JBM Bike Helmet Review: A Stunt Biker’s Dream Come True

If you consider yourself a daredevil of bike stunts, then you definitely need a JBM bike helmet. This JBM Bike helmet review reveals all the features to look for in a JBM helmet and any other biking headgear.
After a couple of bruises and fractures, I can finally call myself a professional stunt biker. I even have protégés I am training under my wing. If there is one advice I can give to upcoming stunt bikers, it is to always wear a helmet while training. I have seen many online videos of bikers falling from their bikes and hurting a limb or two. I have also seen bikers almost dying because of not wearing protective gear. A helmet is important and not any helmet but one that is tough enough to withstand impact. I can recommend a few pro biker helmets that have worked for me for years one of them being a JBM bike helmet.
Note that this is my honest review and it is in no way endorsed by the helmet company itself.
JBM Biker Helmet
What qualifies as a top tier helmet for a professional stunt biker? You want a helmet made from tough material to withstand the abuse you subject it to. You also want the helmet to be lightweight and almost feel invisible as you wear it. Ventilation is important as well because stunting is a high-adrenaline and sweaty affair. The JBM Biker helmet ticks all these boxes and packs many other features you will find useful.
Appearance and Size
JBM Bike helmet has that tough sophisticated look of a professional helmet. it looks in black though you can find it in other colors a swell. This helmet suits anyone with a head size of 25cm and below.
Aerodynamic Design
You no longer have to feel like the wind is fighting you thanks to the aerodynamic design of this helmet. Its streamline look allows you to move faster even against wind currents. You can perform wheelies, flips, bar spins, and 360 spins with less resistance.
Tough Material
JBM bike helmet is CPSC certified because it features a tough construction made from EPS and PVC/PC. This certification means the helmet is ideal for adult stunt bikers. You no longer have to fear falling because the helmet absorbs shock from the impact. Your head remains protected even from the nastiest of crashes.
This helmet has perforations that allow air flow into the inner chambers. Air circulates in the chamber evenly cooling the head while you ride or perform stunts. Also facilitating proper ventilation is an inner sponge lining that absorbs sweat. This sponge ensures the helmet fits the head perfectly as well.
Adjustable Size
JBM bike helmet has convenient straps for adjusting the helmet to fit and also hold it in place. At the back of the helmet is an easy to dial rotary knob that is further adjusted to tighten the helmet around the head. This ensures the helmet never loosens or topple over as you ride.
Color Variety
This product comes in a variety of colors. You can buy it in black, blue, light red, and gradient green. It is also available in various color combinations. Buy it in black-blue, dark blue-orange, pink-black, yellow-black, and purple-yellow.

  • Durable and tough frame
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Cheap to buy
  • Streamlined for speed


  • No LED light
  • Not available in large size


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JBM bike helmet is a great accessory for any stunt biker who wants to feel protected while performing daredevil stuns. This helmet boasts a tough PVC construction that withstands heavy impact and is also lightweight. It is also a great helmet to wear for normal bike rides to work, through the local park, or when exploring nature. This product misses an LED safety light which would have been great for night riding. If you are using it for stunts only, then it definitely comes into its own.
We hope this JBM bike helmet review provides all the tips you need to buy a new bike helmet. JBM bike helmet is one of the inexpensive options available on the market. This helmet is in the same level with premium helmets like Schwinn Thrasher helmet and KINGBIKE Specialized biker helmet.