iFit vs. Peloton App – Which fitness app is the best for you?

Having a coach to guide you all through your journey might just be all that you need in order to get those fitness gains you really want.

Hi there. A few years ago I took up cycling just as a way to unwind after a long day. Seven years later and I am literally hooked to my bike because nowadays I can access multiple of pre-loaded programs and online classes on my bike. I also get to re-watch all the classes by my favorite instructor in NYC.

With iFit and Peloton, this is exactly what you get and so much more. They are fitness apps that you can sync with your indoor bike. Because you only need one of these, I have come up with this review to help you decide which would work best for you. Even if you are on a budget, you are bound to be swayed by either of these two.

What are the key differences between iFit vs. Peloton App?

Peloton App
Subscription fee
$39 per month
$39 per month
Number of workouts
Only works with bikes that have the software installed
Works with any exercise bike
Free trials
1 year free
30 day free trial

iFit vs. Peloton App- How do they differ?

Riding Experience

iFit offers you scenic rides by giving you a map/street view which you can choose using Google maps that it is synced with. It also inclines the machine and moves down in accordance with the terrain of the real world. For even more motivation to work out, it is easy to create a map based routine. The best part is that the coach can be able to change the resistance on your bike from wherever they are pushing your harder.

Peloton on other hand has a number of features like having guided walks and runs through audio. There also a number of classes like meditation, yoga, boot camp (combination of cardio and strength workout) that you can choose from. You are also allowed to filter the search to fit it into your preferences. This app is also easy to use with its user friendly interface and easy programs you are usually welcomed with.

The Peloton app easily wins out here as it is highly interactive and is still quite the rage among so many riders around the world.


The speed and performance of the iFit app entirely depends on the Wi-Fi you have set up. Like most videos on the internet, they need a lot of bandwidth to play them. To get a pumped, energized workout with great speed and no lagging at all be sure to have the router close enough to the bike so as to avoid any interruptions.

With the peloton app, it also needs a great bandwidth but it does not demand much. It barely lags even with low megabytes per second. For the best experience, also have the router close to the bike. Once you have paid the subscription fee you can access the entire catalogue of preloaded programs as well as the on-demand and live classes.

The kind of performance you get with Peloton trainers is a bit more advanced compared to those on the iFit. 

Set-up and Software

With iFit subscription, you are offered a family membership that allows a number of 5 people to sign up. To start it up, you get an iFit card after purchasing a machine compatible with the iFit app. With the given redeem code, you can successfully sign up on the app.

Peloton on the flipside also needs you to input your personal information just like with iFit but, it is not limited to the number of users on the app. Another difference is that you only get a 30-day trial with the peloton app. After that, you need to pay the $39 monthly subscription fee.

Unlike iFit you can connect the peloton app to any other exercise bike. The only downer is that you might not be able to access all the metrics as you would if you had a peloton exercise machine.

With both apps you get state-of-the art software that they can even offer scenic rides that mimic real-life terrain.

iFit vs. Peloton App – A Comparison Overview

iFit- Overview

iFit vs. Peloton App

The iFit app is more than just your regular workout app. It is jammed with a variety of classes and usability options. For instance, you can go on outdoor trail rides with the app or choose personalized coaching that is best suited for your own fitness skills. For an even more realistic experience, iFit uses Google Maps and Google Street View to simulate the real terrain.

iFit also has the ability to track your sleep, nutrition and activity sessions to help you work towards your fitness goals. For more personalized results based on your skills, iFit can be connected to other additional monitors like a heart rate monitor.

iFit also stands out because the instructions can tweak up your resistance to motivate you to go for an even more challenging workout. It only misses out on the Peloton app give the kind of trainers Peloton has in its studio at NYC.


  • Tracks your sleep, nutrition and heart rate as well
  • Comes with a free 1-year trial
  • Instructors can increase your resistance remotely


  • You need to pay up for all the app’s features

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Peloton App- Overview

iFit vs. Peloton App

Peloton is a truly elite app. Once installed on your tablet or phone, you get to exercise with instructors who are teaching in live studios at NYC. This gives you a whole other world of pumped and energized workouts that is quite unique to Peloton. To add, you can choose from over 1000 classes depending on the kind of workout you are up for. For instance, you can flick between yoga and strength training.

With this app, you can synchronize it with other exercise bikes and track your progress with the live metrics as you continue exercising. There is also the option of having guided walks and runs by having an instructor giving you instructions through audio. All you need is to connect your headphones and enjoy the session.

As much as it is expensive to enjoy all of its features, you will definitely get all your money’s worth. The peloton app community is also what you might just need.


  • Has a trial period before paying subscription fees
  • Over 1000 classes to choose from
  • Gives you a real sense of community


  • Peloton bikes are pricey

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Conclusion: So, which is better – iFit vs. Peloton App?

This article has reviewed iFit and Peloton which are both highly recommended fitness apps to keep you psyched on your fitness journey. When it comes down to it, Peloton shines out just a bit more. This is because you can get to follow through with live classes taking place in NYC. Sometimes, all you need to really lose the calories is the motivation and energy from a live instructor pushing you to pedal harder.


Can I use the Peloton app with other exercise bikes other than the peloton machines?

Yes, you can. The only downer is that to get all your metrics and fitness stats, you need to use the peloton bike. However, you can have a heart rate monitor clipped on you to track your progress.

Do I have to pay for my subscription on the iFit app?

Yes. After the one year trial, you need to pay up to access the online classes and on-demand workouts.