Horizon IC7.9 Vs Bowflex C6 – Which is the Better Bike?

These two provide the best entry-level experience of indoor cycling bikes. They have all the basics down and provide a mean workout. Which of these two is the better bike?

While indoor cycling is all the rage, a lot of information about the different bike brands and their significance or effectiveness in training is still a murky subject.

As a new user about to buy my first indoor bike, the options were endless and discombobulating. With a hefty price tag added to it, I was concerned about value for my money and shied away from purchasing anything I was not completely sure of.

In this digital time, nothing beats a quick online research on your next best bike buy. So, for you and all others who need it today, this is a review of two awesome home stationary spin bikes.

What are the key differences between Horizon IC7.9& Bowflex C6?

Horizon IC7.9
Bowflex C6
100 levels magnetic
100 levels magnetic
Padded and adjustable
LCD display
Backlit LCD display
Dual-sided toe caged
Dual Link with toe cages
2- way Adjustable
2- way Adjustable

Horizon IC7.9 Vs Bowflex C6 – How they differ


The two bikes are heavy built with durable metal to give you a long period of usage without need for repair, maintenance or replacement. Regardless whether you are interested in HIIT workouts or the simpler everyday cardio workouts.

Both bikes have seats that are four way adjustable allowing you to customize the positioning to fit your proportionate height. Handlebars are anti-slip meaning you have greater support while training hard.

These adjustments are made possible by use of a lever or knob that has been built into the frame of the bike. While Bowflex C6 has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, IC7.9 comes in at 300 pounds.

Pedals on the two bikes are dual sided which allows for both special cycling shoes and regular shoes to be worn in training. One side has toe cages and the other has cleats for clipping in your SPD shoes.

A big difference in their build is that the IC7.9 features 35-pound heavy flywheel while on the Bowflex C6, it is measured at 40-pounds. Heavier flywheels make doe quieter and smoother riding experiences hence they are more preferred.

If the seat or pedals do not match your needs even after a while of using them, they are removable and replaceable with other more comfortable and compatible options.


These two bikes both have magnetic resistance that is propelled by their weighted flywheels. A heavy flywheel is preferred because it builds up and sustains momentum that keeps the flywheel moving in between your pedal strokes. This is how a smooth ride is achieved.

The 40-pound flywheel of the Bowflex C6 is only 5-pounds heavier than the Horizon IC7.9’s flywheel and it’s unrealistic to expect the two to have a major difference in their performance.

Both bikes are capable and designed for use indoors so their system is built to minimize noise and optimize responsiveness. With 100 levels of resistance to experiment with, it is highly unlikely that you will ever outdo any of these two.

Adjusting the resistance on the IC7.9 is done by use of levers that have been placed quite conveniently on the bike’s frame. For Bowflex, resistance adjustment is done by a knob.


Bowflex C6 beats the Horizon IC7.9 bike because it offers multiple streaming options of workouts you could perform. If you get bored of these exercises after a while, you could pair your bike with a Bluetooth device and access more training apps like Zwift or Peloton.

This smart device integration is not possible with the Horizon IC7.9 but it does provide you with a phone holder on which you can place your internet connected device to stream online spinning classes.

The small LCD screen only functions as a display for your training metrics like RPM, distance and training time. Heart rate or calorie burning monitoring is not available for the Horizon IC7.9 bike.

Bowflex C6 bike comes with a Bluetooth connected arm band to monitor and track your heart rate. This info is promptly displayed on the LCD screen.

Horizon IC7.9 Vs Bowflex C6 – A Comparison Overview

Horizon IC7.9 – Overview

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The seats are the standard type found in most regular bikes meaning they are not as comfortably padded as those found in higher-end bikes. You may need to either get used to the seat or buy a replacement.

Seat angle and positioning is adjustable both vertically and horizontally which provides great customization options for users of all sizes. Handlebars are anti-slip and will provide you great support while in training.

A 40-pound flywheel is the driving force behind this bike’s revolutions. Due to its weight, it gives a better and quieter performance wherever you are training from. With the infinite 100 levels of resistance provided, you can try as many low and high intensity workouts as you fancy.

Resistance is changed by tweaking on a lever built in to the frame. Pedals on this bike are very flexible and allow the user to train with SPD shoes or regular sports shoes.


  • 40-pound magnetic flywheel
  • Customizable SPD pedals with toe cages and clips
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable handlebars and seats
  • LCD monitor
  • Dual water bottle holders


  • No pre-programmed workouts
  • LCD only for display and cannot stream live workouts
  • No cooling fan

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Bowflex C6 – Overview

Horizon IC7.9 Vs Bowflex C6

Made of heavy-duty stainless-steel metal and the seats are padded, adjustable in up and down directions and they are made into the road bike fashion. Handlebars are multi-grip and also adjustable vertically or horizontally to accommodate people of varying heights.

Pedals on the C6 are dual-sided meaning you have the option to use the side with toe cages or flip the pedal to use the clip-in mechanism with your special cycling shoes. A magnetic flywheel weighing 40 pounds is fitted in the bike and runs smoothly and quietly.

Programs on the bike are available in multiple streaming options and if that’s not exciting enough, you can use the Bluetooth feature to pair your bike with other available workout programs such as those in Peloton or Zwift apps.

To monitor your heart rate, Bowflex C6 has a Bluetooth enhanced arm band that you can use to track and report back the results to your bike’s LCD display. The frame of the bike can hold up to 330 pounds but it lacks an accessory tray, speakers and cooling fan.


  • 40-pound magnetic flywheel
  • Ability to live stream classes
  • Bluetooth armband monitor
  • Multi-grip handlebars and adjustable padded seats
  • 3-pound dumbbells provided
  • Dual water bottle holder
  • Compatible with independent training apps


  • Monthly subscription costs for streaming options

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Verdict: So, which between Horizon IC7.9 or Bowflex C6 is the better option?

As we have established, these bikes are pretty much the same and they provide similar features and benefits.

However, the Bowflex C6 has a little advantage over the Horizon IC7.9 in that it can offer live streaming classes. Although this comes at an added monthly cost, if you prefer live-streaming to pre-programmed workouts, you will appreciate the Bowflex C6 more.

If the lack of live streaming options is not a deal breaker for you, then the Horizon IC7.9 will give you great service.