Huffy vs Mongoose – Does Weight Affect Comfort?

A Comfort bike can be a great substitute for your car. In this Huffy Vs Mongoose review, we explore the great features to look for and appreciate in comfort bikes.
I live in a town where commuting with a bike is the norm. There are countless bike shops in the city selling affordable comfort bikes. When I got my first comfort bike, I could not contain my excitement. It did not take long before I started noticing some issues. The frame became wobbly with repeated use and some components became faulty. I also suffered neck, back, and arm fatigue a lot. I realized the problem was the frame my bike came in. On doing some research, I discovered two modern comfort bikes. A Huffy Parkside and a Mongoose Placid comfort bike. After riding both bikes, I have this to say.

Huffy and Mongoose-How do the two compare?

Huffy Parkside Comfort Bike
Mongoose Placid Comfort Bike
42.46 lbs.
45.6 lbs.

Huffy vs Mongoose – A Detailed Comparison


Comfort bikes have a frame design that is different from other bike models. The frame design is ergonomic to ensure you ride in a comfortable position. You are also able to reach the handlebar and pedals without straining or suffering muscle fatigue.
Huffy Parkside comfort bike features a Perfect Fit frame design. The frame boasts of stainless steel which is strong and durable. The cross-tube is a step-thru design to make getting on and off the bike easy. The saddle is lower ensuring both your feet touch the ground. The handlebar is riser design allowing you to maintain an upright riding position.
Mongoose Placid bike has a comfort frame design as well. Mongoose bike company use metal alloy to craft a lightweight frame with the right amount of stiffness. Saddle height is lower as well which makes it easy to reach the pedals. The handlebar has a riser design for a comfortable riding position.


Since comfort bikes are mainly for cruising, they do not need a multi-gear system. The Mongoose Placid comfort bike features a 7-speed cogset and 21-speed SRAM shifters. The handcrafted alloy frame is light allowing the bike to pick up speed at high gears. The front and rear linear pull brakes are alloy-made for added durability. The brakes are quite reliable when you want to slow down or stop.
Huffy Parkside comfort bike equally embraces a 7-speed cog set. On the handlebar are twist shifters that provide convenient shifting while cruising in the city streets or riding on bike paths. The low gears help you go up a hill with no fuss.


Weight is not always a factor if you are buying a comfort bike just for cruising. If you intend to test your bike on dirt paths or rough terrains as well, then weight does matter. The lighter the bike, the better it will be in handling and maneuvering difficult situations.
Huffy Parkside comfort bike features a steel frame which is strong but heavy. It is a great frame for the city and it will handle well in the wilderness too. The interesting thing is that this bike is way lighter compared to the aluminum Mongoose Placid bike.
The Mongoose Placid comfort bike features an aluminum frame that is heavier compared to Huffy’s steel frame. it weighs a total of 45 pounds compared to 42 pounds on the Huffy. I am more likely to take the Huffy to explore dirt paths than the Mongoose. Huffy also features a 21-speed shifter which means I can upgrade to more cogsets. The extra cogs will be handy when maneuvering the rough terrains.

Huffy vs Mongoose – A Comparison Overview

Huffy Parkside Comfort bike review

A Huffy Parkside comfort bike suits the gentleman who loves to ride around the city exploring new things. This bike features a Perfect Fit frame which suits any rider who is at least 5’4″ in height. The handlebar is within reach and encourages an upright riding position. Comfort grips on the handlebar add to the control of your bike when riding.
This bike comes with dual density pedals for durability. The pedals also have bearings which increase fluidity when pedaling. On the handlebar are linear pull brakes which come into action when needed. The saddle has padding for riding comfort. It is position low for an upright riding position and allows both feet to be on the ground.
Huffy Parkside comfort bike features the standard 27.5-inch tires. They have great riding momentum and better grip on the road. You only pedal less to go fast and the extra tire surface improves traction on the road.

  • Strong durable frame
  • Riser handlebar for comfort
  • Large tires for great riding momentum


  • No back carrier


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Mongoose Placid Comfort bike review

Mongoose Placid comfort bike features a handcrafted frame for improved ergonomics. The handlebar is riser with the seat lower for a comfortable riding position. The frame boasts of durable and lightweight metal alloy ideal for city cruiser bikes.
This bike comes with linear brake levers made of alloy. They provide convenient stopping or slowing down of your bicycle when need be. The anodized alloy rims feature 26 x 1.95-inch tires. This is the standard wheel size for mountain bikes. Small wheels are lighter and provide better handling in any riding situation.
Another great feature is the alloy suspension fork. They absorb and reduce riding shock on the front wheel. This improves steering stability and makes the ride feels smooth on bumpy terrains.

  • Strong and light frame
  • Front suspension fork
  • Lightweight and high-performance tires


  • The frame gets brittle with time


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I hope this Huffy Vs Mongoose review has been helpful. As you choose a comfort bike, ensure it comes with the right features to provide a great riding experience. My winner in this review is the Mongoose Placid comfort bike for adding suspension forks. I felt more comfortable steering the Mongoose on rough patches compared to the Huffy.


Huffy vs Mongoose, which is better quality?

If you not buying from a bike store, go with Mongoose bikes. They have better quality bike components.

Why do huffy bikes have bad reviews?

Huffy produced their bikes in the USA which ensured quality. When the bike company outsourced production to Asia, mass production ruined the quality.

Are Huffy Kids bikes any good?

It depends on the quality of the components the bike comes with. If you are buying a kids bike that should last longer, consider one with quality components.

Are Mongoose bikes good or bad?

Mongoose bikes are good quality bikes. Bikes bought from hypermarkets tend to have low-quality components.