Huffy vs Trek, How Much Can You Pay for a Smooth Cruise?

A comfort or cruiser bike is more than a means of getting from point A to B. It is also your key to escape and explore the world. In this Huff Vs Trek review, we feature two bike brands going head to head to determine who makes the best cruiser bike.
I have always wanted to explore the city at my own pace. Getting a bike was the obvious choice because I wanted to save on transport as well. The first bike I got was not what I was looking for. It felt heavy and getting on and off it was a task. The seat felt uncomfortable that I developed back pain. When I read about comfort bikes, I knew I had to get one. These are bicycles engineered for touring the city with the rider’s comfort in mind. Out of the many brands I researched, two comfort bikes stood out for me. A Huffy comfort cruiser and a Trek WSD cruiser bike.

Difference between Huffy and Trek-How do they compare?

Huffy Comfort Cruiser
Trek WSD Cruiser

Huffy vs Trek – A Detailed Comparison


One of the issues I had in my former bike was the weight. I had to get something lighter which I can ride and handle easily. Comfort bikes feature light frames made of aluminum or metal alloy.
The Huffy comfort cruiser features an aluminum frame. It does feel light in the hands even when I am pushing it on the pavement. The Huffy also features an urban comfort design which I will discuss later.
Trek WSD cruiser boasts of an aluminum frame as well. Trek calls the frame the Alpha White Series engineered for comfort and durability. You can get this frame in either bright silver or metallic black.


If a bike qualifies as a cruiser, getting on and off it should not be a hassle. Huffy knows this too well and decided to give their urban cruiser a Step-thru design. The saddle is lower and the handlebar raised. This ensures you ride in an upright position which reduces neck, back, and arm fatigue.
Trek WSD cruiser also features a step-thru frame which I love between the two bikes. The cross-tube is way lower ending just above the pedals. This is the perfect bike for the lady who frequently wears dresses. Getting on and off the bike is a breeze. The Saddle is lower to ensure both feet touch the ground. The handlebar features as riser design which encourages an upright riding position.


Gone are the days when cruiser bikes only came with a single-speed hub. Modern comfort bikes incorporate several gears to vary the speed and control of the bike. More gears make it easy to ride up steep slopes or pick up speed whenever you want.
Huffy Comfort cruiser features a 7-speed cogset. Low gears help you go up hills with less effort. If you are running late for brunch with a friend, pick up speed with the higher gears. You will also love the mini-workout of pushing those high gears to move.
Trek WSD cruiser also boasts of a 7-speed drivetrain. With the seat positioned lower, it is easy to reach the pedals. I enjoyed the nimbler performance of this bike up hills and when negotiating tight corners. Trek also went for a better quality Shimano crankset. This paired with a SRAM derailleur makes switching gears a breeze.

Huffy vs Trek – A Comparison Overview

Huffy Comfort Cruiser review

Are you always dreaming of cruising along coastlines in your sundress and a comfort bike enjoying the enchanting sunset? If that is you, then a Huffy Comfort Cruiser bike is just for you. This bike features a step-thru frame which makes getting on and off the bike less of a hassle.
Huffy comfort cruiser comes in two main colors. For the ladies, this bike is available in coral. The gentleman version of this bike is available in glossy red. The step-thru frame pushes the saddle far back and raises the handlebar. This ensures you are in an upright position when riding. The handlebar features a back sweep design ensuring the handle grips are within reach.
One other great feature about this bike is the 27.5 inch wheels. Beefed up tires ride smoothly over bumpy surfaces. They also have excellent performance in terms of handling and controlling the bike. Larger tires pick up speed faster with less pedaling.

  • Strong and lightweight frame
  • Step-thru design
  • Large high performance tires


  • Only available in one color


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Trek WSD Cruiser review

Trek WSD cruiser is a true comfort bike for the city. It packs all the right features for outdoor riding. This bike also comes in a unique design made for women who love to ride to work or on the weekends.
Trek WSD cruiser bike features a unique step-through design suitable for ladies. Whether you are in a sun dress or jumpsuit, getting on and off this bike needs no effort. The modern frame design ensures this bike sheds off unnecessary weight. This makes the bike go faster and handle better on any surface.
The saddle features comfort padding and aluminum suspension springs. You do not feel the sting of bumps as you go over them. The handlebar features a riser design. with the seat lowered, you always ride in an upright positon. This protects you from neck and back fatigue.

  • Aluminum lightweight frame
  • Unique step-thru design
  • High quality components


  • Lacks vital components like fenders and carrier


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I hope my Huffy vs Trek review has been helpful. I personally found myself leaning towards the Trek WSD cruiser. I love its unique frame better compared to Huffy. I also love a bike with a subtle color which made me love the Trek cruiser more.


Does Trek own Bontrager?

Trek manufacturers and distributes bikes and bike components under brand names such as Gary Fisher, Diamant and Bontrager.

What are people saying about Huffy?

When buying Huffy, you are getting what you pay for. A cheap price tag translates to low quality components and average bike performance.

Are Trek bikes good?

Trek bikes are good quality compared to brands like Huffy. Consider buying your Trek bike from a bike shop for guaranteed quality.

Are Trek bikes better than Specialized bikes?

Both brands make quality bikes with unique patented features. Trek boasts of the full-float and active braking pivot technology. Specialized wins with their Future Shock Rear design for increased shock absorption.