Huffy vs Schwinn vs Mongoose – Which brand creates the Better Mountain Bike?

Bikes are generally all about making lasting memories and picking one over another is a big deal. In this case of Huffy vs Schwinn vs Mongoose bike brands, which creates a better mountain bike?

To this day, I remember my 7th birthday with fondness. My mother had finally gathered up enough extra coins to buy me this mountain bike I was raving about for most of my 6-year-old life.

The memories I created while I rode that bike for the next three years, remain engrained strongly in my memory. This was the beginning of my love for cycling and I have never looked back ever since.

Now, in my early 30’s and a working mom, I still meet up on occasion with my best friend and we set off into the horizon chatting and riding for hours on end. It has become a tradition that we both rely on as a form of therapy anytime either of us is feeling boxed in.

You could also benefit from the cycling sport in your special way but first, let’s help you find the better brand to take home with you.

What is the difference between Huffy vs Schwinn vs Mongoose?

Aluminum/ Steel
Shimano Revoshift and rear derailleur
Shimano Twist Shifters and rear derailleur
SRAM Twist Shifters and Shimano rear derailleur
Linear Pull
Linear Pull

Huffy vs Schwinn vs Mongoose – How do they compare?


The Huffy, Schwinn, and Mongoose bike brands are constructed in aluminum metal material which though not as strong as steel, is still worthy of the rough road adventures. The lightweight property of the aluminum material makes it easy to pull off technical turns and quick change in motion.

All bike brands featured here, except for the Mongoose, have alloy rims on their tires which are highly recommended for your tire’s secure fitting and durability.


All the bikes have some form of suspension incorporated for safe and comfortable riding experience. Huffy has a Kolo front suspension with a forged crown, Schwinn has the standard suspension fork while the Mongoose bike features an Element suspension fork.

The saddle fitted on the Huffy Bike is a padded ATB type that is well stitched and promises to be durable and comfortable. On Schwinn, a strong alloy crank provides steady gearing with minimal maintenance required.

Out of the three models, the most comfortable seating option lies with the Huffy bike with its ATB padded saddle compared to Schwinn’s stock paddle which is not ideal for long rides.


The drivetrain on Huffy is an all-Shimano affair featuring the Revoshift and indexed rear derailleur that manage the 21-speeds.

Schwinn’s 7-speeds works great with the bike’s Shimano twist shifters and rear derailleur. At the front and rear of the bike, there are linear-pull brakes for precise stopping power.

For the Mongoose bike, adjusting the 21-speeds are manipulated by the use of the Shimano rear derailleur combined with SRAM twist shifters. Both wheels have a quick-release function and they are controlled using disc brakes located at the front and back.

Disc brakes are the more superior brake option and are only featured by the Mongoose bike while the Schwinn and Huffy bikes have linear-pull brakes.

Huffy vs Schwinn vs Mongoose – A Comparison Overview

Huffy Mountain Bike Review

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It features alloy rims and linear-pull brakes. The rims are great for tire protection and stability and the brakes are perfect for control while on the fast road and you need to make an emergency stop. They will not fail you.

The front-load stem has a forged crown and this coupled with the grippy, oversized tires creates superior stability on the wet or dry, dirt and gravel paths. Handlebars are slightly raised keeping your riding position upright which is healthy for your back and shoulders.

Pedals are the resin kind with Kraton grips for super security and safety in riding. It is considered a budget bike so if you are trying to limit your budget, you should give it a shot.


  • Kolo steel crank suspension
  • Oversized grippy tires
  • 21 speeds
  • Shimano Revoshift and derailleur
  • Alloy rims
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Padded ATB saddle


  • Requires assembly

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Schwinn Mountain Bike Review

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This bike is long-lasting and perfectly built with an option of steel or aluminum for most of its parts to ensure its strength and durability. The overall bike frame geometry matches the mountain-style bike and this is purposely done to ensure the bikes smooth mobility and exceptional performance that you would find on a traditional mountain bike.

Schwinn suspension fork provides the right amount of shock absorption while you are out on the harsh terrain and weather. The Schwinn bike gives you seven different speeds that are unique to each other and provide you with a fast or slow ride. Just as you would prefer it at the time.

The tires on the Schwinn bike are reinforced with alloy rims that are both lightweight and highly effective in providing the necessary strength and durability. On this bike, you should be able to conquer any hard terrain effortlessly.


  • Choice of metal build
  • Suspension fork
  • 7-speeds
  • Shimano twist shifters and derailleur
  • Linear pull brakes
  • Alloy rims and crankset


  • Needs assembly
  • The stock saddle is uncomfortable for long rides

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Mongoose Mountain Bike Review

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Mostly made of Aluminum which is a strong material, it cannot be compared to the strength and rigidity of the steel metal makes. However, this makes the bike light and movement much easier. An aluminum Element suspension fork is fitted to smooth out bumps and maximize comfort and performance.

The bike’s design is quite one to look out for because it features an internal cable management system. This simply means that the cables are routed through to ensure that none of the wires included will get in the way of your riding experience.

Moreover, this set up helps you understand which wires do what and the right way to trigger them. Awesome 21 speeds are possible which is far more than most mountain bike models will feature. This gives you the freedom to ride at the best speed for you and those that fit your riding preference at any time.


  • 21 speeds
  • Shimano derailleur
  • SRAM shifter
  • Element suspension fork
  • Front and rear disc brakes
  • Quick-release wheels


  • Limited in rider proportions
  • No alloy rims

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All the bike brands have something valuable to bring to the table in terms of cycling. With the Huffy bike, you get a super comfortable saddle with a steel suspension and a cool 21-speeds to adjust to.

Schwinn bike gives riders 7-speeds, alloy rims, and a choice of the bike’s material between aluminum and steel model versions.

Lastly, the Mongoose bike has an Element suspension fork, 21-speeds, SRAM shifters, Shimano derailleur, quick-release wheels, and dual-disc brakes.

Verdict: Which is better – Huffy vs Schwinn vs Mongoose

The better bike for acceleration  is the Mongoose bike. This bike offers you high speeds and several great features that you are sure to appreciate.


Is internal cabling important?

Yes, because this system of cabling takes them out of the way and increases their life span.

Are alloy rims better than aluminum rims?

Yes. As an alloy of aluminum and magnesium, they make for more durable yet more affordable rims compared to aluminum rims which are stronger but lighter.