an upgraded LCD console. The LeMond Upright trainer comes with Bluetooth and a HOIST cycling App to track your workout progress. With this app you can check individual workout statistics, compare week over months statistics and stay motivated.  The console features 14 workout programs, 7 of which are designed by Tour de France winner Greg LeMond.

By adopting these programs to your daily routine you will get access to intense routines to boost your health. On the bike’s console there is a USB charging port so that you can charge any devices while you train. The features enable you to customize your workout and get the most out of the bike.

Seat and Handlebars

The LeMond Upright Trainer has a standard two seat option for maximum comfort of the user. The adjustable seat is patented and offers comfortable knee alignment while increasing muscle activation. Vertical and fore and aft handlebars provide a perfect fit.

The bikes have large strap knee pedals for comfortable and safer foot positioning. These pedals are durable to match the long life span of the bike. The straps makes this a safe and long lasting bike for your home workouts.

Assembly and maintenance

HOIST fitness as bike manufacturers make sure 100 % of all the bikes are tested before final packaging for your safety. Assembly of the Hoist LeMond Upright trainer is easy and takes less than an hour. Some parts like the seat, handlebars and transport wheels are fixed onto the bike. It comes with a detailed manual that is easy to follow.

The bike is calibration free and you just get on and ride. Maintenance of the Upright trainer is easy to do. Frequent tightening of bolts and wiping parts is all that is needed to keep the bike in good shape. If you don’t want to spend too much time on maintenance, this is the bike for you.

Additional features

This bike comes with additional features like 14 workout programs for better motivation to work out. This bike comes with heart rate sensors which are important if you need to monitor your heart rate while working out. The USB charging port feature on this bike also makes it more desirable compared to other options.

You can charge your phone and other devices while working out. With this bike you can either connect the power cord for constant power 24/7 or you can chose the self-power option. This is a versatile bike with great features to make your workout more interesting.

Who is it best suited for?

The Upright trainer is suitable for those riders looking to lose a few calories while cycling. It can be used in light commercial spaces like gyms and residential spaces. Due to the strong durable frame the bike is great for home workouts. The LeMond Upright trainer is good for teens, adults, and triathletes looking to exercise their muscles regularly.

Those looking to get into intense workouts to benefit their overall health prefer this indoor bike. It has a user height range of 58 to 80 inches tall and a maximum user weight of 350lbs, which is good for a variety of riders. If you are looking for a bike that can be used by most people in your home this is a good one.

Are there any alternatives to HOIST LeMond Series Upright Trainer?

Yes, the Precor UBK 835 Commercial Upright Bike and the HOIST LeMond Upright Club Bike are good alternatives to the LeMond Upright trainer. These are durable indoor bikes to help you achieve all your fitness goals in the comfort of your home. The resistance levels on these bikes offers you a great performance and intense workout.

Features of alternative Indoor exercise bikes.

Precor UBK 835 Commercial Upright Bike
HOIST LeMond Upright Club Bike
48 x 21 inches
49 x 26 x 64 inches
User weight capacity
Resistance level

Verdict: Should you get the HOIST LeMond Upright Trainer

The HOIST LeMond is a high end indoor bike that is guaranteed to give you the best cycling experience. There are two different seat options for each use for find the perfect fit for their body and style. Riders can select one of the 14 workout programs some of which are designed by a champion triathlete.

This indoor bike is Bluetooth LE enabled for third party apps. TheHOIST Cycling app is free and available for both Apple and Android devices can track and monitor workouts and long term fitness progress.There is a LED display on the bike and adjustable seat and handlebars for the rider’s comfort. This is a quality bike with modern technology for better cardio workouts.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this LeMond Upright trainer bike Bluetooth enabled?

The LeMond Upright Trainer is Bluetooth LE enabled so it connects to other third party apps. You can easily connect to the app to keep track of your progress.

  1. What are the dimensions of the LeMond Series Upright trainer bike?

The LeMond Series Upright trainer measures 26 x 57 x 50 inches and weighs 135lbs which is still easy to move around because of the transport wheels at the front base.