How do cycling shoes work?

Cycling are shoes are important cycling gear that you should have if you are keen on improving your overall cycling performance. This is because they have stiff soles which helps to transfer all the energy from your legs to the pedal which enables you to use your energy efficiently. Secondly, cycling shoes come with cleats that allow you to clip them on your pedal which allows your feet to be streamlined. In addition to this, it also allows you to be comfortable every time you cycle. Lastly, wearing cycling shoes also helps you to build essential muscles such as glutes and quads as it absorbs stress from other parts of your body.

We are aware that you can actually cycle while wearing normal shoes or sneakers however, these don’t really help you much when it comes to performance. This is because they may be comfortable but are still not built for this specific purpose. Cycling shoes on the other hand, are made just for this and come with various features that make cycling comfortable and improve your overall performance. For sure, these shoes are one of the most important cycling gear and are a must- have item if you are serious about taking your cycling to the next level.

Reasons why you should wear cycling shoes when cycling

Without doubt, sneakers are very comfortable shoes that allow you to wear them for various purposes such a running, walking and even for working out at the gym. However, this still doesn’t make them ideal for cycling because their flexible soles absorb your energy from your legs which will force you to use more energy when cycling. Therefore, it is recommended that you cycle while wearing your cycling shoes if you want to achieve optimum performance throughout. Here are the reasons why you should consider cycling in cycling shoes.

They help to transfer the energy of your legs

The way cycling shoes work is pretty simple yet very impressive. Here, cycling shoes are normally equipped with stiff soles which help to transfer energy from your leg muscles to the pedal. For sure, this enables you to use less energy when pedaling which is ideal for you especially if you frequently cycle for long distances. This is because you won’t get tired quickly as compared to cycling with normal shoes.

However, it is important to note that you shouldn’t walk or run with your cycling shoes. This is because their stiff soles will make you uncomfortable and may even injure your ankle.

They help to keep your feet streamlined

Cycling shoes normally come with cleats that allow you to clip the shoes onto your pedal. Well, at first you may think that cleats are just a fancy addition to cycling shoes however, we can confirm to you that they are actually functional. This is because once you clip your cycling shoes onto your pedals, it locks in your feet at an angle that makes them streamlined. Aerodynamics plays a huge role in cycling especially if you are cycling competitively. Therefore, you should definitely consider cycling with cycling shoes the next time you go for a race.

In addition to this, the cleats put your feet in a position that prevents you from incurring ankle and knee injuries. This is because once the shoe clips in, it doesn’t move around even when you are pedaling really fast.

They enhance comfort when you are cycling

Cycling shoes are not comfortable for walking or running because of their stiff soles and the structure of the shoes. However, cycling with these shoes enables you to be comfortable throughout regardless of whether you have wide or thin feet. This is because the stiff soles and cleats lock in your foot onto the pedal which ensures that your feet don’t move away or fall off from the pedal.

Without doubt, this allows you to cycle comfortably as you don’t really have to worry about your feet.

They help you build muscles on your body

Have you been cycling for some time with the purpose ofbuilding your quads but there are still no results? Well, it’s probably because you have been cycling with the wrong shoes. Once you wear cycling shoes, they normally put your feet in place throughout which focuses stress on specific body muscles every time you cycle. Therefore, this makes them ideal for you to build your quads and glutes as all the stress will be focused on these muscles.

The table below is a summary of the differences between cycling shoes and non- cycling shoes.

Cycling shoes
Non- cycling shoes
Ideal for
Walking and running
Type of sole
Synthetic leather and nylon mesh
Leather, suede, canvas and rubber.


For sure, cycling shoes are important cycling gear that you should own if you are keen on cycling at the highest level. This is because they come with a stiff sole and cleats that make them ideal for cycling. These two features work hand in hand and ensure that you cycle comfortably and efficiently throughout. However, you should remember that cycling shoes should only be used for cycling alone and not for walking or running.


Is there a difference between cycling shoes and sneakers?

The main difference between cycling shoes and normal shoes is their sole. Sneakers normally come with a flexible sole which makes them comfortable to walk and run in however, this is not ideal for cycling. Cycling shoes on the other hand are equipped with stiff soles that help to transfer all your leg muscles energy to the pedal making them ideal for cycling.

What is the purpose of cleats on cycling shoes?

Cleats enable you to lock in your feet on the pedal which enhances comfortability and aerodynamics when you are riding. In addition to this, once you lock your feet on the pedal it reduces your chances of incurring ankle and knee injuries which makes cleats a very important feature for cycling shoes.